File Title
1 Team approach may reduce readmissions due to falls in seniors
2 Bright prospects: Repairing neurons with light
3 What's in a name? More than you think...
4 Ringing the changes 'opens the road to new medicines'
5 Melting Scandinavian ice provides missing link in Europe's final Ice Age story
6 Navy researchers recruit luminescent nanoparticles to image brain function
7 IRB Barcelona develops an advanced method and the first platform of DNA simulations
8 Radiation blasts leave most Earth-like planet uninhabitable, new research suggests
9 Every species counts
10 Flexoelectricity is more than Moore
11 Understanding seal movement can help mitigate seal-fishery conflict
12 Electrons always find a (quantum) way
13 'Good' mozzie virus might hold key to fighting human disease
14 TSRI scientists find surprising trait in anti-HIV antibodies
15 Researchers identify a new mode of drug resistance to emerging therapies in prostate cancer
16 For kids prone to wheezing with respiratory infections, early antibiotics help
17 Endurance athletes who 'go against the grain' become incredible fat-burners
18 African-Americans with depression more likely to have strokes, heart attack
19 Mother's age at birth may influence symptoms of depression in daughters
20 Climate macroscope: Software for finding tipping points and critical network structures
21 Eating to impress
22 Recognizing the basic structure of language is not unique to the human brain
23 Many hands make light work and improve health, researchers have found
24 Impact of climate change on the nutrient load of the Pike River watershed
25 First insights into changes to developing brain caused by gene associated with autism
26 Marine fungi reveal new branches on tree of life
27 Hallucinations linked to differences in brain structure
28 Gene mutation linked to reckless drunken behavior
29 What leads to the local adoption and implementation of recreational marijuana policies?
30 Fat makes coral fit to cope with climate change
31 Report raises concern over health risks of Tasers
32 Merging alcohol giants threaten global health, warn experts
33 Prostate cancer screening drops dramatically in middle-aged men
34 Brooding brittle star babies in 3-D
35 3-D mapping a new drug-delivery tool
36 Researchers devise new diabetes diagnostic tool
37 Study compares risk of anaphylaxis among marketed IV iron products
38 Early use of antibiotic for recurrent, severe lower respiratory illness in children
39 Studies find decline in rates of PSA screening, early-stage prostate cancer
40 Metabolic profiles distinguish early stage ovarian cancer with unprecedented accuracy
41 Social and practical barriers keep HF patients from benefits of exercise therapy
42 Adelie penguin numbers may expand as glaciers retreat
43 The South American origins and spread of the Irish potato famine pathogen
44 Living in thin air
45 Measuring immune cells before surgery may help predict recovery time, Stanford study finds
46 20 pneumococcal serotyping methods tested; concern about US healthcare quality measures
47 Fungus causes emerging snake disease found in Eastern US
48 New technology makes metal wires on solar cells nearly invisible to light
49 Mathematicians identify limits to heat flow at the nanoscale
50 New sensor sends electronic signal when estrogen is detected
51 Nanoscientists develop safer, faster way to remove pollutants from water
52 Using light-force to study single molecules
53 Self-powered e-watch is powered completely by wrist movements
54 Simulation shows diamond nanothread may not have to be so brittle after all
55 Smart sensor detects single molecule in chemical compounds
56 Nanoscale physics underlie new telecommunications technology
57 Electric fields remove nanoparticles from blood with ease
58 Breakthrough allows tracking of single molecules in 3-D with nanoscale accuracy
59 Research team finds way to produce large-area graphene 100 times cheaper
60 Nanocarriers may carry new hope for brain cancer therapy
61 Discovery provides new opportunities for chips with three-dimensional nanostructures
62 3-D nanostructure of a bone made visible
63 Bringing the chaos in light sources under control
64 Nanotech-based sensor developed to measure microRNAs in blood, speed cancer detection
65 Researchers develop flexo-electric nanomaterial
66 Researchers test the limits of toughness in nanocomposites
67 New technique traps light at graphene surface using only pulses of laser light
68 Valley current control shows way to ultra-low-power devices
69 Freestanding anode for use in helping microbial fuel cells convert waste to electricity
70 Team makes light-driven nanosubmarines
71 Researchers propose rapid Ebola test using nanotechnology
72 'Harmful' effects paradoxically enhance solar cell efficiency
73 'Material universe' yields surprising new particle
74 Researchers discover why E. coli move faster in syrup-like fluids than in water
75 CERN collides heavy nuclei at new record high energy
76 Physicists set quantum record by using photons to carry messages from electrons almost 2 kilometers apart
77 Exploring the physics of a chocolate fountain
78 Phenomenon could lead to more compact, tunable X-ray devices made of graphene
79 New supercomputer simulations enhance understanding of protein motion and function
80 Speeding particles in the sights of a laser
81 The origin of the very first species and the start of Darwinian evolution
82 Biomedical imaging at one-thousandth the cost
83 Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers
84 Ground-breaking research could challenge underlying principles of physics
85 Supercomputing the strange difference between matter and antimatter
86 Dark matter might cause fundamental constants to change over time
87 Researchers confirm 'realistic' answer to quantum network puzzle
88 SLAC theorist explains quantum gravity
89 Quantum spin could create unstoppable, one-dimensional electron waves
90 Ecological extinction explains how turbulence dies
91 Researcher's work offers more proof of Einstein's general theory of relativity
92 A new symmetry underlies the search for new materials
93 X-ray microscope reveals 'solitons,' a special type of magnetic wave
94 Electrons always find a (quantum) way
95 The universe as we know it
96 Research team refrigerates liquids with a laser for the first time
97 Fast and optimized internet: New filter with the widest tuning span ever demonstrated on a silicon chip
98 A blue, neptune-size exoplanet around a red dwarf star
99 James Webb Space Telescope receives first mirror installation
100 The hottest white dwarf in the Galaxy
101 Astronomers say comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star
102 Aging star's weight loss secret revealed
103 Tracking down the 'missing' carbon from the Martian atmosphere
104 Bezos space firm claims reusable rocket breakthrough (Update)
105 NEOWISE identifies greenhouse gases in comets
106 Faint dwarf galaxies in Fornax shed light on a cosmological mystery
107 In 40 million years, Mars may have a ring (and one fewer moon)
108 Earth might have hairy dark matter
109 Where Alice in Wonderland meets Albert Einstein
110 Scientists detect stellar streams around Magellanic Clouds