File Title
1 Skeleton of Burnt 'Witch Girl' Found in Italy
2 U.S. Agencies Agree: October Was Crazy Warm
3 Reference: Low-Fat Diet: Facts, Benefits & Risks
4 Through Their Eyes: Awesome Photos Show How Animals See the World
5 'Flying' Tadpoles & Fleeing Fish Win Prestigious Photo Contest
6 Jet-Propelled 3D-Printed Drone Claims Speed Record
7 The Science of Sugar: Is Corn Syrup the Same?
8 Songbirds Woo Mates with Invisible Tap Dance
9 Pigeons Learn to Spot Breast Cancer
10 Getting a Head: 'Superduck' Dinosaur Shows How Dino Crests Evolved
11 Health and Fitness Gifts 2015: Your Holiday Gift Guide
12 Antarctica Is Gaining Ice, So Why Is the Earth Still Warming?
13 Weird Sea Mollusk Sports Hundreds of Eyes Made of Armor
14 Pick Up the Pace: Walking Speed Linked with Heart Health in Older Adults
15 Speaking More than One Language Eases Stroke Recovery
16 Abraham Lincoln Was a Science Champion, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Says
17 Carbon Falling, Economies Rising: Expectations for the Paris Climate Summit (Op-Ed)
18 Reference: Food Labels: Definition of Natural & Organic
19 For Severe Weather, 'Is this Climate Change?' Is the Wrong Question (Op-Ed)
20 Parents Don't Have all the Answers, and that's OK (Op-Ed)
21 Einstein's Unfinished Dream: Marrying Relativity to the Quantum World
22 Fossilized Tropical Forest Found--in Arctic Norway
23 'Letterlocked' Trove: X-Rays to Peer into Sealed 17th-Century Notes
24 Giant Bling: World's Second-Largest Diamond Unearthed
25 A Prehistoric Murder Mystery: Earth's Worst Mass Extinctions
26 Cyborg Roses Wired with Self-Growing Circuits
27 Expectant Moms: Coffee Won't Harm Kids' IQ
28 The Future of Driverless Vehicles (Roundtable)
29 Why Sleep? Why Dream?
30 Could Liquid Lakes Form on Mars Today?
31 Reference: Concussions: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
32 'The Good Dinosaur': Could Humans and Dinos Coexist?
33 Many Small Microaggressions Add Up to Something Big
34 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
35 Devils Tower: See Photos of Wyoming's Unique Rock Formation
36 Attention Disorder Drugs May Harm Kids' Sleep
37 Charitable Acts Can Lead to Bad Behavior
38 How Earth's Hidden Magma Ocean Formed
39 1,700-Year-Old Ring Depicts Nude Cupid, the Homewrecking God
40 11 Outdoor Gifts for Exploring Our Amazing Planet
41 Gobble, gobble
42 Brain Connections Predict How Well You Can Pay Attention
43 Beetles Speed-Grow Their Built-In Bifocal Eyes
44 Lonely? You May Be More Likely to Get Sick
45 Some of Earth's Rocky Plates Are Gooey on the Inside
46 Goodbye, Nola: Only 3 Northern White Rhinos Remain in the World
47 Round for Round: Women's Drinking Rates Catching Up to Men's
48 Why Menstruation Remains a Medical Mystery
49 More Infant Deaths Blamed on Crib Bumpers
50 Glider Will Reach Edge of Space, Gaze Back at Earth
51 Why Menstruation Remains a Medical Mystery
52 More Infant Deaths Blamed on Crib Bumpers
53 Glider Will Reach Edge of Space, Gaze Back at Earth
54 Cause of Mysterious Snake Die-Off Found
55 Light-Bending Microchip Could Fire Up Quantum Computers
56 Daily Dose of Walnuts Linked to Health Improvements
57 Slipping into a Food Coma? Blame Your Gut Microbes
58 PMS May Warn of High Blood Pressure in Future
59 Google Doodle Honors Human Ancestor 'Lucy'
60 7 Tips to Make Thanksgiving More Enjoyable for People with GERD
61 A Pill for ISIS Supersoldiers? Not So Fast
62 Franken Flatworms Grow Heads and Brains of Other Species
63 What Triggered the Big Bang? It's Complicated (Op-Ed)
