File Title
1 'Freak' ocean waves hit without warning, new research shows
2 U mad bro? Computers now know when you're angry
3 Transparent metal films for smart phone, tablet and TV displays
4 New industrial possibilities for nanoporous thin films
5 Spintronics, low-energy electricity take a step closer
6 Designer crystals for next-gen electronics
7 Social media news consumers at higher risk of 'information bubbles,' study says
8 Quantum physics problem proved unsolvable
9 Carbon emissions from Indonesian peat fires vary considerably based on fire type, research shows
10 New resource to help manage the invasive spotted lanternfly
11 Researchers discover six new African frog species, uncover far more diversity
12 A field research network to address looming grain failures
13 Ringing the changes: Mobile phone technology helps track seabird flight patterns
14 Three new fishing snake species fished out of the Andean slopes in South America
15 Female spider that cannibalizes her male suitors just testing their worth, study finds
16 Penguin cam captures hunt for prey
17 Enemy odors help flies protect their offspring
18 How to see a mass extinction if it's right in front of you
19 Fewer landslides than expected after 2015 Nepal earthquake
20 Catastrophic medieval earthquakes in Nepal
21 Will grassland soil weather a change?
22 Red palm weevils can fly 50 kilometers in 24 hours
23 Number of severe algal blooms in Lake Erie to double, forecast says
24 Natural or humanmade earthquakes? New technique can tell the difference
25 Citizen scientists can help protect native woodlands, study shows
26 Fishy footage could help put cod and haddock back on the menu
27 Some gas produced by hydraulic fracturing comes from surprise source
28 When trees die, water slows
29 Fossils enrich our understanding of evolution
30 Scientist unravels the mysteries of a beetle that lived nearly 100 million years ago
31 Scientists say face mites evolved alongside humans since the dawn of human origins
32 Chitchat, small talk could serve an evolutionary need to bond with others
33 Age of blueschist is not an indicator of the date of emergence of plate tectonics
34 Knowledge gap on extreme change in temperature elucidated
35 Humans evolved to get better sleep in less time
36 Millet: The missing link in prehistoric humans' transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer
37 Triceratops gets a cousin: Researchers identify another horned dinosaur species
38 Scientists discover 'white whale' fossil
39 Vertebrate decomposition study provides potential new tool for forensic science
40 Our water pipes crawl with millions of bacteria
41 Ethnic differences in cystic fibrosis genetic coding not addressed in screening tests for nonwhite patients
42 In US, poverty dampens genetic influence on IQ
43 Fracking plays active role in generating toxic metal wastewater, study finds
44 New NASA satellite maps show human fingerprint on global air quality
45 Scientists warn light pollution can stop coral from spawning
46 Flu fighting strategies should be tailored to cities and rural areas: York U study
47 Puerto Rico's community health centers face bleak future, experts say
48 Overprescribing of opioids is not limited to a few bad apples
49 Preventing diabetes at the office
50 Unhealthy choices cost company health care plans billions of dollars
51 Public and private investments in Ph.D. research programs pay economic development dividends
52 Global growth in carbon dioxide emissions stagnates
53 Grow your own way: Trade may not help a warming planet fight its farming failures
54 Youth violence undermines social and economic development in poorest corners of the world
55 Is your boss a tyrant? An unhappy home life may be to blame
56 Analysts' stock recommendations are not only independent, they're useful
57 Research reveals main reasons why people go to work when ill
58 Climate change: A wake-up call in the world of finance
59 Swiss students are not fond of brain-doping
60 Social networks can support academic success
61 Interventions may temporarily raise kids' IQs, but there is fadeout over time
62 Amblyopia, not strabismus, identified as key contributor to slow reading in school-age children
63 Teaching problem-solving, leadership to young African-American girls lowers relational aggression
64 Two synthetic phonics programs equally effective at teaching young children to read
65 Closing low-performing New York City high schools had positive effects, study shows
66 ADHD meds may be a prescription for bullying
67 How a raisin can predict a toddler's future academic ability
68 College studies may reduce risk of dementia for older adults, research finds
69 What is your memory style?
70 Pesticide found in milk decades ago may be associated with signs of Parkinson's
71 Taking antidepressants during pregnancy increases risk of autism by 87 percent
72 Could metal particles be the clean fuel of the future?
73 Scientists develop diesel that emits far less CO2
74 Giant 'kraken' lair discovered: Cunning sea monster that preyed on ichthyosaurs
75 First puppies born by in vitro fertilization
76 Precise method underlies sloppy madness of dog slurping
77 Face cream ingredient found to mimic life-extending effects of a calorie restriction diet
78 Women less likely to hold academic medical leadership roles than men with mustaches
79 Can your pet boost your sex appeal?
80 Tim Peake: Life in space is 'absolutely spectacular'
81 200-year-old fossil mystery resolved
82 Seismology of elephants investigated
83 Growing parasite threat to finches made famous by Darwin
84 MERS vaccine 'a step closer,' say scientists
85 Met office says 2016 'very likely' to be warmest on record
86 Human water use 'greater than thought'
87 Cryosat captures Greenland's shifting shape
88 Badger cull 'met government targets'
89 Nepal quake landslides 'could have been far worse'
90 GM insect trials urged for UK
91 UK announces cut in solar subsidies
92 How hummingbirds avoid overheating
93 Quantum dots print tiniest inkjet image
94 Tim Peake: Itinerary for a stay in space
95 Fracking adversaries gear up for the next round
96 Peake: What Tim's space flight means for Britain
97 Did Dubya help to save the world?
98 The dogs that protect little penguins
99 HIV clinic fined 250 pounds for data breach
100 Grindr users targeted by armed gang, say police
101 Driverless car rules perplexing, says Google
102 Router maker finds 'unauthorised' code
103 Blackberry revival hopes boosted by revenue rise
104 Bernie Sanders campaign punished over Clinton snooping
105 US state accuses tech support firm of scamming users
106 Porn filters not widely used in UK says Ofcom
107 Alaskan family puts house Christmas lights online
108 Apple Pay to launch in China from 2016
109 Brazil judge lifts WhatsApp suspension
110 Self-driving cars 'must have driver,' regulators insist