File Title
1 What's fueling the rise of coccolithophores in the oceans?
2 Burping plasma: What happens when black holes gulp stars
3 100 years after Einstein's breakthrough, tensions remain with quantum gravity
4 How did astronauts spend Thanksgiving?
5 Climate protests: Is the public more engaged than ever?
6 Who else is buried in King Tut's tomb? Perhaps a queen, says one Egyptologist.
7 Commentary: 'Trust but verify' should be a motto of Paris climate talks
8 How did dinosaurs build their nests?
9 Researchers discover how to mimic plants for solar production
10 Why hurricane season is getting longer
11 Almost nobody in Japan eats whale. Why is whaling so important to Japan? (+video)
12 Why is this 15-year-old suing Obama? (+video)
13 Was there a 'dinosaur disco' 170 million years ago in a Scottish lagoon?
14 San Diego desalination plant could ease California's water woes
15 Is gene editing going too far? Ethical boundaries of CRISPR debated
16 Ancient dinosaur eggshells show their nesting connection with birds
17 Is the top-selling banana really going extinct?
18 Paleo peach pits: Was the sweet, juicy fruit in China way before humans?
19 How jumpy are trap-jaw ants?
20 As sales slide in wealthy nations, tobacco ads target poor countries
21 What was life like for hunter gatherers? 13,800-year-old sketch offers clues.
22 China to build massive cow cloning facility: Are cloned humans next? (+video)
23 SpaceX to attempt landing a rocket from orbit on ground
24 A replacement for diamonds? Scientists discover Q-carbon
25 Scientists detect mysterious radio pulse from deep space. What is it?
26 New study reveals electric camouflage in cuttlefish (+video)
27 Habitat loss could spell trouble for 91 percent of migratory birds
28 British astronaut plans to run the London marathon from space station
29 Is this strange, three-horned extinct creature a giraffe cousin?
30 Historic summit green lights embryonic gene editing, with some reservations
31 Hawaii's TMT: Did indigenous rights just beat astronomical discovery?
32 These are the clearest photos of Pluto yet
33 Are humans using too much water?
34 Shipwreck mystery: Colombia finds biggest sunken treasure ever
35 After a yearlong hiatus, a brilliant liftoff for Cygnus cargo spaceship
36 Beijing issues first-ever smog red alert. Progress? (+video)
37 Stanford team builds 'Shazam' for earthquakes
38 Why Japan's probe to Venus has been so full of drama
39 Why global carbon emissions declined as economies grew
40 What could Japan's Venus probe tell us about Earth?
41 How China's carbon emissions could be driving a low in global emissions
42 Our sun could produce a catastrophic superflare. But how likely is it?
43 Scientist says he found other paintings hidden beneath the 'Mona Lisa'
44 Why Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to terminate your meat-eating habits
45 Beijing smog: What makes some cities cleaner than others?
46 Dinosaurs' early cousins may have lived more recently than we thought
47 Tension in New Jersey as annual bear hunt begins (+video)
48 Was Stonehenge built somewhere else and then moved?
49 Phoenix rising: Japan's spacecraft beams back photos of Venus
50 Why scientists say our sun could unleash humongous 'superflare'
51 What makes the dwarf planet Ceres glow? Scientists unravel the mystery.
52 Early Triceratops relative lacked horns, say scientists (+video)
53 Scientists discover the best formula for giving directions
54 Scientists find Moby Dick's ancestor on a museum shelf
55 Three astronauts return to Earth from International Space Station
56 Jupiter-like star spot: Are storms more common than astronomers thought?
57 AI breakthrough: How computers are starting to learn like humans
58 Scientists hope court setback doesn't stop giant telescope
59 How computers are getting better at detecting liars
60 What do you need to build a 'Star Wars' Death Star? An asteroid
61 Why is there a mysterious boundary deep in the Earth's mantle?
62 Artificial intelligence passes the Turing test of penmanship
63 Researchers see a decline in injuries worldwide
64 Avoiding Identity Theft: 10 Tips for Online Holiday Shoppers
65 9 Hacks for Making Healthier Holiday Cookies
66 Ancient 'Wand' May Be Oldest Example of Lead Work in the Levant
67 400-Year-Old Embalmed Hearts Found Under French Convent
68 Mark Zuckerberg's Donation: What Can You Buy with $45 Billion?
69 Little Male Songbird Makes Colorful Splash at Brooklyn Park
70 Superquiet Supersonic: NASA Aims for Softer Booms
71 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Your Gifts Meaningful
72 How to Get Started on a Weight Loss Program
73 What Clues Does Your Dog's Spit Hold for Human Mental Health?
74 Pediatricians Unveil New Recommendations for Office Visits
75 Death by Flatfish: Whales Suffocate After Soles Clog Blowholes
76 Women in Combat: Physical Differences May Mean Uphill Battle
77 Meet a Hibernating Primate: Vietnam's Slow Loris
78 4 Easy Ways to Get More Exercise
79 4 Calorie-Cutting Tips that Won't Leave You Hungry
80 The Best Way to Lose Weight Safely
81 Cheers? Counting the Calories in Alcoholic Drinks
82 Laser-Armed Cameras Can 'See' Around Corners
83 Thunder-Thighed Dinosaurs Arose Quickly from Predecessors
84 Marijuana Extract May Help Treat Epilepsy, Small Study Suggests
85 Childhood Allergies Could Signal Heart Disease Risk
86 What Is a Human? Long-Standing Debate Surrounds Our Family Tree
87 74 Years Later, Sunken Pearl Harbor Plane Still Filled with Mystery
88 Saint West? Kim & Kanye Choose Baby Name that Fits Trend
89 China's Latest 'Airpocalypse' Seen from Space
90 Rare 'Flasher' Squid Caught on Video
91 Gene Gems: Ultrapersonalized Jewelry Encapsulates Your DNA
92 Novel Chemical 'Washes Away' Alzheimer's Plaque in Mice
93 Citizen Scientists Reveal Wildlife Changes as Sea Ice Melts (Op-Ed)
94 More US Kids Are Being Diagnosed with ADHD
95 Only Half of Overweight Americans Are Serious About Weight Loss
96 Sunken Treasure Ship Worth Billions Possibly Found After 300 Years
97 US Life Expectancy Holds Steady; Infant Death Rate Drops
98 50 Shades of Green? Environmental Attitudes Vary Widely in US
99 Bigger Smiles, Less Hair: How Yearbook Photos Have Changed
100 Da Vinci Droid & Dancing Machines: Japan Convention's Coolest Bots
101 Childhood Bullying Can Have Lasting Effects on Mental Health
102 Dinosaur Blood Vessels Survived 80 Million Years Without Fossilizing
103 Angkor Wat Yields Astounding Buried Towers & Spiral Structure
104 US Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Wings Past 200 Days in Orbit
105 IVF Puppies: First Litter Born by in Vitro Fertilization
106 Lurking Beneath the 'Mona Lisa' May Be the Real One
107 Spaniel-Size Triceratops Cousin Walked on Its Two Hind Legs
108 Being Happy Doesn't Really Increase Your Life Span
109 Pesticide in Milk Decades Ago May Be Linked to Parkinson's Disease
110 Cholesterol Levels Are a Problem for Many US Kids