File Title
1 Future Skin
2 Way Too Crunchy: Peanut Butter Recalled
3 A Much Healthier Tomato
4 What Soy Could Do for Older Women
5 Interrupted Sleep? No Wonder You're Grumpy
6 More Pets, Less Asthma?
7 Weighing in on Menu Labeling
8 In His Last Year, Robin Williams Faced More than Depression
9 A Shocking Way to Cut Calories
10 Tapeworms and Cancer: A Health Horror Story
11 The Digital Side of Therapy
12 Take the Train for Your Health
13 Is Your Neighborhood Good for Your Heart?
14 Sierra Leone Might Have Beaten Ebola
15 'Skinny Fat' Is No Joke
16 New Orleans R&B Great Passes Away
17 Heart Problems Could Sideline Linemen
18 Psychiatric Hospital Smoking Bans: Debated
19 Getting Exposure for OCD
20 Big Uh-Oh for SpaghettiOs
21 The Future of Lazy Eye Treatment
22 Maternal Deaths Down Worldwide
23 How Yoga Could Help Some Men
24 Charlie Sheen: 'I Am, in Fact, HIV-Positive'
25 Coffee Once Again Linked to Better Health
26 Better Breakfast for a Bigger Brain
27 Guess How Often the Happiest Couples Had Sex
28 How 'Social Jet Lag' Might Harm Your Health
29 Dr. Uber on Call Today
30 No Longer Ebola-Free: Liberia Reports New Case
31 The Link Between Self-Weighing and Self-Esteem
32 Why Some People Get Reckless When They Drink
33 Depressed? Keep It Light
34 Check Your Pulse
35 How Being Bilingual Could Affect Your Health
36 Loneliness May Shorten Your Life
37 What PMS Could Mean for Future Health
38 Walnuts Do the Body Good
39 Another Risk of Chikungunya
40 What Happens to Long-Distance Runners' Bodies
41 On the Ebola Front, Good News from Guinea
42 What Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles
43 The Silent Effects of Concussions
44 Researchers Betting on this Common Rx to Slow Aging
45 Celery Recall Expanded
46 This Is Your Brain on Too Much TV
47 N/A
48 Brooke Shields Recovers from Double Wrist Surgery
49 A Hidden Risk of Diabetes
50 The Lowdown on Cryotherapy
51 'Drill and Fill' vs. Preventive Care
52 Exercise the Body, Improve the Mind
53 Jimmy Carter Has Some Good News
54 How E-Cigs Could Hurt Your Lungs
55 The Case for Playing More Video Games
56 Cheerleading Is Safe--But Not Perfect
57 Your Happiness Doesn't Help (or Hurt) Your Health
58 Boozy Findings for Alzheimer's
59 Pinterest Is Depressing
60 Another Guess at What's Behind Autism
61 The Science of Kindness
62 Long Nights, Lazy Days: A Dangerous Combo
63 Beer Goggles Work the Other Way, Too
64 Can't Sleep? Have You Tried Night Milk?
65 How 'Magic' Mushrooms Could Help Cancer Patients
66 In Kidney Patients, Cocoa Could Keep Heart Pumping
67 Preparing for a Safe, Successful Holiday Feast
68 Non-bee insects just as important as bees for world's crops
69 US scientists, activists call for global ban on 'designer babies' gene modification
70 Dance or die: Male peacock spiders work hard to win the ladies
71 Solar flares seen for first time flinging particles into space close to the speed of light in seconds
72 Migratory birds threatened by poor protection of habitats
73 New Horizons: New Pluto close-ups to help NASA piece together dwarf planet's geological history
74 Global Carbon Project: Study suggests greenhouse gas emissions may have dropped as world economy grew in 2015
75 Fossils indicate dinosaurs evolved rapidly after first relatives appeared
76 Meet Kunbarrasaurus: Australia's newest dinosaur
77 Big-fruited Australian rainforest trees may need help to spread and survive
78 Scientists uncover how Toxoplasma parasite hijacks human cells, could alter behaviour
79 Ceres' mysterious bright spots are giant salt pans, Dawn mission data shows
80 Moby Dick: Fossils revealed to be ancient white sperm whale, named Albicetus in reference to Herman Melville's novel
81 NASA releases new composite image of Titan, showing Earth-like surface of Saturn's largest moon
82 Most bushfires in south-eastern Australia caused by humans
83 Scientists teach computers how to learn like humans
84 Geminids meteor shower to provide a fitting end to International Year of Light
85 Australian blue-banded bee's head-banging pollination technique captured in slow motion video
86 Exoplanet mystery solved: water on hot Jupiter planets not missing, just hiding under clouds
87 Change in Australia's plankton population, as climate changes, threatens human food chain
88 Rising temperatures could put saltwater crocodiles in hot water
89 Potentially habitable super-Earth discovered orbiting star 14 light years from Earth
90 Crows' tool time captured on camera
91 ISS crew receives Christmas delivery
92 Canine copycats can mirror other dogs' emotions
93 SpaceX rocket in historic upright landing
94 US wild bee numbers decline as land is converted for biofuel
95 Conservationists choose their 12 trees of Christmas
96 NASA suspends Mars mission over faulty instrument
97 Trapped CO2 gas may form Martian gullies
98 Tim Peake assists with space walk
99 Fog history of Atacama reconstructed
100 White storks study aims to re-introduce breeding in UK
101 200-year-old fossil mystery resolved
102 Northern Lights seen over England
103 What could possibly go wrong on a spacewalk?
104 Rare footage reveals gorillas' treetop slumber antics
105 Beatles music joins streaming services
106 India puts brakes on Facebook's Free Basics scheme
107 US prisoners released early by software bug
108 How to have yourself a merry cyber-safe Christmas
109 A new level of difficulty for the computer game industry
110 Hello Kitty security leak 'corrected'