File Title
1 Reference: What Is Protein?
2 Lost Tomb of 'Suleiman the Magnificent' Possibly Unearthed
3 Why the 'Hoverboard' Scooter Is So Fly
4 Female Mass Killers: Why They're So Rare
5 High-School Cheerleading Injuries Are Often Severe
6 'Star Wars' Creature: Giraffe Relative Named After Queen Amidala
7 Mystery Solved? Ceres' Bright Spots Likely Made of Salt
8 Wine + Penny = Problem Solved! Chemistry Hack Saves Old Wine
9 Traveling for the Holidays with Kids? How to Keep Them Safe
10 How El Nino Made the Pacific a Hurricane Hotbed in 2015
11 When Will Flu Season Start?
12 Reference: Gluten-Free Diet: Benefits & Risks
13 Global Climate Deal 'Close to Finishing Line'
14 Bon Voyage: US Navy's Futuristic Destroyer Sails Out to Sea
15 Elf on the Shelf: Cute or Creepy?
16 Too Much Sleeping & Sitting as Bad as Smoking & Drinking
17 Modern Birds Took Flight 95 Million Years Ago
18 As Habitat Vanishes, Migratory Birds Are in Free Fall (Op-Ed)
19 How Forests Could Bridge the Energy Transition (Op-Ed)
20 Virtual Reality Tech Lets You 'Teleport' Back in Time
21 Cloud Shields and Cow Pills: The Craziest Climate Change Fixes
22 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
23 Why Do Scientists Overspecialize into Silos? (Op-Ed)
24 Backyard Bonanza: Medieval Outhouses and Roman Roads Unearthed
25 Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact Triggered Lethal Algal Bloom
26 Which States Are Eating Their Fruits and Veggies?
27 The Great Calorie Debate
28 Diet and Weight Loss: The Best Ways to Eat
29 Stress May Raise Risk of Memory Problems in Older People
30 Enormous Plesiosaur Once Swam Around Ancient Patagonia
31 Antidepressants May Raise Autism Risk in Later Pregnancy Stages
32 'Plucking' Light Particles from Laser Beams Could Advance Quantum Computing
33 Young Smokers May Be Switching to Cigarette Alternatives
34 Water Art: Phytoplankton Bloom Turns Ocean into a Masterpiece
35 Better Watch Out for Deer Ticks this Holiday Season
36 Zika Virus Spreading in the Americas: What You Should Know
37 Satellite Imagery Reveals Most Lightning-Prone Places on Earth
38 Why Are There So Many Bob Dylan Lyrics in Medical Lit? The Answer, My Friend...
39 It Ain't Got that Swing: Putin's Unusual Walk Shaped by KGB
40 The Truth about Pre-Workout Supplements
41 'Lost' Treasure Ship Is also a War Grave
42 New Wearable Keyboards Could Be Sewn into Clothing
43 Reclaimed History: 9 Repatriated Egyptian Antiquities
44 Drought Could Kill Off Many of the World's Trees
45 Why Humans Have Slender Faces and Neanderthals Don't
46 Deck the Halls--Scientifically! 5 Smart Tips for Holiday Decorating
47 Smuggled Ancient Wall Carving Returned to Egypt
48 There's an app for that: An easy, fast and reliable way to record causes of death
49 Predators key to helping prey evolve with climate change
50 Greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater higher than thought
51 First serotonin neurons made from human stem cells
52 NASA's Fermi satellite kicks off a blazar-detecting bonanza
53 Study: Eliminating cost for colorectal cancer screening doesn't improve screening rates
54 Researchers find what makes 'black market' water vendors work more reliably and fairly
55 Fuel economy improvements in US climate commitment on par with 1970s gains
56 Shingles vaccine helps protect older patients with end-stage renal disease
57 Georgia Tech researchers demonstrate how the brain can handle so much data
58 Four UCSB Engineering faculty named to National Academy of Inventors
59 Small metal grate makes big impact on environment, health
60 New results from LUX
61 Not ordinary growing pains
62 North Slope permafrost thawing sooner than expected
63 Study finds that aging warps our perception of time
64 Social stress: Brain circuitry fails to connect in children with autism
65 East Antarctic Ice Sheet has stayed frozen for 14 million years, Penn team reports
66 New step toward determining the cause of MS
67 New research: 'Flipped' classrooms improve physics education
68 Seal tagging improves ocean forecasts
69 Ostracized children use imitation to fit in, study finds
70 How recurrent strep A infections affect the brain
71 Treatment strategy protects children who receive liver transplants from hepatitis b-infected donors
72 Study: Current climate models misrepresent El Nino
73 Plunging into the ionosphere: Satellite's last days improve orbital decay predictions
74 Saline water better than soap and water for cleaning wounds, researchers find
75 NASA examines global impacts of the 2015 El Nino
76 Preoperative use of blood-thinning drugs is safe for cancer patients
77 Gamma rays from distant galaxy tell story of an escape
78 Patients can safely self-administer long-term IV antibiotics, reducing hospital stays
79 Do not resuscitate (DNR) orders impact hospital rankings
80 Fracking plays active role in generating toxic metal wastewater, Dartmouth study finds
81 CTE is confirmed as a unique disease that can be definitively diagnosed
82 UTA examines motivations behind adult learners' engineering degree pursuit
83 MSU leads the world's efforts to prevent food fraud
84 Patient-administered antimicrobial infusions at home may allow shorter hospital stays
85 Transparent metal films for smart phone, tablet and TV displays
86 'Hydricity' concept uses solar energy to produce power round-the-clock
87 VERITAS detects gamma rays from galaxy halfway across the visible universe
88 Pill that targets gut receptor treats fatty liver disease, obesity in mice
89 Newer cancer drug may help protect kidneys from damage caused by older drug
90 Researchers investigate mental health of teens after dad leaves
91 Let go my info: People are info-egoists when it comes to their privacy
92 Increased spread rate of the fish round goby in the Baltic Sea
93 Star Wars science: Lightsabers, lasers and force fields (video)
94 Distractibility trait predisposes some to attentional lapses
95 U of G researchers study tie between estrogen, memory
96 Clemson scientist unravels the mysteries of a beetle that lived a million centuries ago
97 Rapid 'dipstick' test tackles fatal sleeping sickness
98 Novel imaging technique captures beauty of metal-labeled neurons in 3-D
99 Anti-corruption reforms should pay more attention to threats of violence
100 Turning point of a lifetime
101 Antiquity's hermaphroditus--a gender bender
102 The XXL Survey: First results
103 XXL hunt for galaxy clusters
104 New evidence of tool use discovered in parrots
105 Crystal structures of human TIM members: Ebolavirus entry-enhancing receptors
106 Sepsis: Cell therapy to repair muscle long-term impairment
107 Internet is the primary source of information in Switzerland
108 Forensic psychiatric patients and staff view the effects of mental illness differently
109 In aging, one size does not fit all
110 Light pollution a threat to annual coral spawning