File Title
1 Lab talk: Growing microflowers in the lab
2 Sea creature with 100 eyes
3 Watching a baby planet's birth
4 An early warning system for solar flares
5 Maths confirms Pluto's not a planet
6 Surgery with sound waves?
7 Where did Earth get its water?
8 Taking a dinosaur's temperature to track their evolution
9 10,000-year record shows dramatic uplift at Andean volcano
10 Lakes around the world rapidly warming
11 A compassionate approach leads to more help and less punishment
12 NASA's MMS delivers promising initial results
13 NASA study: Examination of Earth's recent history key to predicting global temperatures
14 IU researchers find magnesium intake may be beneficial in preventing pancreatic cancer
15 Researchers demonstrate tracking of individual catalyst nanoparticles during heating
16 Review: PTSD resources lacking for nonveterans
17 Which-hunting and the hegemony of style guides
18 Maintaining salt balance helps insects avoid frosty fate: Could assist with pest control
19 Magnetic nanoparticle chains offer new technique for controlling soft robots
20 NYU study identifies method for detecting latent stage of lymphedema
21 An objective measurement to identify individuals at risk of developing depression?
22 Untested, unapproved compounded hormone prescriptions reach 26 to 33 million a year
23 Turn-taking in communication may be more ancient than language
24 Teens with fewer mental health issues turn to e-cigarettes
25 Police shootings of black males: A public health problem
26 Bacteria battle: How one changes appearance, moves away to resist the other
27 Study uncovers strategies for increasing charitable giving
28 Nanodevices at one-hundredth the cost
29 New research from Harvard, MGH, and Stanford maps brain connections that regulate homeostasis
30 Study: Childhood concussions impair brain function
31 Superbug colony behaviors revealed in time lapse video
32 New model for vascular and tumor research
33 Railways: Ensuring readiness in case of space weather events
34 HIV identified as leading risk factor for stroke in young African adults
35 Businesses may benefit from 'overqualified' employees
36 GHG emissions from Canadian Arctic aquatic systems dated for the first time
37 People in states that rely heavily on ballot initiatives are happier
38 2015 trending news releases recount a year of scientific breakthroughs
39 Drexel's brain imaging technology offers new approach for studying Parkinsonian syndromes
40 A novel mechanism that helps activated dendritic cells to initiate effective immunity
41 Despite growth, native advertising is still difficult for consumers to recognize
42 Radioactive matter migrates more quickly through fractured carbonate rock
43 Inflammation can fan the flames of depression
44 Antibiotic-infused implants designed to help faces heal
45 Alternative method for the representation of microstructures in polycrystalline materials
46 Black holes could grow as large as 50 billion suns before their food crumbles into stars according to research
47 Substances found in cornea activate healing of blinding scar tissue
48 Is evolution more intelligent than we thought?
49 Researchers develop new method for looking into the lungs
50 Architecture of mTOR protein complex solved
51 A microfluidic biochip for blood cell counts at the point-of-care
52 Gene controls stress hormone production in macaques
53 Asian women with endocrine-resistant breast cancer benefit from combination therapy
54 Insensitive irritable bowel syndrome
55 A novel mechanism that helps activated dendritic cells to initiate effective immunity
56 New vaccine against Middle East respiratory syndrome virus MERS tested on dromedary camels
57 Watching the ribosome at work
58 POSTECH team creates a more durable protein hydrogel based on elastic silk-like protein
59 Multiplying teeth
60 Uncovering potentially 'concerning' variation in cancer screening follow-ups
61 Coastal marshes more resilient to sea-level rise than previously believed
62 Extinction of large animals could make climate change worse
63 Bacterium carrying a cloned Bt-gene could help millions infected with roundworms
64 Life exploded on Earth after slow rise of oxygen
65 Real-time tracking shows how batteries degrade
66 The case of the sticky protein
67 Handle with care: Car seats and newborns
68 Nanotech weapon against chronic bacterial infections in hospitals
69 Stroke recovery in mice improved by Ambien, Stanford study shows
70 BAP1 mutation passed down over centuries and is associated with high incidence of several cancers
71 Swedish researchers reveal security hole
72 Grid cells: Reading the neural code for space
73 Simulating nature's variability
74 Threatened species still call cities home, study shows
75 Researcher studies fish populations at world's second largest freshwater lake
76 Anxiety Significantly Raises Risk for Dementia
77 Endoscopic techniques offer hope for throat cancer patients
78 Scientists blueprint tiny cellular 'nanomachine'
79 Mental health status prior to bladder cancer surgery can indicate risk of complications
80 Going viral: Could peroxisomes be key to stopping West Nile and Dengue viruses?
81 CMU behavioral economists: Health insurance complexity leads to costly mistakes
82 Even with 24/7 access, investors tend to avoid portfolios when expecting bad news
83 Advancing the Edmonton Protocol for the improved treatment of type 1 diabetes
84 Prostate cancer discovery may make it easier to kill cancer cells
85 Roadmap to safer cyberspace
86 US and Mexico must work to prevent future outbreaks of mosquito-transmitted diseases
87 Targeting frailty in pre-lung transplant patients might improve survival rates, patient outcomes
88 Researchers test sustainable forestry policies on tropical deforestation, logging
89 American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting hits new heights
90 Scientists manipulate consciousness in rats
91 Healthy reflections
92 Rare full moon on Christmas Day
93 Scientists peg Anthropocene to first farmers
94 New report shows gains in health insurance across Texas fall behind rest of US
95 Top risk factors for child undernutrition in India identified
96 Penn Nursing research: Exceptional care requires patient-driven education
97 Study: Safety net fails grandmother caregivers living in severe poverty
98 Minorities less likely to trust physicians, Penn research reveals
99 First praying mantis survey of Rwanda uncovers rich diversity
100 Scientists identify mechanisms to reduce epileptic seizures following TBI
101 New proposal published in RIO tackles problematic trial detection in
102 Progress toward creating broad-spectrum antiviral
103 Austrian Science Fund grant proposal goes public with RIO Journal
104 30th anniversary of Symposia on Chysomelidae celebrated in a new leaf beetle-themed issue
105 Physicists discover material for a more efficient energy storage
106 New research finds cosmic clumpy donut around black hole
107 New Mars rover findings revealed at American Geophysical Union Conference
108 Hubble sees the force awakening in a newborn star
109 Identification tags define neural circuits
110 New model more accurately tracks gases for underground nuclear explosion detection