64 Costco Chicken Salad Linked to E. Coli Outbreak in 7 States
65 'Inside Einstein's Mind': New TV Show Explores Journey to Relativity
66 Best Apps for Pain Management
67 7-Million-Year-Old Fossils Show How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck
68 'Spooky Action' Heats Up: Atoms Entangled at Room Temperature
69 Dark Matter 'Hairs' May Surround Earth
70 Mars May Become a Ringed Planet Someday
71 Another American Ebola Survivor Had Eye Problems
72 Cobwebs Hold Genetic Secrets About Spiders and Their Prey
73 Liberia Suffers New Ebola Death, Despite Being 'Ebola-Free'
74 Buried or Open? Ancient Eggshells Reveal Dinosaur Nesting Behaviors
75 Infections with Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus Can Cause Brain Inflammation, Death
76 Eyes May Offer Window into Cardiovascular Disease
77 Progesterone May Not Lower Risk of Repeated Miscarriage
78 Plastics Recycling is Working: Here's Why (Op-Ed)
79 Ancient 'Mud Dragon' Worm Had Spiky Coat of Armor
80 Humpback Whales Make Migration Pit Stops at Underwater Mountains
81 Bizarre Ancient Sea Creature Was Well-Armed for Feeding
82 Is Digital Hoarding a Mental Disorder (And Do You Have It)?
83 Brilliant Gamma-Ray Pulsar Is First to Be Discovered Outside of Milky Way, Brightest Ever Seen
84 Winds Equivalent to 7 Times the Speed of Sound Discovered on Blustery Exoplanet
85 Titan's Monstrous Polar Ice Cloud Shows Just How Harsh the Freezing Moon's Winter Really Is
86 Earth's Water Probably Didn't Come from Comet, Was Here from the Beginning
87 Psychedelic Pluto: NASA Captures Groovy Image of Dwarf Planet
88 Paris Climate Talks: Obama Will Attend Paris Climate Conference Despite Attacks, Says White House
89 Sweet Treats Could Help Form Memories that Control Eating Habits
90 Global Warming Could Reduce Snowpack, Cutting Off Major Water Supplies Across the Planet
91 Alzheimer's Experimental Drug Candidate Turns Back the Clock for Mice
92 Global Warming Could Be Causing Melting Glaciers to Carry Sediment into Sea, Reducing Species Diversity
93 Lasers Could Heat Materials to Temperatures Hotter than the Sun in Less than a Million-Millionth of a Second
94 Graphene Biosensors Could Lead to the Development of New Drugs
95 Ancient Bees Were Finicky When It Came to What They Fed Their Offspring
96 Predator Extinction Could Lead to Disappearance of Other Predators in Strange 'Ripple Effect'
97 Smartphone Cancer Research: Fight Cancer While You Sleep
98 Ultra-Short X-Ray Pulses Could Be Key to Understanding Fastest Events in Physics
99 How the Extinction of Mammoths and Saber Toothed Tigers Affected Canines After the Ice Age
100 How Honest Is Your Country? Study Reveals Regions Most Likely to Lie
101 Computer Algorithm Detects Human Micro-Expressions
102 Europe's Fourth Ancestral 'Tribe' Revealed: Finding Helps Fill in Important Historical Gaps
103 Night Vision: Graphene Breakthrough May Lead to Night Vision Technology in Cellphones and Laptops, Study Says
104 Inca DNA: Child Sacrifice Holds Clues to Diverse Gene Pool
105 New Groundwater Map of Earth Reveals Hidden Underground Water Reservoirs
106 World's Smallest Submarine: One-Molecule Craft that Can Move at Breakneck Speed
107 Galaxy's 'Heartbeat' Heard for the First Time by Hubble Space Telescope
108 Bats' Heavy Wings Are a Blessing and Not a Curse: Unique Anatomy Helps Them Land Upside-Down
109 Human Brains Are More Responsive to Environment than Chimps': Findings Could Provide Insight into Degenerative Disease
110 Music to My Eyes: Study Explores the Relationship Between Music and Eye Dilation