File Title
1 Three miles high: Using drones to study high-altitude glaciers
2 Military families benefit from UCLA-developed resilience program
3 FAU researchers find new mechanism cells use to eat each other before they become toxic
4 Not 'junk' anymore: Obscure DNA has key role in stroke damage
5 Low cost, safe and accurate test could help diagnose rare childhood cancers
6 Certain antidepressants linked to heightened risk of mania and bipolar disorder
7 Warmer air and sea, declining ice continue to trigger Arctic change
8 Active and passive smoking linked to infertility and earlier menopause
9 Brain regions of PTSD patients show differences during fear responses
10 'Freak' ocean waves hit without warning, new research shows
11 We infer a speaker's social identity from subtle linguistic cues
12 Common signatures predict flu vaccine responses in young and elderly
13 A new spin on star-forming galaxies
14 Baby fish will be lost at sea in acidified oceans
15 Diversity in medical research is a long way off, study shows
16 In pursuit of HIV vaccine, TSRI scientists shed light on antibody origins
17 Building blocks for GaN power switches
18 Researchers take first step in precision medicine for penile cancer
19 Shingles increases short-term risk of stroke in older adults
20 Mosquitoes are tuned to seek out temperatures that match warm-blooded hosts
21 Possible mechanism for specific symptoms in bipolar disorder discovered
22 Industry-financed clinical trials on the rise, as number of NIH-funded trials falls
23 Decrease seen in newly registered NIH-funded trials
24 Stem cell transplantation does not provide significant improvement for Crohn's disease
25 Type of electromagnetic field therapy improves survival for patients with brain tumor
26 Herpes zoster is linked to increased rates of both stroke and myocardial infarction
27 Pitt study: New model of collaborative cancer research may help advance precision medicine
28 Researchers call for the NIH to improve diversity in clinical research in the US
29 Fossils enrich our understanding of evolution
30 Elevated testosterone levels may raise risk of uterine fibroids
31 Interactions between attention-grabbing brain networks weak in ADHD, study says
32 Viral infections leave a signature on human immune system, Stanford study finds
33 Why the flu vaccine is less effective in the elderly
34 Little or no July effect in neurosurgery
35 Hot water puts crocs at risk
36 MRI shows 'brain scars' in military personnel with blast-related concussion
37 Hunger hormone is boosted by restricted meal times
38 Guam research aids in understanding recruitment limitation of rare tree
39 Gut damage identified as cause of vaccine failure, malnutrition
40 Chitchat and small talk could serve an evolutionary need to bond with others
41 New NASA satellite maps show human fingerprint on global air quality
42 Program that helps children cope after disasters could benefit refugees, at-risk youth
43 Cell memory loss enables the production of stem cells
44 Missing water mystery solved in comprehensive survey of exoplanets
45 Some gas produced by hydraulic fracturing comes from surprise source
46 A cultural revolution in the study of the gut microbiome
47 New method of diagnosing deadly fungal lung infection in leukemia patients discovered
48 Age of blueschist is not an indicator of the date of emergence of plate tectonics
49 Scientists warn light pollution can stop coral from spawning
50 Flu fighting strategies should be tailored to cities and rural areas: York U study
51 Children's ability to detect sugar varies widely
52 Medication protects fertility and defense system during chemotherapy
53 Study finds evidence for more recent clay formation on Mars
54 Study reports childhood family breakups harder on girls' health
55 NASA studies high clouds, Saharan dust from EPIC view
56 Heart structural gene causes sudden cardiac death in animal model
57 PNNL talks weather phenomena at AGU
58 Massey scientists uncover process that could drive the majority of cancers
59 Learning on the job: Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Patients
60 Can technology help with the UK's rising health care costs?
61 New method prevents premature halt in protein synthesis in certain genetic illnesses
62 RNs more likely to identify high-risk medication discrepancies
63 Microscope creates near-real-time videos of nanoscale processes
64 New research shows Earth's tilt influences climate change
65 Study: Emotion processing in the brain changes with tinnitus severity
66 Universities' messages about socioeconomic diversity can affect academic confidence
67 Algal toxin impairs sea lion memory and foraging
68 Can pomegranates reduce heart disease risk?
69 Low levels of vitamin D may increase risk of stress fractures in active individuals
70 Brain cell death is a possible trigger of multiple sclerosis
71 Biochar suitable substrate for soilless hydroponic tomatoes
72 Binghamton University professor launches web tool to track impact of drugs worldwide
73 Social media news consumers at higher risk of 'information bubbles,' IU study says
74 Plasticulture system offers alternative for cabbage producers
75 Consumers' preferences for foliage plant attributes
76 New ceramic firefighting foam becomes stronger when temperature increases
77 Brain study shows there's more than meets the eye when making choices
78 Humans evolved to get better sleep in less time
79 Optimal conditions for forcing cut pineapple lily
80 Isolating water's impact on vibrations within DNA
81 Altered microbiome burns fewer calories
82 Extending the growing season for baby-leaf salad greens
83 Vegetarian and 'healthy' diets are more harmful to the environment
84 CEO compensation study examines factors in excess returns
85 Puerto Rico's community health centers face bleak future
86 Hybrid material presents potential for 4-D-printed adaptive devices
87 Timing of first childbirth influences women's health at age 40
88 Early childhood exposure to farm animals and pets modifies immunological responses
89 Faster, finer filtration
90 Antibiotic resistance could help find drugs for some of the most intractable diseases.
91 Knowledge gap on extreme change in temperature elucidated
92 New research could help to prevent blockages faced by many long-term catheter users
93 New industrial possibilities for nanoporous thin films
94 Enhanced rock weathering could counter fossil-fuel emissions and protect our oceans
95 Promising cancer therapy advanced by chemical explanation
96 Doped organic semiconductors explored
97 Nanoscale one-way-street for light
98 System converts stereoscopic 3-D video content for use in glasses-less 3-D displays
99 Better catalysts for green energy
100 Spintronics, low-energy electricity take a step closer
101 Designer crystals for next-gen electronics
102 Headbanging Aussie bee takes a heavy metal approach to pollination
103 Scientists say face mites evolved alongside humans since the dawn of human origins
104 Timing of first childbirth influences women's health at age 40
105 Rapid Arctic warming drives shifts in marine mammals, new research shows
106 Survival rates for patients with prostate cancer better with surgery vrs radiotherapy
107 Tramp ant caught globetrotting under false name
108 Analysis of neuronal avalanches reveals spatial temporal roadmap of humans higher cognitive function
109 A well-preserved skeleton reveals the ecology and evolution of early carnivorous mammals
110 FAU study first to show how law enforcement leaders feel about police wearing body cameras