File Title
1 HIV Cure: Drug for Alcoholism Could Lead to HIV Cure
2 Fox Squirrel Endangered No More, to Be Taken Off ESA List
3 Ancient Tooth DNA Reveals Information on Distant Human Relatives
4 Texas Panhandle: Tornadoes Strike Region Damaging Businesses, Power Lines
5 VISTA Helps Reveal Earliest Massive Galaxies
6 AMA: Drug Ads Lead to Rising Prescription Prices, Compromising Patient Care
7 Metabolic Syndrome Study: Marijuana Users 50 Percent Less Likely to Develop Risk Factors
8 NASA Sending Valkyrie Humanoid Robot to College
9 People Who Sleep Late Tend to Be Smarter, More Creative and 'Progressive,' Says Research
10 Birth of Baby Planet Captured for the First Time in Amazing Images (VIDEO)
11 NIH Research Chimps: Last 50 Chimps Retired, Invasive Medical Research Ended
12 Microscopic Parasite that Lives Inside Fish Is Actually a 'Micro-Jellyfish'
13 Vocal Cord Grown in Lab for First Time, Actually Produces Sound
14 Laser Cools Liquid for the First Time: Breakthrough Could Help Scientists Study Cells and Neurons
15 Acorn Worms: Slimy Critter from Bottom of the Sea Shares 70 Percent of Genes with Humans (VIDEO)
16 Bees Exposed to Common Pesticides Visit Flowers Less Frequently, Study Finds
17 Mice Have Longer Sperm than Elephants? New Study Shows Size Really Does Matter
18 Genetically Modified Salmon Approved for Human Consumption in U.S., Says FDA
19 Facebook Testing Feature that Lets You Hide Exes After Breakup
20 Cats Have Scientific Reason for Being Picky, Study Finds
21 U.S. Army Creates Real-Life Star Wars Lightsaber for Battlefield
22 How Fish Camouflage in Open Water Revealed: Could the U.S. Navy Do the Same?
23 Animal Courtship: Two Blue-Capped Cordon Bleu Birds Sing, Dance, and Leap for Love (VIDEO)
24 Tiny Red Dwarf Star with 'Monstrous Temper' Could Help Us Rule Out Planets Inhospitable to Life
25 Dogs that Smell Cancer Begin Clinical Trial (VIDEOS)
26 How You're Born Can Affect Brain Cell Count, Study Finds
27 Cyborg Rose Embedded with Self-Growing Electronic Circuit
28 Fossilized Tropical Forest Dating Back Almost 400 Million Years Found in Arctic
29 'Cucumbers Scaring Cats' Videos Must Stop, According to Experts (VIDEO)
30 'Blue Dragon' Sea Slug Washes Up on Australian Shore, Video Goes Viral
31 'Dead Galaxy' Contains Highest Concentration of Mysterious Dark Matter Ever Detected
32 NASA: SpaceX Gets Approval to Fly Astronauts to ISS in 2017
33 Amazon Rainforest: Nearly Half of All Tree Species in Serious Danger, but There May Still Be Hope
34 Mollusks with Eye-Covered Shells Could Help Scientists Create Armor that Can 'See'
35 Tastes Such as Bitter and Sweet Can Be Switched On and Off Through Brain Manipulation
36 Weizmann Healthy Food Study: Personalized Nutrition Better than Popular Healthy Diets (VIDEO)
37 Woodland Park Zoo Gorilla Delivers Baby, Rejects It
38 Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Explosive Warning for Elephant Hunters (VIDEO)
