File Title
1 Climate, kissing and computer art: studies that set social media abuzz in 2015
2 Magnetic mystery of Earth's early core explained
3 Postdoc dies in lab fire at Tsinghua University
4 Biomedicine wins big in US budget deal
5 US toxic-substances reform moves forward
6 Berkeley releases report on astronomer sexual-harassment case
7 Spread of antibiotic-resistance gene does not spell bacterial apocalypse--yet
8 Italian scientists under investigation after olive-tree deaths
9 Crop conundrum
10 A seismic shift
11 Science for peace
13 Chemistry: Why synthesize?
14 Science and gender: Scientists must work harder on equality
15 Mosquitoes engineered to pass down genes that would wipe out their species
16 Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable
17 The science myths that will not die
18 Cancer studies clash over mechanisms of malignancy
19 Colorectal Cancer Combo Rx Gets Green Light
20 Hand Sanitizer: A Growing Threat to Kids
21 The All-American Brain Disease
22 Does Coffee Hurt Your Heartbeat?
23 Apples and Oranges: How Kids Eat Their Fruit
24 Social Media, Sleep and Tired Teens
25 For Postoperative Care, Patients Might Prefer Telehealth
26 New Guidelines for Smokers' Health Care
27 How to Lower Your Diabetes Risk While You Sleep
28 The Miracle of Brainpower
29 Low-Dose Beta Blockers: When Less Is More
30 Lifestyle Changes Could Boost PCOS Fertility
31 What a Little Supervision Could Do for Teen Girls
32 Molecule Safely Disarmed Dangerous Parasite
33 How Chronic Disease Affects Dementia Risk
34 Despite Warnings, Some Pregnant Women May Still Drink
35 Take Back Your Unused Prescriptions
36 Long-Acting Diabetes Treatments Approved
37 The Most Effective Rx for Unexplained Infertility
38 Another Reason to Get Your Flu Shot this Year
39 Which Fruits and Veggies Are Best for Weight Loss?
40 Take the Road Less Traveled--For Your Health
41 The Angelina Effect: Revisited
42 E-Cigs Remain Controversial for Quitting Smoking
43 When Dizziness Signals a Bigger Problem
44 Asthma and Secondhand Smoke: A Dangerous Combination
45 Nigeria Stomps Out Polio
46 To Keep Kids Safe, Mind the TV
47 How Your Smoking Habits Could Affect Your Grandchildren
48 You're Never Too Young to Save a Life
49 The Right Fats and Carbs to Prevent Heart Disease
50 Talc: A Workplace Hazard
51 How Coffee May Cut Alzheimer's Risk
52 CDC Calls for End to Rabies
53 Why Eating Mediterranean Style May Boost Longevity
54 Low-Nicotine Cigs May Help Smokers Cut Back
55 FDA Fast Tracks Ebola Drug
56 How Meditation Could Improve Athletic Performance
57 How Childhood Education Could Affect Adult Health
58 Childhood Stress May Derail Adult Health
59 The Recipe for a Mini Brain
60 Gifting the Vessel
61 The Modern Tourniquet
62 N/A
63 Vice Talk
64 Kim Zolciak-Biermann Recovers from Mini-Stroke
65 Zip Line Safety Called into Question
66 One Week Ebola-Free
67 Why Exercise Before Pregnancy May Benefit Expecting Moms
68 Twin Sisters Battle Leukemia
69 A Gym Membership in a Pill
70 Yankees Star Checks into Rehab
71 How Fidgeting Could Save Your Life
72 FDA Pushed to Label Liquid Nicotine
73 Zoe Saldana Raises Premature Birth Awareness
74 Screen Time: The Kids May Be All Right
75 Looking to Lose Weight? Catch Some Zzzs
76 Pop Star Selena Gomez Battles Lupus
77 Infection Threatens NFL Player's Foot
78 Nearsightedness: A First-Born Problem
79 Kesha Joins Concert to Raise Cancer Funds
80 To Ward Off Depression, Face to Face May Be Best
81 Breast Cancer: It's Not Just Women
82 The Myopia Epidemic
83 Could Social Media Be a Window into Health?
84 Drop that Spinach--It Could Be Contaminated
85 There's an App for Depression, but It May Not Work
86 The Modern Sleep Misconception
87 3-D Printer Helped in 4-Year-Old's Surgery
88 A 'Puzzling' Condition
89 When Antioxidants Could Hurt
90 Ebola Persists in Fragments
91 Brain Inflammation Linked to Schizophrenia Risk
92 Are Stereotypes Harming Your Health?
93 Genetic Testing Company Back After Blow from FDA
94 Quick! Count the Moles on Your Arm
95 More Yoga, Fewer Doctor Visits
96 Airsoft May Not Feel So Soft
97 Fostering ADHD
98 How Therapy Dogs Could Help Kids with Cancer
99 Ads Displayed Unsafe Parenting Practices
100 N/A
101 In Sports, a Painful Demographic
102 The Downside of Bacon
103 Tackling Head Injuries
104 How Can I Get More Vitamin D?
105 Even Veggie Dogs Have Problems
106 Getting by with a Little Help from the Community
107 Bacon Lovers Fight Back with Hashtags
108 WHO: Most People Have Herpes
109 What Moms-to-Be Should Know About Cervical Length
110 TB Takes a Hit