File Title
1 From penguins to Pope's shoes, climate rallies pressure U.N. summit
2 Rising CO2 levels lead to increase in plankton
3 What's behind the rise of coccolithophores in the oceans?
4 100 years after Esintein's breakthrough, quantum gravity remains elusive
5 Why is Einstein famous?
6 Astronomers have found a hungry black hole swallowing a star
7 It's #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food
8 Dolphin calf euthanized after being rescued from Elkhorn Slough
9 Researchers sequence DNA from spider web
10 Cobwebs hold genetic secrets about spiders and their prey
11 Asteroid Mining May Be a Reality by 2025
12 ICYMI: NASA Helicopter Rover and 'Mouse' on Mars Spotted
13 Mars rover spots 'giant rat' on the Red Planet
14 Helicopter Could Be 'Scout' for Mars Rovers
15 Thousands of spiders invade Tennessee neighborhood
16 Walk-Man the humanoid walks tall
17 Arkansas a refuge from rising seas in Marshall Islands
18 NASA: Earth and other planets may contain dark matter "hairs"
19 Analysis reveals how hypergiant star shortly sheds mass
20 Are global CO2 emissions leveling off?
21 NOAA Climate Data: How Reliable Is It?
22 Synapse discovery could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer's disease
23 Alzheimer's: newly identified molecular mechanism could lead to treatment
24 16 fall ill after taking spice drug in downtown San Diego
25 Brazil finds Zika virus causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads
26 EDITORIAL: Liberals deserve defeat on hydro prices
27 Parenthood Clinics Remains Open After Judge Orders Released in Louisiana
28 GMO Salmon is Coming to a Store Near You. Will You Know When it Arrives?
29 Why Massachusetts wants to raise the smoking age to 21
30 Ohio Makes People Belive [sic] They Need a Flu Vaccine
31 NEW STUDY: Men Eat 93% More Pizza When Dining with Women
32 Majority of prison drugs used for mental illness
33 The More Fat You Have, the Harder It Is to Lose It
34 Dog Treats Were contaminated with Salmonella
35 North Carolina student gets free haircuts because of good grades
36 Gastonia student gets free hair cuts because of good grades
37 Tired of daily injections? New type-1 diabetes treatment could help patients produce insulin on their own again
38 Obesity in Young People Leads to Risks of Cardiac Death: CDC
39 Early adulthood obesity increases risk of sudden cardiac death: Study5
40 Consuming Walnuts Can Help Improve Your Diet, Lower Diabetes Risk
41 Assaults on staff at Western State Hospital costing millions
42 Hawaii reports more dengue
43 Impact of climate, human behaviour should be studied for dengue fever control during off-season
44 Deaths from heart disease declining among rheumatoid arthritis patients
45 The largest to have existed--giant rat fossils
46 Ancient brains turn paleontology on its head
47 Using microfluidic devices to sort stem cells
48 FIGHT study proves type-2 diabetes therapy ineffective in the treatment of high-risk heart failure patients
49 Diagnosing & treating diabetes in heart attack patients improves heart outcomes, study finds
50 Poor air quality increases patients' risk of heart attack, new study finds
51 Diabetes drug reduces risk of heart failure and may prevent it, study shows
52 New study finds testosterone replacement therapy does not increase heart risk
53 Adults born with heart disease at increased risk of heart attack and death
54 Hydrogel superglue is 90 percent water
55 Cholesterol-lowering 'portfolio diet' also reduces blood pressure, study finds
56 UH Case Medical Center researchers publish new results from SPRINT trial
57 Time to reassess blood-pressure goals
58 White coat and masked hypertension associated with higher rates of heart and vascular disease
59 The past shows how abrupt climate shifts affect Earth
60 Implantable wireless devices trigger--and may block--pain signals
61 PPPL physicists find clue to formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies
62 Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think on star formation
63 A hairy situation: Hair increases surface area for animals by 100 times
64 Climate change adaptation in high income countries: Some clear progress
65 NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Megh strengthening on approach to Socotra Island, Yemen
66 NASA sees an elongated Tropical Cyclone Megh in the Gulf of Aden
67 NASA's Terra satellite sees landfall for Tropical Cyclone Megh
68 Geophysics could slow Antarctic ice retreat
69 Medicines do not seem to degrade faster in space
70 Mars' moon Phobos is slowly falling apart
71 Scientists measure the 'beauty' of coral reefs
72 The glowing halo of a zombie star
73 Asteroid ripped apart to form star's glowing ring system
74 The long and short of plasma turbulence
75 Discovery of a new confinement state for plasma
76 Mixing an icy cocktail to safely cool hot plasma
77 UCLA professor proposes simpler way to define what makes a planet
78 New Super H-mode regime could greatly increase fusion power
79 Daring move for first US-China fusion team
80 Early maternal loss has lifelong effects on chimpanzees
81 Computer model reveals deadly route of Ebola outbreak
82 Oldest stars found near Milky Way center
83 Ancient stars at the center of the galaxy contain 'fingerprints' from the early universe
84 Unlocking the mysteries of 'little starlets'
85 Social media offers neuroscientists a treasure trove of research material
86 Dark matter and particle acceleration in near space
87 Breakthrough in superconducting materials opens new path to fusion
88 Declining snowpacks may cut many nations' water
89 Superconductor survives ultra-high magnetic field
90 Effectiveness of drug to improve natriuretic peptide levels for chronic heart failure
91 Low rate of patient monitoring found following initiation of therapy for heart failure
92 Common medication for heart failure patients does not increase activity level
93 World first blood test reduces risk and increases accuracy in prenatal testing
94 New technique could expand number of diseases detected by noninvasive prenatal testing
95 Blood sample new way of detecting cancer
96 Analysis exposes faster disintegration of major Greenland glacier
97 Massive northeast Greenland glacier is rapidly melting, UCI-led team finds
98 Ancient mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish, Penn paleontologist shows
99 Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, invents first 'porous liquid'
100 Quantum dots made from fool's gold boost battery performance
101 High-impact clinical trials yield results that could improve kidney care
102 Transplant tourism increases health-related risks for organ recipients
103 Cadaveric kidneys from infants and toddlers benefit adults in need of transplants
104 Nanotechnology advances could pave way for implantable artificial kidney
105 Kidney failure and its treatment may impact cancer risk
106 5400mph winds discovered hurtling around planet outside solar system
107 Wild birds choose love over food
108 NASA's Fermi satellite detects first gamma-ray pulsar in another galaxy
109 Low-oxygen 'dead zones' in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events
110 Why mice have longer sperm than elephants