39 White Rhino Dies in Sand Diego Zoo, Only Three Left on the Planet
40 Massive Ice Cloud Spotted on Titan, Points to Stronger Winter
41 Prince Charles: Climate Change Linked to Syrian War, Refugee Crisis, Terrorism
42 'Bacterial Sex' Helps Spread Beneficial Traits, Antibiotic Resistance
43 Phobos Will Make Mars a Ringed Planet When It Dies, Study Says
44 Hydra Regenerates Body Parts by Modifying Genetic Program, Study Says
45 Columbus Did Not Bring Syphilis to Europe, Study Claims
46 Nanoparticles Removed from Blood Using Electric Fields in New Study
47 Music Can Decrease Pain, Anxiety Levels Before, During and After Surgery, Study Says
48 University of Maine Creates Indoor Ocean Simulator, Simulates 100 Foot Waves
49 Earth May Be Lined by 'Hairs' of Dark Matter, Study Proposes
50 Dinosaur Extinction: 'Curtain of Fire' Drawn on Popular Volcanic Theory
51 Genome of Animal that Can Survive in Outer Space Is Made Up of One-Sixth Foreign DNA
52 Climate Change Misrepresented as Debate Instead of Fact in Middle-School Textbooks, Study Finds
53 Engineering Mosquitoes: Malaria Eradication with CRISPR? Gene Editing Could Be the Answer
54 Spiders in Memphis: What's Causing Spiders to Invade Neighborhood?
55 Mars Mouse: UFO Hunters Spot Mouse in Mars Photo
56 Diamond Nanothreads May Be More Durable than Originally Thought, Study Finds
57 Black Holes Might Actually Be Balls of Fire, Theory Says
58 Human Innovation Impacts Tool Evolution, Study Says
59 Loneliness Can Cause Immune Sickness and Early Death, Says University Study
60 Flatworms Used to Grow Heads, Brains of Other Species
61 Primate Extinction: Over Half of World's Primates Are Near Extinction, Warn Experts
62 E. Coli Gut Bacteria Release Proteins that Suppress Food Intake, Tell You You're Full, Study Shows
63 Earth's Magnetic Poles Won't Flip for Thousands of Years, Contrary to Conspiracy Theories
64 ISS Will Receive High-Tech Weather Spotting Camera in 2016
65 Quantum Communications: Hack-Proof Telecommunications Technique in Development
66 Pacific Plates: Scientists Uncover How They Collapsed
67 Corn Snake Genome Sequenced for First Time
68 Area 51: Airline Passenger Reports UFO Sighting Near Legendary Top Secret US Military Base [PHOTOS]
69 China to Open World's Biggest Cloning Facility: Set to Replucate Cows, Sniffer Dogs, Racehorses
70 Ants that Use Their Bodies to Build Bridges Could Inspire New Generation of Swarm Robots (VIDEO)
71 Antarctic Water Movement Tracked in Stunning Animation: Findings Could Shed Light on Climate Change
72 Blue Origin Is First to Achieve Reusable Rocket (VIDEO)
73 'Kissing Bug': CDC Reports Increased Sightings of Bug that Carries Deadly Chagas Disease
74 Alien Megastructures: Strange Star Is Likley Surrounded by Cold Comets
75 2015 Warmest Year on Record--Until Next Year, WMO Says
76 Earth's Buried Tectonic Plates May Be Stretchy, Study Suggests
77 VY Canis Majoris: Dust Might Be Cause of Unusual Weight Loss
78 Photons as Messengers: Scientists Set Quantum Record by Carrying Messages Between Electrons Almost 2 Kilometers Apart
79 Genetically Modified Trees Created to Protect Florida's Orange Crops
80 Estrogen Sensor: New Device Sends Out Electronic Signals When Detecting Hormone in Liquid
81 Spider and Prey DNA Sequenced from Samples of Spiderwebs that Had Been Empty for Almost 3 Months
82 World's First Self-Healing Gel Could Be Used in Flexible Electronics
83 Fingerprints Could Reveal Whether a Culprit Is Male or Female with Groundbreaking New Technique
84 Canada's First 'Dinosaur' Not Actually a Dinosaur, Actually a Dimetrodon
85 Northern Lights Shifting South, Study Says
86 Cancer Breakthrough: Gene Map Discovers Cancer's Achilles Heel
87 New Sensor Detects Cable Fires Before They Even Start to Burn
88 New Particle in 'Material Universe' Predicted by Physicists
89 NASA: Black Holes Don't Really Exist?
90 Global Warming 'Hiatus' Not Supported by Substantial Evidence, Scientists Say
91 Black Hole Eats Star, Ejects High-Speed Flare
92 Rapid Growth of Marine Micro-Algae Likely Caused by Increased Carbon Levels
93 Rainbow Holograms Created in Minutes with Simple Inkjet Printer
94 Global Warming Will Progress Much More Quickly than Expected, Study Predicts
95 Big Bang Recreated: CERN Collides Nuclei at Record Energy Levels
96 Pigeons Choose Their Flock Leader Based on Speed, Study Finds
97 Molecule-Thick Film Now Defect-Free, Could Be Used in Flexible Electronics and Solar Cells
98 Global Warming Main Factor Behind Recent Heat, Analysis Says
99 Astronauts' Thanksgiving Dinner On ISS Only Takes 20 Minutes to Prepare (VIDEO)
100 Rare Monkey, Francois' Langur, Born at Sydney Zoo
101 Algae: New Green Power Source?
102 'Skunk-Like' Cannabis Associated with Brain Damage, Study Finds
103 Michael Bloomberg Says 'Right Wing Crazies' Have to Believe in Climate Change
104 World's Largest Volcano Mapped by Scientists
105 Snakes' Loss of Legs Is Focus of New Study
106 Men Eat More When Women Are Watching, Study Finds
107 Plankton Growth Increase in Ocean Could Be Tied to Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels, Global Warming, Study Shows
108 NOAA Climate Data: How Reliable Is It?
109 UN: Weather-Related Disasters Killed 606,000 Over Past 20 Years, Climate Change Mitigation Crucial
110 Early Ecosystems Were Much More Complex than Previously Believed, Ancient Eating Habits Reveal