File Title
1 Non-bee insects just as important as bees for world's crops
2 US scientists, activists call for global ban on 'designer babies' gene modification
3 Dance or die: Male peacock spiders work hard to win the ladies
4 Solar flares seen for first time flinging particles into space close to the speed of light in seconds
5 Migratory birds threatened by poor protection of habitats
6 New Horizons: New Pluto close-ups to help NASA piece together dwarf planet's geological history
7 Global Carbon Project: Study suggests greenhouse gas emissions may have dropped as world economy grew in 2015
8 Fossils indicate dinosaurs evolved rapidly after first relatives appeared
9 Meet Kunbarrasaurus: Australia's newest dinosaur
10 Big-fruited Australian rainforest trees may need help to spread and survive
11 Scientists uncover how Toxoplasma parasite hijacks human cells, could alter behaviour
12 Ceres' mysterious bright spots are giant salt pans, Dawn mission data shows
13 Moby Dick: Fossils revealed to be ancient white sperm whale, named Albicetus in reference to Herman Melville's novel
14 NASA releases new composite image of Titan, showing Earth-like surface of Saturn's largest moon
15 Most bushfires in south-eastern Australia caused by humans
16 Scientists teach computers how to learn like humans
17 Geminids meteor shower to provide a fitting end to International Year of Light
18 Bikes, bowling balls, and the delicate balancing act that is modern recycling
19 Pixel C review--New hardware ignores an Android tablet's core problem: software
20 The Kick Off 2 World Cup: Competitive e-sports with a 25-year-old Amiga game
21 A Star Destroyer on your table: Ars reviews all three Star Wars miniatures games
22 Firefox OS smartphones are dead
23 PSA: Latest Humble Bundle lets you play 19 Neo-Geo games in your browser
24 HTC officially delays Vive virtual reality system launch to April 2016
25 December Patch Tuesday avalanche of patches includes leaked Xbox certificate
26 Senators revive bill requiring tech sector to report online terror activity
27 Australian police raid the home and offices of reported Bitcoin creator
28 Spotify may release new albums to paying subscribers only
29 Google, NASA: Our quantum computer is 100 million times faster than normal PC
30 Yahoo wants to spin off Yahoo, become a holding company for Alibaba shares
31 RIAA lawsuit kills Popcorn Time-like free music streaming site
32 Microsoft open-sources Live Writer, beloved but abandoned blogging tool
33 Copyright case over "Happy Birthday" is done, trial canceled
34 FBI Director: Silicon Valley's encryption is a "business model problem"
35 Cortana now out for Android and iOS, with bonus features for Cyanogen
36 Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke will appeal "Blurred Lines" ruling
37 Sponge injection could save the lives of domestic gunshot victims
38 Former US Embassy staffer pleads guilty to all counts in sextortion scheme
39 Insurer now offering "troll insurance" for victims of online harassment
40 Steam tightens trading security amid 77,000 monthly account hijackings
41 Verizon to join AT&T in charging companies for "sponsored data"
42 Thai police: Suspected Silk Road consigliere to be sent to US soon
43 Microsoft Band updated to include music controls and inactivity alerts
44 Tokyo's drone squad will deploy 10-foot drones armed with nets to police the sky
45 France won't block public Wi-Fi or ban Tor after all
46 Meat industry ignores FDA, health experts, buys more antibiotics
47 American, United, Delta, British Airways all ban "hoverboards"
48 Paris climate negotiations produce an agreement
49 North Carolina citizenry defeat pernicious Big Solar plan to suck up the Sun
50 The little box that controls half your home's energy use
51 Senate Science Committee hearing challenges "dogma" of climate science
52 Astronomers question claim of super planet found at solar system's edge
53 VW says rulebreaking culture at root of emissions scandal
54 Hands-on: Eve: Valkyrie is more than just a tech demo
55 Hacked at sea: Researchers find ships' data recorders vulnerable to attack
56 SHA1 sunset will block millions from encrypted net, Facebook warns
57 Senate committee talks Turing--"My biggest challenge is to not lose my temper"
58 Defunct social network asks court to reverse Facebook's $3 million award in spam case
59 The Pixel C was probably never supposed to run Android
60 Couple takes pics of Star Wars figure they bought, gets DMCA notice from Lucasfilm
61 Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters
62 Endohedral fullerenes on sale for just $167 million per gram
63 Tech companies urge Congress to drop fight against net neutrality rules
64 Nintendo touchscreen controller patent offers clues about upcoming NX
65 Microsoft to give back some of the free OneDrive storage it's taking away
66 Disney drops--then doubles down on--DMCA claim over Star Wars figure pic
67 Judge says FanDuel, DraftKings must stop in NY--but appeals court issues a stay [Updated]
68 Uber doesn't want drivers to sue again, so it pushes them to arbitration
69 Digging into the data: How to make a faster race car driver
70 UK citizens may soon need licenses to photograph some stuff they already own
71 YouTube in 2015: Stanky legs, Liam Neeson, and a 6ft. man in a water balloon
72 Bad reviews for Taser documentary on Amazon, iTunes seem to come from Taser employees
73 How Fargo's midwestern UFOs became pop culture's "realest" alien depiction
74 Qubes OS will ship pre-installed on Purism's security-focused Librem 13 laptop
75 Scientists may have found formula for a painless existence
76 North Carolina citizenry defeat pernicious Big Solar plan to suck up the Sun
77 Bizarre mollusk's armor covered with rock-lens eyes, say scientists
78 Scientists refrigerate water...with lasers!
79 Titan's massive ice cloud suggests five more years of winter, at least
80 'Blue dragon' washes ashore in Australia. Where did it come from?
81 What will the University of Maine do with an indoor ocean?
82 As NASA shifts focus to Mars, will private companies look to the moon?
83 Cyborg rose: The beginning of a cyborg plant era?
84 Scientists in Arctic Norway discover ancient tropical forest
85 This marine mollusk is covered with eyes made of armor
86 Katherine Johnson was a STEM trendsetter before there was STEM
87 Why do so many Americans doubt climate change?
88 Could Mars someday get its own set of rings?
89 Who is Lucy the Australopithecus? Where did she get her name?
90 NASA inks 'taxi' deal with SpaceX
91 Long engagement: Phobos promises Mars a ring, in 10-40 million years
92 Is Earth really surrounded by 'hairy' dark matter?
93 Why Jeff Bezos calls Blue Origin's reusable rocket a 'game changer'
94 How army ants use their own bodies to build better bridges
95 In Memphis, spiders cover ground with blanket of silk. How is this possible?
96 Could GMO fruit flies solve Australia's pest problem?
97 How penguins could inspire safer planes
98 Blue Origin rocket makes historic soft landing
99 Water bears' super resilience may be linked to foreign DNA
100 Supercomputer spots Antarctic waters taking a mile-deep plunge
101 Scientists hold their ground against Rep. Smith's NOAA subpoena
102 Conflict resolution in space: First hotline since the Cold War
103 How Mars may become a ringed planet
104 UN weather office: Why 2015 is the hottest year ever
105 When humans became farmers, how did genes change?
106 Did volcanoes pack enough punch to do the dinosaurs in?
107 A strong tug might have pulled the moon to its inclined orbit
108 2015 will be hottest on record, say scientists
109 Can mobile phone data provide the most accurate view of poverty?
110 For homing pigeons, it takes speed to lead