File Title
1 Precise method underlies sloppy madness of dog slurping
2 Genes for age-related cognitive decline found in adult worm neurons
3 U mad bro? Computers now know when you're angry
4 Helping others dampens the effects of everyday stress
5 Colorectal cancer risk varies based on Latino subgroup affiliation
6 Luxury-charity partnerships can help promote retail sales this holiday season
7 Overprescribing of opioids is not limited to a few bad apples, Stanford study finds
8 Small fish species evolved rapidly following 1964 Alaska earthquake
9 First brain scans of sea lions give clues to strandings
10 Expensive, exploratory research biopsies overused in early studies of new cancer drugs
11 Simple physical mechanism for assembly and disassembly of structures inside cells
12 Hubble reveals diversity of exoplanet atmosphere
13 Treating colon cancer with vitamin A
14 New results from world's most sensitive dark matter detector
15 Mountain growth helped spawn fish diversity in New Zealand
16 Research traces cause of organ dysfunction in Down syndrome
17 Election risk
18 Study uncovers hard-to-detect cancer mutations
19 How multiple sclerosis can be triggered by brain cell death
20 Sea lions exposed to algal toxin show impaired spatial memory
21 Kindness, charitable behavior influenced by amygdala, Penn research reveals
22 Who's writing prescriptions for opioid pain relievers?
23 Antidepressants during pregnancy associated with increased autism risk
24 Bob Dylan: A source of inspiration for medical scientists
25 Expert debunks the 'curse of the rainbow jersey'
26 Call for international action to prevent a zombie apocalypse
27 Election to head of government linked to greater risk of early death
28 Experts discover new gait pattern among top Russian officials
29 Cancer rates decline in many high-income countries, but rise in lower-income countries
30 Helicopter parenting at the doctor's office may impact teen health
31 Study shows stroke and TIA patient outcomes best at experienced centers
32 Mystery of missing exoplanet water solved
33 Researchers find that Australian and New Zealand little penguins are distinct species
34 Sweet and sticky: Bacteria use sugars to bind to human cells
35 Researchers create cellular 'ORACLs' to aid drug discovery
36 Taking antidepressants during pregnancy increases risk of autism by 87 percent
37 Experimental drugs that change energy supply in cells could slow brain tumor growth
38 Altered cell cycle gene activity underlies brain overgrowth in autistic toddlers
39 Diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: New Canadian guideline
40 Physician-assisted death should be listed on medical certificates of death in Canada
41 Mass. General study identifies potential treatment target for IDH1-mutant cancers
42 How nanoparticles give electrons away
43 Stunning diversity of gut bacteria uncovered by new approach to gene sequencing
44 Liver protein boosts growth of insulin-producing cells
45 Experts discuss real world use of PrEP for the prevention of HIV infection
46 Amoebas reveals how human airway cells rally against cigarette smoke damage
47 Brain cancer self-organizes into streams, swirls, and spheres
48 Continuous joint use of estrogen and progestin lowers risk of EC in postmenopausal women
49 Compound found to trigger innate immunity against viruses
50 Geologists focus on extraterrestrial mineral for clues to beginning of biological life on Earth
51 Nearby star hosts closest alien planet in the 'habitable zone'
52 Recent shift in relationship among species that prevailed for more than 300 million years
53 Greenland Ice Sheet during the 20th Century--a missing link in IPCC's climate report
54 Monster planet is 'dancing with the stars'
55 New species of 'sail-backed' dinosaur found in Spain
56 Hubble captures first-ever predicted exploding star
57 Climate change rapidly warming world's lakes
58 Scientists find new vessel for detecting autism
59 Bone drug protects stem cells from aging
60 New test for cancer, diabetes biomarkers 1000x more detailed
61 New research offers reassurance over multiple artery procedures for heart attack victims
62 Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning
63 Hepatitis C prevention, control efforts should focus on incarcerated individuals
64 Deadly candidiasis must be addressed swiftly to help vulnerable patients
65 'Homing' treatment could aid recovery for brain damaged patients
66 Mathematical model suggests select DCIS patients could delay treatment
67 'Hunger hormone' may treat severe peripheral artery disease
68 The transformation of cancer imaging: From shades of gray to living color
69 Why do chronically lonely teens stay lonely?
70 Brain regions of PTSD patients show differences during fear responses
71 Certain antidepressants linked to heightened risk of mania and bipolar disorder
72 Children's ADHD symptoms and peer relationships influence each other over time
73 Helping children at high risk for aggressive behavior found to have long-term benefits
74 Aging warps our perception of time, study finds
75 Altered cell cycle gene activity underlies brain overgrowth in autistic toddlers
76 'Never was so much owed by so many to so few': Could phrases like this hold clues about universal grammar?
77 Weight loss through diet changes can improve sleep at any body weight, study finds
78 How brain architecture leads to abstract thought
79 Activating beige fat in humans could combat obesity
80 Composting food waste remains your best option, study finds
81 Research offers recommendations for use of aspirin to prevent preeclampsia
82 Narcissism, the seed of violence from children towards their parents
83 Green consumers flying in the face of environmental conviction
84 Not ordinary growing pains
85 Another 'whey' to improve your health in the New Year?
86 Childhood family breakups harder on girls' health, study reports
87 Looking for motivation? Enjoying the task at hand will matter once you start
88 Vegetarian and 'healthy' diets could be more harmful to the environment, researchers say
89 New process provides renewable fuel
90 Solar cells that can face almost any direction and keep themselves clean
91 Devising an inexpensive, quick tuberculosis test for developing areas
92 Toward roads that de-ice themselves
93 Ten Cool Things the Kitchen of the Future Will Do
94 Clues on the development of magnetic sensors with pure spin current
95 Fuel Economy Improvements in US Climate Commitment on Par with 1970s Gains
96 'Hydricity' concept uses solar energy to produce power round-the-clock
97 Speeding up the hydrogen highway
98 Researchers tailor power source for wearable electronics
99 Quasar outburst revises understanding of universe, quasars
100 Giant planets carving paths around four young stars, observations suggest
101 Gamma rays detected from galaxy halfway across the visible universe
102 XXL hunt for galaxy clusters: Observations from ESO telescopes provide crucial third dimension in probe of Universe's dark side
103 Evidence for more recent clay formation on Mars discovered
104 A new spin on star-forming galaxies
105 Hubble reveals diversity of exoplanet atmosphere
106 New results from world's most sensitive dark matter detector
107 Computing with time travel?
108 NASA telescopes detect Jupiter-like storm on small star
109 Understanding body language of mice
110 This article can be printed on a hair