File Title
1 'Robot locust' can traverse rocky terrain and assist in search and rescue
2 Spread of algal toxin through marine food web broke records in 2015
3 Turning rice farming waste to useful silica compounds
4 Pinpoint targeting instead of shotgun approach
5 Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis may have unknown long-term risks and costs
6 'Smart fat cells' cross blood-brain barrier to catch early brain tumors
7 New methods, requirements have changed data sharing among life science researchers
8 Pancreas cancer liquid biopsy flows from blood-borne packets of tumor genes
9 Grant enables research into the neurocognitive foundations of human creativity
10 University of Toronto scientists uncover how opioids cause dangerous breathing problems
11 Snake bellies help scientists get a grip
12 Learning from the past: What yesterday's media can tell us about the times
13 Early warning system to save species.
14 Multiple myeloma drug could revolutionize treatment for sickle cell disease
15 Ancient Egyptians described Algol's eclipses
16 ORNL technique could set new course for extracting uranium from seawater
17 Why are truffles truly tremendous? (video)
18 Architecture of mTOR protein complex solved
19 New insights into the molecular basis of memory
20 FSG publishes report by Esteller et al. validating new Illumina MethylationEPIC BEadChip
21 Facile hydrolysis of the Metal-NHC framework under regular reaction conditions
22 UZH scientists predict activity of human genes
23 New generation of synthetic bone grafts created
24 Immuno & targeted therapy provide new options for difficult-to-treat head&neck cancer
25 Cancer drives patients to poverty in Southeast Asia
26 Autism breakthrough
27 Bone drug protects stem cells from aging
28 NYU nursing study examines obesity in relation to breast cancer related lymphedema
29 Journal of Comparative Effectiveness research discusses oncology treatment sequences
30 Fungi may help drought-stressed wheat
31 Carbon emissions from Indonesian peat fires vary considerably based on fire type, research shows
32 Exercise eases hot flushes during menopause
33 Growing crops on organic soils increases greenhouse gas emissions
34 Stem cell transplantation does not provide significant improvement for Crohn's disease
35 In vitro gametogenes: Just another way to have a baby?
36 New research offers reassurance over multiple artery procedures for heart attack victims
37 New test for cancer and diabetes biomarkers 1000x more detailed
38 Kestrel inspires unpowered, autonomous glider to climb higher
39 Their enemy's sex pheromone helps flies protect their offspring
40 102 new species described by the California Academy of Sciences in 2015
41 Binge drinking with chronic alcohol use more destructive than previously thought
42 New research shows how fly brain reroutes odor information to produce flexible behavior
43 Scientists create atomically thin boron
44 Terrorism may make liberals think more like conservatives
45 New resource to help manage the invasive spotted lanternfly
46 Cleveland Clinic researchers identify potential approach to treat heart disease through the gut
47 Buffet guilt
48 Researchers discover gene in fruit flies that explains how 1 species evolved into 2
49 Some like it hot: Simulating single particle excitations
50 New research uncovers processes driving planarian stem cell differentiation
51 The awakened force of a star
52 Younger age associated with increased likelihood of targetable genotype in lung cancer
53 Study suggests that annual CA125 screening may reduce ovarian cancer deaths
54 UK failure to fortify flour with folic acid has caused 2000+ cases of neural tube defect
55 'Homing' treatment could aid recovery for brain damaged patients
56 Deforestation linked to rise in cases of emerging zoonotic malaria
57 A step towards quantum electronics
58 Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning
59 Good news for feast lovers? Obesity-promoting genes discovered
60 The patchy weather in the center of the Earth
61 How anti-evolution bills evolve
62 How excitatory/inhibitory balance is maintained in the brain
63 Hepatitis C prevention, control efforts should focus on incarcerated individuals
64 When cancer of unknown origin strikes, patient's family members face increased risk
65 Using network science to help pinpoint source of seizures
66 Experiments explain the events behind molecular 'bomb' seen in cancer cells
67 The Lancet: Largest ever ovarian cancer trial suggests that screening reduces mortality, but longer follow-up is needed
68 Deadly candidiasis must be addressed swiftly to help vulnerable patients
69 'Smoke detector' enables fungal partnership that allowed plants to first survive on land
70 Stem cells likely to be safe for use in regenerative medicine, study confirms
71 HKU scientists find 3 coronavirus species co-circulating in dromedary camels in Saudi Arabia and Korean outbreak of MERS caused by recombinant variant
72 First evidence to suggest that screening for ovarian cancer may save lives
73 An alternative TALEN/CRISPR-mediated gene insertion technique described in detail
74 Carnivore hunting policy does not always align with science, say researchers
75 A wax shield to conquer the Earth
76 'Red Deer Cave people' bone points to mysterious species of pre-modern human
77 Burgess Shale fossil site gives up oldest evidence of brood care
78 Lung cancer found to be genetically different disease in young and older patients
79 'Virtual fossil' reveals last common ancestor of humans and Neanderthals
80 Inadequate policies for hunting large carnivores
81 Science's 2015 Breakthrough of the Year: CRISPR
82 MERS virus in camels: Different variations and a vaccine
83 New genes associated with extreme longevity identified
84 Why smoking bans may have advantage over higher tobacco taxes
85 New reversible drug shows early promise in preventing dangerous clots
86 Phytoplankton like it hot: Warming boosts biodiversity and photosynthesis in phytoplankton
87 New Exeter research boosts antibiotic hope
88 Loss of tiny genetic molecules could play role in neurodegenerative diseases
89 International team says carnivore hunting policy and science don't align
90 A gene for new species is discovered
91 Ancient 4-flippered reptile flapped like a penguin
92 Dietary cocoa flavanols improve blood vessel function in patients with kidney dysfunction
93 Nutritional vitamin D supplements do not help treat anemia in dialysis patients
94 Darwin's finches may face extinction
95 How the brain is protected against fungal pathogens by CARD9-mobilized neutrophils
96 N/A
97 First flu exposure imprints itself on immune system
98 Despite poaching, elephants' social networks hold steady
99 Study links autism symptoms to change in brain chemistry
100 Drugging the microbiome may treat heart disease
101 The evolution of antievolution policies
102 Probing the mystery of how cancer cells die
103 MERS virus: Drying out the reservoir
104 Our editors' pick of this year's most influential expert opinions.
105 Best features of 2015
106 China's dark-matter satellite launches era of space science
107 Books & Arts of 2015
108 365 days: Nature's 10
109 365 days: The science events that shaped 2015
110 Atom-thin 'borophene' joins 2D materials club