File Title
1 'Don't ridicule climate opponents,' say experts
2 Newton's journal reveals seeds of plant biology
3 Could sharks have actually danced with Katy Perry at some point?
4 The science behind Idina Menzel's recent cringe-worthy performances
5 Why science bedtime stories are the new fairy tales
6 Retroviruses reveal mammalian genetics
7 Baby chicks can count, study says
8 Science is the cool kid, now
9 Scientists, general public disagree on many key issues
10 Antarctic volcano rifting apart continent: Part II
11 Scientist freaks out over rare Greenland shark caught on camera
12 Better Understanding of Arctic Climate Change Based on Shark Teeth
13 Instrument Packages Help Researchers Get a Better Understanding of Sharks
14 Study Shows Ancient Shark Spawned like Salmon in Reverse
15 Central North Atlantic Nursery Used by Young Blue Sharks
16 The Maldives and the Whale Shark: The World's Biggest Fish Adds Value to Paradise
17 Ancient Arctic Sharks Lived in Brackish Water 50 Million Years Ago
18 Study of White Sharks in the Northwest Atlantic Offers Optimistic Outlook for Recovery
19 Doctors use 3D model of organs during surgeries to show tumors, sensitive blood vessels
20 The Interview is an online hit--especially among pirates
21 YouTube is the future of television
22 Study finds kids films more traumatic than adult films
23 Your Surgeon's Playlist Could Determine Your Surgery's Success
24 New Star Wars Attractions Coming to Disney World
25 Meet the punk rocker of sea snails, and other rock-inspired species
26 MIT Breakthrough Brings Delivery Drones Closer to Reality
27 The More Musical Training Children Have, the Better Their Learning Will Be
28 When science got drunk in 2014
29 The Science Behind American Horror Story: Freak Show
30 Samsung Launches Improved Second-Generation Eye-Controlled Mouse
31 Changing Your Walking Style Could Help with Depression
32 Drunk birds don't sing as well, study finds
33 Creating a 'Natural High' that Can Help Cut Cannabis Use
34 Our Ancestors Were Getting Drunk 10 Million Years Ago
35 UCI Researchers Find Epigenetic Tie to Neuropsychiatric Disorders
36 Deeper Insights into Protein Folding
37 New Study Suggests that People Could Become Addicted to Sunbathing
38 HIV vaccines increase infection rates in primate study
39 Humpback whales sound "dinner bell" when hunting at night
40 Going against all we know: This protein doesn't need DNA to build other proteins
41 Fat cells may actually not be so bad
42 Two-thirds of cancer cases are "bad luck," study says
43 Death from cancer is the best, says doctor
44 Tired? You may have a magnesium deficiency
45 Exercise could improve balance, mobility in Parkinson's patients
46 Turing Test Alternative Proposed by Georgia Tech's Mark Riedl
47 Turing Theory Explains the Formation of Stripes, Spots, Fingers and Toes
48 Queen Grants Royal Pardon to WWII Codebreaker Alan Turing
49 New Grasshopper Species Discovered in Amber Collected 50 Years Ago
50 Facebook's New Mobile Advertising Network Now Open for Business
51 World's First Solar Battery Runs on Light and Air
52 Tropical forests absorb more CO2 than previously believed
53 Is Natural Gas a 'Bridge' to a Hotter Future?
54 Mysterious Period of African Rainfall Explained
55 Contract Employee Dies at NSF Antarctic Station
56 Landmark Expedition Discovers Microbial Life Beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet
57 New Report Reveals that Lead Pollution Beat Polar Explorers to the South Pole
58 Melting Arctic Sea Ice Opens New Passages for Invasive Species
59 Antarctica Ice Shelves at Risk of Disappearing
60 Antarctica's Salty Don Juan Pond Offers Watery Hope for Mars
61 Approximately 100 Million Sharks Illegally Killed Each Year
62 Are Sharks Worth More Alive than Dead?
63 Cruise Tourists Spend Less
64 Modern human skeleton evolved for sedentary lifestyle
65 Mastering Fire--Tabun Cave Yields New Insights into Early Man's Use of Fire
66 American Mastodons Were Only Temporary Residents in Arctic Region
67 Sloths: Life in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
68 Spotted gar reveals origins of mammalian wrist and finger development
69 Alaskan char adapt to climate change by following food
70 Marriott hotels lobby FCC for right to block outside Wi-Fi
71 Stanford Team Combines Logic, Memory to Build a 'High-Rise' Chip
72 Researchers develop cheaper, easier method of detecting trace estrogen
73 3D Printing and Light the Focus of Disney Research
74 Disney Touches on Augmented Reality with New Technologies
75 'Space Oddity' by Astronaut Chris Hadfield Removed from YouTube
76 Looking Back at 17th Century Scientist's Idea of Space Travel
77 Amazon Taking on Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick with New Fire TV Device
78 New Deluxe Kindle E-Reader, Kid-Friendly Fire Tablet Among New Products Announced by Amazon
79 Amazon's Kindle Unlimited to Offer Netflix-Like Subscription Service for Book Lovers
80 Amazon Triples Number of Apps Available on Its Appstore
81 Educational Program Helps Students Thrive in a Digital World
82 Online College Students Give Instructors Better Marks if They Think Instructors Are Men
83 Childcare Costs Can Rival College Tuition
84 Improving Student Success in Mathematics During the First Two Years of College
85 Young People More Likely to Abuse Pain Pills if They Skip College
86 New Facebook app measures emotional state of online students
87 Nixie: The Wrist-Mounted Selfie Drone
88 Ancient Geodynamics Indicate Earth's Ice Sheets More Stable than Thought
89 Impact of Adversity on Early Life Development Demonstrated
90 Scientists Decode Mystery Sequences Involved in Gene Regulation
91 Low Birth Weight, Less Breastfeeding Create Later Health Risks
92 Not All Marine Phytoplankton Need to Take Their Vitamins
93 Clinical Trial Results Inconsistently Reported Among Journals, Government Website
94 Scientists Develop Drug that Might Be Next Best Hope Against Malaria
95 Obesity, high-fat diets during pregnancy could harm fetus
96 Gunshot Injuries in Children Are More Severe, Deadly, Costly than Any Other Injury Source
97 Previous Studies Overstated Evidence on Spinal Fusion Product
98 New Molecule Enables Quick Drug Monitoring
99 Gene Variant Linked to Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism
100 Promising Approach to Slow Brain Degeneration in a Model of Huntington's Disease Uncovered
101 Overworked Cellular Machines May Explain Gaucher Disease Link to Parkinson's Disease
102 A 'Rocking' Receptor: Crucial Brain-Signaling Molecule Requires Coordinated Motion to Turn On
103 Combination Therapy May Help Improve Rate of Favorable Neurological Status Following Cardiac Arrest
104 Nanocage Builds Itself from Engineered Components
105 Bad Proteins Branch Out
106 Nano-machines Developed to Create 'Bionic Proteins'
107 Biological Mystery Solved by International Science Team
108 Research Yields First Detailed View of Morphing Parkinson's Protein
109 Disadvantaged men more likely to take jobs traditionally associated with women
110 Talk Therapy May Be a Viable Treatment for Those Attempting Suicide