File Title
1 Hubble views a young elliptical galaxy
2 NASA images: A day on Pluto, a day on Charon
3 NASA calls on SpaceX to send astronauts to ISS
4 New detector perfect for asteroid mining, planetary research
5 Ghostly and beautiful--"planetary nebulae" get more meaningful physical presence
6 The universe's resolution limit--why we may never have a perfect view of distant galaxies
7 Early galaxies more efficient at making stars, Hubble survey reveals
8 Second thoughts? Countries delay leap second decision until 2023: UN
9 Dark matter dominates in nearby dwarf galaxy
10 First photo of planet in making captured
11 Astronomers discover low surface brightness galaxies with amateur telescopes
12 The ethics of robot love
13 New step towards producing cheap and efficient renewable fuels
14 Stretch the new flex for programmable rubber keyboard
15 Researcher suggests storing solar energy underground for a cloudy day
16 Study: Words can deceive, but tone of voice cannot
17 A row-bot that loves dirty water
18 No lens? No problem for FlatCam
19 Tandem solar cells are more efficient
20 UAE channels oil money into alternative energy
21 Virtual reality app brings crisis zones closer to home
22 Utilities see potential in drones to inspect lines, towers
23 Hackers may hit home for the holidays
24 Carbon Capture: key green technology shackled by costs
25 Team develops 'electronic plants'
26 Glider pilots aim for the stratosphere
27 Review: Samsung's Gear VR shows the promise of VR--today
28 At the nanoscale, concrete proves effective for nuclear containment
29 Read while commuting? Self-driving cars have you covered
30 Clothes smarter than you are: welcome to the future
31 Mysterious communication connections by top 500 Android apps have no effect on user experience
32 Self-healing sensor brings 'electronic skin' closer to reality
33 'Power Over Wi-Fi' named one of the year's game-changing technologies
34 Ingestible sensor measures heart and breathing rates from within the digestive tract (w/ Video)
35 NASA gives MIT a humanoid robot to develop software for future space missions (w/ Video)
36 Researchers develop software for finding tipping points and critical network structures
37 A new form of real gold, almost as light as air
38 New 'self-healing' gel makes electronics more flexible
39 Personal glucose meters can be effectively employed for the quantification of many biomarkers in the patient's blood
40 Researchers make strides in their quest to develop an underwater adhesive
41 Scientists prepare elusive organocatalysts for drug and fine chemical synthesis
42 Cooking with chloraminated water and salt could create toxic molecules
43 Scientists describe detailed make-up of deadly toxin for the first time
44 Atom-sized craters make a catalyst much more active
45 Infertile worms resist infection-induced neurodegeneration
46 Getting under the skin of a medieval mystery
47 A tumor that can unroll: Engineers create new technology for understanding cancer growth
48 Organic catenane self-assembles in acidic water
49 New study shows inhibiting copper chaperones reduces tumor cell proliferation
50 Smart supercapacitor fiber with shape memory
51 ORNL microscopy captures real-time view of evolving fuel cell catalysts
52 Salty solution to better, safer batteries
53 Protective shell of sea-dwelling chiton paves way towards new materials that combine different functions
54 Chemical engineers figure out how to make vaccines faster
55 Why a new transparent conducting material is sorely needed for touch screens
56 New material could advance bone-grafting treatments for cancer patients
57 Turning up the heat on shape-shifting gels
58 Scientists reveal structure of key cancer target enzyme
59 Spider webs yield clues to stickier glues
60 Mitochondria on guard of human life
61 Chemists create adaptable metallic-cage gels
62 Researchers assess use of drug-susceptible parasites to fight drug resistance
63 New gene map reveals cancer's Achilles heel
64 Seasonal monarch butterfly migrations may help lower infection levels
65 How cells 'climb' to build fruit fly tracheas
66 Fastest pigeons tend to become flock leaders; leaders learn navigation skills more effectively than followers
67 How cells in the developing ear 'practice' hearing
68 Halteres, essential for flight in all flies, are needed by some to climb walls (w/ video)
69 Study suggests fish can experience 'emotional fever'
70 Drowning has emerged as a mysterious cause of death amongst groups of young common starlings
71 Winter season reverses outcome of fruit fly reproduction
72 Harnessing a peptide holds promise for increasing crop yields without more fertilizer
73 Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species
74 New insights into protein structure could change the future of biomedicine
75 New insight into leaf shape diversity
76 The (fish) eyes have it
77 New research reveals extinction is key to terrestrial vertebrate diversity
78 A huge chunk of a tardigrade's genome comes from foreign DNA
79 Adapting to -70C in Siberia: A tale of Yakutian horses
80 Ants filmed building moving bridges from their live bodies (w/ Video)
81 Scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes
82 New form of mRNA regulation characterized
83 Study tracks gene changes during the introduction of farming in Europe
84 New research suggests a novel route in the fight against cancer
85 Ancient viral molecules essential for human development, researchers say
86 Researchers find evidence of early genome duplications in conifers and other plants
87 Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs
88 Fossil vertebrae reveal clues to evolution of long neck in giraffe
89 Betrayals of trust helped the rapid spread of human species around the world
90 Biologists trace how human innovation impacts tool evolution
91 Income inequality makes the rich more Scrooge-like, study finds
92 First Londoners were multi-ethnic mix: museum
93 New species of early anthropoid primate found amid Libyan strife
94 Dental analysis suggests Homo floresiensis was a separate species from modern man
95 How experienced buyers can mitigate economic bubbles
96 A focus on fairness: Study examines how children react to inequity around the world
97 DNA analysis of Denisovan molars offers more clues about ancient human relative
98 Using 'mood maths' to understand more about bipolar disorder
99 The fittest fiddle: Researchers study violin evolution via function and fancy
100 Mathematical model helps show how zebrafish get their stripes
101 The mighty dinosaurs were bugged by other critters
102 Researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data
103 CT analysis of 210 million-year-old fossil suggests mammalian ancestors diversified in the Triassic
104 Best of Last Week--trapping light forever, turning paleontology on its head and a promising anti-aging drug
105 'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age
106 Information is contagious among social connections
107 Study finds honesty varies significantly between countries
108 DNA from Inca boy sacrificed 500 years ago shows how humans spread to South America
109 Encouraging motivation to benefit others can lead to more effective teams
110 Closer look at teeth suggests Columbian mammoth was actually a Eurasian steppe mammoth