File Title
1 Extinction Leads to Species Diversity Among Terrestrial Vertebrates, Study Finds
2 Solar Cells Made More Efficient with 'Invisible' Metal Wires that Don't Reflect Light
3 Falcon-9 Rocket Found: Isles of Scilly Fishermen Discover Suspected Debris of SpaceX Rocket
4 King Tut Tomb's Secret Chamber Is 90 Percent Possible, Experts Say
5 Paris Sees Landmark Summit as World Leaders Prepare to Arrive for Climate Change Talks
6 Bill Gates Creates Multibillion-Dollar Fund for Clean Energy Research
7 Alien Life Search with China: World's Largest Telescope Nearly Complete
8 3-D Printed Leg Brace Made by Owner for Cat with Nerve Damage on Limb
9 NASA Developing 'Chemical Laptop' for Extraterrestrial Exploration
10 Alzheimer's: Discovery of Synapse Loss Mechanism Could Lead to Treatment
11 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to Search for Long-Lost Moon Lander Luna 9
12 Artificial Photosynthesis Device Can Turn Sunlight into Fuel
13 System boosts resolution of commercial depth sensors 1,000-fold
14 Eat a paleo peach: First fossil peaches discovered in southwest China
15 Roboticists learn to teach robots from babies
16 Original blood vessels in 80 million-year-old fossil
17 Theory of 'smart' plants may explain the evolution of global ecosystems
18 Fossil dinosaur tracks give insight into lives of prehistoric giants
19 Genes for a longer, healthier life found
20 New diaphragms grown from stem cells offer hope of a cure for common birth defect, possibly future repairs of the heart
21 Explosive energy in Saturn's magnetic bubble
22 Failing phytoplankton, failing oxygen: Global warming disaster could suffocate life on planet Earth
23 Researchers uncover essential interaction between malaria parasites, liver cells
24 Childhood asthma: Looking on the brighter side
25 Plant hormone may play a vital role in blood sugar control, diabetes management
26 Magnesium ions show promise in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease in mice
27 Important step toward preventing, treating some MRSA post-implant infections
28 HIV/AIDS drugs interfere with brain's 'Insulation'
29 Study 'opens gate' to understanding depression
30 Early progress reported in designing drugs that target 'disordered' proteins
31 Enhanced treatment for hepatitis C could cut prevalence by 80 percent
32 Adults with cerebral palsy more likely to have chronic conditions, researchers find
33 Christmas period may reduce quality of life for many Europeans
34 Food and Emotions: 90 percent overlook key to weight loss, survey finds
35 Physicians and burnout: It's getting worse
36 Higher cigarette taxes linked to fewer infant deaths
37 Lower survival rates in women with breast cancer diagnosed with depression
38 Sleep gene found to be linked to heart failure
39 Gene variants involved in stress responses affect 'post-concussive' symptoms
40 Income-based school assignment policy influences diversity, achievement
41 Reduced blood flow seen in brain after clinical recovery of acute concussion
42 Low sugar diet makes foods taste sweeter but does not change preferred level of sweetness
43 Childbirth an athletic event? Sports medicine used to diagnose injuries caused by deliveries
44 Common kitchen practices detrimental to tomato aroma
45 MRI reveals weight loss protects knees
46 Parental absence affects brain development in children
47 How funny is this word? The 'snunkoople' effect
48 Risk-takers are smarter, according to a new study
49 Physical activity linked to better memory among older adults
50 European folic acid policy is failing to prevent many neural tube defects, warn experts
51 PMS as an early marker for future high blood pressure risk
52 Can physical exercise enhance long-term memory?
53 New process could be white lightning to electronics industry
54 Laser mapping Lincoln Cathedral to uncover its architectural secrets
55 Gaming technology may improve X-ray precision
56 Moonlighting molecules: Finding new uses for old enzymes
57 Robot adds new twist to antenna measurements and calibrations
58 Super-absorbent material soaks up oil spills
59 What's behind a tarantula's blue hue?
60 New phase of carbon discovered: Making diamonds at room temperature
61 Physicists show skyrmions can exist in ferroelectrics
62 Wearable equipment supports human motion where and when needed: Easier, faster, stronger, and more enjoyable
63 Missing link found between turbulence in collapsing star and hypernova, gamma-ray burst
64 Simulating the jet streams and anticyclones of Jupiter and Saturn
65 Unexpected activity on the Moon
66 Milestone in predicting solar flares
67 Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare
68 Looking for cosmic superaccelerators
69 Aging star's weight loss secret revealed
70 Comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star
71 Make mine a double-shot, zero-G espresso
72 Mars once had a moderately dense atmosphere
73 Estimating poverty, wealth from cell phone metadata
74 Mathematicians identify limits to heat flow at the nanoscale
75 Mathematical modeling can help predict impact of surgery on cancer metastasis
76 Coming to a monitor near you: A defect-free, molecule-thick film
77 Exploring the physics of a chocolate fountain
78 Using sphere packing models to explain the structure of forests
79 Robot to help passengers find their way at airport
80 Mathematical proof for hot hand shooting in basketball
81 New supercomputer simulations enhance understanding of protein motion, function
82 Words can deceive, but tone of voice cannot
83 Animal evolution: Sponges really are oldest animal phylum
84 Irrigation method saves 50 percent of water needed for potato growth
85 Growing stem cells faster on seaweed
86 Dead-easy test to tackle parasites
87 Brook trout study identifies top climate change pressure factor
88 Enhancing our soils' biodiversity can improve human health
89 Global warming may affect pesticide effectiveness
90 Bees aren't the be all and end all for crop pollination, study suggests
91 Shining light on microbial growth and death inside our guts
92 Red clover genome to help restore sustainable farming
93 Why Europe will eventually turn cold
94 New map boosts understanding of complex UN climate regime
95 Climate change likely to increase black carbon input to the Arctic Ocean
96 Climate can grind mountains faster than they can be rebuilt
97 Looking Back 3.8 Billion Years into the Root of the 'Tree of Life'
98 Strolling salamanders provide clues on how animals evolved to move from water to land
99 Rare fossil of a horned dinosaur found from 'lost continent'
100 Benefits and trade-offs of low-carbon energy
101 Advanced new camera can measure greenhouse gases
102 New membrane may solve fresh water shortages
103 Will our cultural heritage stand up to freak rains?
104 Bonobos documented for first time using ancient pre-agricultural tools, breaking bones, and using spears as attack weapons
105 Childhood memento belonging to famous fossil collector discovered on UK coastline
106 Mystery of how snakes lost their legs solved by reptile fossil
107 Soil pulled from deep under Oregon's unglaciated Coast Range unveils frosty past climate
108 Earth's first ecosystems were more complex than previously thought, study finds
109 Fossil fireworm species named after rock musician
110 Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs