File Title
1 Forming planet observed for first time
2 Blocking immune cell treats new type of age-related diabetes
3 Smeagol found underground in Brazil: New eyeless and highly modified harvestman species
4 New guidelines on the prevention/control of multi-drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria
5 New gene that makes common bacteria resistant to last-line antibiotic found in animals and patients in China
6 Quantum spin could create unstoppable, one-dimensional electron waves
7 Twenty-first depression forms in eastern Pacific Ocean
8 Tropical fossil forests unearthed in Arctic Norway
9 Tropical Storm Rick joins an elite late-season storm group
10 Sequencing algae's genome may aid biofuel production
11 Fau harbor branch scientists discover new camouflage mechanism fish use in the open ocean
12 Fish skin provides invisibility in open ocean
13 Half of Amazonian tree species may be threatened
14 Half of all Amazonian tree species may be globally threatened
15 Electronic plants developed at Linkoping University
16 Breakthrough allows tracking of single molecules in 3-D with nanoscale accuracy
17 Hydra can modify its genetic program
18 Powering the next billion devices with Wi-Fi
19 New study suggests more than 8 percent of children with cancer have genetic predisposition
20 Dark matter dominates in nearby dwarf galaxy
21 Fighting and females determine how males make sperm
22 A new way to monitor vital signs
23 Marine animals use new form of secret light communication
24 Loyola Stritch professors analyze ethical issues with social media and healthcare
25 Architecture of protein complex hints at its function in chromosome segregation
26 Acorn worm genome reveals gill origins of human pharynx
27 ORNL microscopy captures real-time view of evolving fuel cell catalysts
28 Strange quantum phenomenon achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers
29 Scientists discover the secret behind the power of bacterial sex
30 Stretchy slabs found in the deep Earth
31 Surprise: Stretchy slabs in deep Earth
32 How the Earth's Pacific plates collapsed
33 Ants filmed building moving bridges from their live bodies
34 Army ants build bridges to shorten journeys through the rainforest
35 The corn snake genome sequenced for the first time
36 Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species
37 Mars to lose its largest moon, Phobos, but gain a ring
38 Army ants' 'living' bridges span collective intelligence, 'swarm' robotics
39 Ancient genomes reveal natural selection in action
40 Electric fields remove nanoparticles from blood with ease
41 Innovative reports to help utility regulators, policymakers and electric industry
42 UF creates trees with enhanced resistance to greening
43 Climate can grind mountains faster than they can be rebuilt, study indicates
44 Mountain ranges evolve and respond to Earth's climate, study shows
45 Earth not due for a geomagnetic flip in the near future
46 Earth's magnetic field is not about to flip
47 Tracking down the 'missing' carbon from the Martian atmosphere
48 Research ushers in new era of boutique chocolate
49 Exploring the physics of a chocolate fountain
50 Algae could be a new green power source
51 NASA study suggests carbon content of temperate forests overestimated
52 Iowa State astronomers say comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star
53 Aging star's weight loss secret revealed
54 Great Barrier Reef protecting against landslides, tsunamis
55 How cells in the developing ear 'practice' hearing
56 A changing season means a changing diet for bison
57 How cells 'climb' to build fruit fly tracheas
58 CERN collides heavy nuclei at new record high energy
59 New study suggests angler education can benefit sharks
60 Canuckosaur! First Canadian 'dinosaur' becomes Dimetrodon borealis
61 Insect DNA extracted, sequenced from black widow spider web
62 Shedding light on oil behaviors before the next spill
63 New gene map reveals cancer's Achilles heel
64 Researchers assess use of drug-susceptible parasites to fight drug resistance
65 Heart disease patients who sit a lot have worse health even if they exercise
66 Urgent attention needed to improve education for Syrian refugee children, report finds
67 Global growth in CO2 emissions stagnates
68 Liver cell therapies closer as study reveals key to mass production
69 Stem cell study paves the way for patient therapies
70 Progesterone supplements do not improve outcomes for recurrent miscarriages
71 Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare
72 Massive 'development corridors' in Africa could spell environmental disaster
73 Increased carbon dioxide enhances plankton growth, opposite of what was expected
74 Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading
75 Can Paris pledges avert severe climate change?
76 Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs
77 Mystery of how snakes lost their legs solved by reptile fossil
78 Kids' Drug-Resistant Bacteria Blamed on Farm Antibiotic Use
79 Laziness: Blame it on the Brain?
80 Ancient Board Game Found in Looted China Tomb
81 El Nino Expected to Strengthen, Bring Wild Weather Across US
82 Face Transplants Move Forward with Most Extensive Operation Yet
83 UNESCO Celebrates 70th Anniversary with High-Tech Light Show
84 Mystery Extinct Cavemen Were More Diverse than Neanderthals
85 1,700-Year-Old Mosaic Once Decorated Luxurious Villa Courtyard
86 Pluto Goes Psychedelic in Brilliant New Photo
87 Coffee Drinkers, Perk Up: 1 to 5 Cups Daily May Reduce Risk of Early Death
88 Birth Control Lawsuit: What Happens When You Skip a Few Pills?
89 Open Wide! Dinosaurs' Jaw Stretch Linked to Feeding Habits
90 'RoboBees' with Laser Eyes Could Locate Disaster Victims
91 Weird Mucus Parasites Are Actually Jellyfish
92 Charlie Sheen Has HIV: What It's like to Live with the Virus
93 Spooky Action Is Real: Bizarre Quantum Entanglement Confirmed in New Tests
94 New STD? What You Should Know About Mycoplasma Genitalium
95 Baby's New Leukemia Treatment Could Help Others with Cancer
96 Emoji Snags 'Word of the Year' (Here's Why that Makes Sense)
97 Gift Ideas for Kids: Best Educational Toys and Games of 2015
98 Reference: Mediterranean Diet: Foods, Benefits & Risks
99 College Rape Study Reveals Alcohol, Drug Use Pattern
100 Less Vino, Please: Italian Drinking Rates Drop
101 Guys Pig Out to Show Off for Women
102 How to Flirt in Panda: Bears' Squeaks Decoded
103 French Flags on Facebook: Does Social Media Support Really Matter?
104 'X-Ray Vision' Tech Uses Radio Waves to 'See' Through Walls
105 No Fair! Children's Sense of Equality Is Shaped by Culture
106 Bright Light Therapy Can Ease Depression Symptoms
107 You Share 70% of Your Genes with this Slimy Marine Worm
108 Researchers Grow Vocal Cord Tissue that Can 'Talk'
109 Not So Precious: Eyeless 'Smeagol' Arachnid Discovered in Underground Lair
110 Hobbits Were a Separate Species, Ancient Chompers Show