File Title
1 What are the health benefits of selenium?
2 Discovery of new signaling intermediates provides clues to novel therapies in pancreatitis
3 As minority women are at higher absolute risk for type 2 diabetes, benefit of healthy diet may be greater compared with white women
4 How blood stem cells take root in the body
5 More serotonin, more patience
6 Novel precursor to neurodegeneration identified
7 Drugs that block cell-immortalizing ALT pathway may help treat glioblastoma, osteosarcoma
8 Human immune variation dictated by environment, not genes
9 Scientists discover how cancers can evade treatment
10 New pediatric mitochondrial syndrome identified with the discovery of CLPB gene
11 Stem cell isolated that gives rise to bones, cartilage in mice
12 1,300 babies each year saved from serious birth defects of brain and spine by folic acid
13 C. elegans study reveals that excess iron promotes aging
14 A fatty acid used to decode weight control
15 Determining the best time of year for malaria interventions in Africa
16 In a mouse model of infection, vaccine-induced CD4 T cells have adverse effect
17 Novel approach developed to visualize, measure protein complexes in tumors
18 Fat regulation: Could your brain instruct your body to burn more fat?
19 Social media: 'no direct association' with stress
20 Asian-Americans have increased cardiovascular disease mortality
21 Targeting 5 staphylococcus aureus cytotoxins using broadly neutralizing cross-reactive antibody
22 Inflammation is a major treatable cause of neurological problems after traumatic brain injury
23 Damaged DNA amplified
24 Animal model finds extra-short nanowires best for brain
25 Harnessing gene helps repair muscle damage in muscular dystrophy
26 Eczema affects health habits and increases risk of heart disease
27 Almost 1 in 5 adults with epilepsy may have symptoms of ADHD, study finds
28 Lower mortality rates among Asian and Hispanic lupus patients
29 New research unlocks how melanoma can resist newly approved drug combo therapy
30 Clean gloves no worse than sterile for wound infections
31 Atrial fibrillation to reach epidemic proportions by 2034: Australian research
32 Four ways to a better death for Australians
33 Poor metabolic health increases risk for postmenopausal breast cancer irrespective of BMI
34 Coenzyme A plays leading role in nitric oxide function so essential to cell metabolism
35 Scientists look to heart disease and stroke-related disorders for clues to preventing and treating Alzheimer's
36 Study shows health information exchange reduces repeat imaging tests
37 Intermittent preventive antimalarial treatment for children with anaemia
38 35 partners from industry and academia to join European research initiative for the prevention of Alzheimer's dementia
39 Virginia Tech scientists developing two-minute test for autism spectrum disorder
40 Leading microbiologist warns of killer fungi's increasing threat
41 Statins inhibit spread of some cancers in laboratory tests
42 Novel 'Pay if You Clear' scheme introduced in England for new hepatitis C treatment OLYSIO (simeprevir)
43 CSU researchers trace 'superbug' genes to better understand antibiotic-resistant germs
44 First Innovative Medicines Initiative Ebola projects get underway
45 Gut microbes trigger autoimmune disease later in life in mice
46 Targeting drugs using 'triggered release' via nanoparticles
47 Study gives new genetic insight to fragile X syndrome
48 Model predicts public response to disease outbreaks
49 Could vitamin A deficiency be a cause of type 2 diabetes?
50 Too much sitting linked to serious health risks and death, regardless of exercise habits: Practical tips for reducing sedentary time
51 Despite HAART, socially disadvantaged pregnant women with HIV at greater risk for having detectable virus at delivery
52 Small study makes important discovery about idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
53 What is an anesthesiologist? What do anesthesiologists do?
54 Liposculpture of the hips, flanks and thighs results in good cosmetic results and safety
55 Early detection of heart attacks aided by gold nanoparticles
56 The continuing challenges in health information technology to coordinate care among providers
57 Monkey model suggests cabotegravir could reduce dosing for high risk HIV patients
58 Discovery of novel molecular mechanism involved in the formation of the skin
59 How a map in the midbrain remembers the location of visual targets even as the eyes follow another object
60 'Missing heritability' in asthma not explained by rare mutations
61 The importance of discharge summaries in reducing hospital readmissions
62 Evidence lacking for the effectiveness of opioid drugs in the treatment of long-term chronic pain
63 Weight loss drugs, surgery recommended as supplements to lifestyle interventions
64 PTEN tumor suppressor protein essential for proper regulatory T cell function; patients with autoimmune diseases may benefit from finding
65 Unique boundary found for little-known cellular compartment
66 SPECTAcolor viable next generation multinational cancer clinical trial infrastructure
67 Immunosuppressive properties found in stem cells derived from amniotic tissues
68 Heart attack risk among HIV-positive Kaiser Permanente members decline dramatically
69 Heart disease an increased risk for Michigan autoworkers
70 Pharmacological treatment may one day be able to reset our biological clocks
71 2,500-year-old Pythagoras theorem helps to show when a patient has turned a corner
72 Regular group walking linked to reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and depression
73 Genetic mutation for metabolic disease identified within an Inuit population
74 Drug delivery expected to improve with new 'triggered-release' mechanism
75 Gender differences found in heart health following BPA exposure in mouse models
76 The use of alcohol-interactive prescription medication among US drinkers
77 Alcohol and drug problems a greater risk for adolescents who have insufficient and poor sleep
78 Personal and peer drinking during adolescence and beyond influenced by genes and environment
79 Alcohol disrupts sleep despite initial sedative effect
80 Gene discovered that is tied to profound vision loss
81 Surgery cannot completely undo the brain rewiring caused by long term blindness so how does the brain adapt?
82 Geographic clusters of underimmunization in Northern California identified
83 Exposure to alcohol ads on TV linked with underage drinking
84 Widespread hepatitis C screening--do benefits outweigh harms?
85 Should a more frequent dialysis schedule be applied?
86 Scientist investigating mutation link to breast cancer drug resistance
87 Genetics underpinning antimalarial drug resistance revealed
88 National Audit Office report confirms cancer patients in England have poorer access to medicines than those in Europe
89 Tuberculosis: a new way of improving treatment rejected
90 New data supports first-line use of Vectibix for metastatic colorectal cancer
91 Learning languages improves mental agility at any age, study suggests
92 MSF calls on GSK and Pfizer to slash pneumo vaccine price to $5 per child for poor countries ahead of donor meeting
93 UK GPs get 'animated' to improve care for millions of patients with long term conditions
94 Two volunteers with potential exposure to Ebola transported to UK for precautionary monitoring
95 Federal judge approves consent decree with California dietary supplement maker
96 Overcoming treatment resistance in prostate cancer: Roswell Park team proposes a new strategy
97 UK Deputy Prime Minister calls for a new ambition for 'zero suicides' across the NHS at major mental health conference
98 New draft guidelines on organ transplantation open for public consultation, Australia
99 Dementia rates higher for people in the north than the south
100 Citrus scent inhibits liver cancer
101 Early knee arthritis symptoms first felt when using stairs
102 Cellulose with Braille for cells
103 First all-oral triple combination therapy for hepatitis C licenced in UK
104 New Medicare per capita spending shows a rise with age, then a decline after 96
105 Drinking beetroot juice reduces high blood pressure, trial shows
106 Healthy changes more successful with partners
107 A common gut bacterium may protect women against MS, study finds
108 American kids are eating a lot of pizza--what are the health implications?
109 Potential Ebola treatments may be hindered by genetic changes in virus in West African outbreak
110 Suramin for sleeping sickness reverses autism-like symptoms in fragile X mouse model