File Title
1 'Fossils' of galaxies reveal the formation and evolution of massive galaxies
2 Hot, dense material surrounds O-type star with largest magnetic field known
3 Stellar discovery by Queen's researcher
4 Ames and Hera Systems Execute Licensing Agreement
5 Is that a Forest? That Depends on How You Define It
6 New satellite to measure plant health
7 RippleNami helps visualize change in Africa with its customizable mapping platform
8 RapidScat Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
9 NASA to fly, sail north to study plankton-climate change connection
10 Excitement Grows as NASA Carbon Sleuth Begins Year Two
11 Study predicts bedrock weathering based on topography
12 NASA's GRACE satellites evaluate drought in southeast Brazil
13 Dartmouth-led study explores wave-particle interaction in atmosphere
14 Establishing priorities for Earth observation satellites
15 China plans to launch CO2 monitoring satellite in 2016
16 Kazakhstan to use own satellites to track illegal activities
17 China's hi-res mapping satellite sends back more visual data
18 Daily Views of Earth Available on New NASA Website
19 China reports less pollution from burning straw
20 Prometheus up close about Saturn
21 NASA team discover how water escapes from Saturn
22 Two Moons About Saturn
23 Cassini Finds Monstrous Ice Cloud in Titan's South Polar Region
24 Deserts and dunes: Earth as an analogue for Titan
25 Cassini Plunged into Icy Plumes of Enceladus
26 Cassini images dunelands on Saturn's moon Titan
27 NASA spacecraft plunges through Saturn moon's icy spray
28 Close Encounter with Enceladus
29 Seven Key Facts About Cassini's October 28 Plume Dive
30 Alternative stellar lifestyle: Common, curious, solved at last
31 CTA Prototype Telescope Achieves "First Light"
32 Webb "Pathfinder Telescope" completes second super-cold optical test
33 Webb Space Telescope receives first mirror installation
34 Next-generation infrared detectors win NSF funding
35 Construction of China's mega radio telescope enters final stage
36 ALMA links with other observatories to create Earth-sized virtual telescope
37 James Webb Space Telescope 'Wings' Successfully Deployed
38 The Giant Magellan Telescope Organization Breaks Ground in Chile
39 Whopping Galaxy Cluster Spotted with Help of NASA Telescopes
40 Upgraded Hobby-Eberly Telescope Sees First Light
41 Astrosat's Soft X-ray Telescope Sees First Light
42 Astrosat First Light: CZT Imager Looks at Crab Nebula
43 Robotic Laser Astronomy on the Rise
44 NGC completes optical class spacecraft structure for Webb Telescope
45 Kick-off for a new era of precision astronomy
46 Launch of Astrosat: First Indian Astronomy Satellite
47 New Visualization of Space Environment at Pluto
48 Pluto surface details revealed in best images yet
49 Rotational movies of Pluto and Charon
50 New Horizons documents one rotation of Charon
51 Tyson weighs in on New Horizons' Pluto discoveries
52 Astronomers spot most distant object in the solar system
53 Ammonia-Water Slurry May Swirl Below Pluto's Icy Surface
54 New Horizons Completes Targeting Maneuvers
55 New Horizons on track to pass Kuiper 2014 MU69 within 12000 kms in 2019
56 The Youngest Crater on Charon
57 New Horizons Team Reports Success in Second of Four Targeting Maneuvers
58 Maneuver directs New Horizons towards next potential target
59 US Air Force General Blasts Raytheon's 'Disaster' GPS Control System
60 Kongsberg third-generation HiPAP enhances acoustic positioning
61 More Galileo satellites broadcasting navigation signals
62 China to set up BDS international maritime surveillance center
63 First light from LAXPC instrument onboard ASTROSAT
64 Robot arm simulates close approach of ESA's asteroid mission
65 $4 Million laser marks ground zero for adaptive optics science
66 Scientists see the light on microsupercapacitors
67 Physicists unravel behavior of strongly disordered superconductors
68 Energy from a fossil fuel without carbon dioxide
69 Carbon Capture: key green technology shackled by costs
70 Pioneering research boosts graphene revolution
71 Researchers design and patent graphene biosensors
72 IEA praises Canadian carbon capture initiative
73 Ultrasensitive sensors made from boron-doped graphene
74 Scientists research deep-sea hydrothermal vents, find carbon-removing properties
75 Graphene flakes as an ultra-fast stopwatch
76 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas
77 Cobalt atoms on graphene a powerful combo
78 New crystal captures carbon from humid gas
79 Canadian firm opens facility to pull carbon from air
80 Physicists map the strain, pixel by pixel, in wonder material graphene
81 Tiny carbon-capturing motors may help tackle rising carbon dioxide levels
82 North Sea carbon storage scheme gets support
83 Soaking up carbon dioxide and turning it into valuable products
84 Graphene oxide's secret properties revealed at atomic level
85 Research underway on graphene-based camoflage
86 UW roboticists learn to teach robots from babies
87 Japan shows off disaster-response robots at android fair
88 A row-bot that loves dirty water
89 High-tech Barbie stokes privacy fears
90 China dreams of electric sheep at robot conference
91 NASA selects Northeastern for humanoid robot research
92 New detector perfect for asteroid mining, planetary research
93 Human reflexes may keep legged robots from tripping
94 NASA awards two robots to university groups for upgrades
95 Humans can empathize with robots
96 How sensorimotor intelligence may develop
97 Robot's influent speaking just to get attention from you
98 Dive of the RoboBee
99 Can ballet bugs help us build better robots
100 Robots are learning to fall with grace
101 More-flexible machine learning
102 U.S. Navy orders new robots, servicing
103 MIT's egg-clutching robot has soft but steady hands
104 Embedded optical sensors could make robotic hands more dexterous
105 A quantum spin on molecular computers
106 Semiconductor wafers exhibit strange quantum phenomenon at room temps
107 Stacking instead of mixing cools down the chips
108 Photons on a chip set new paths for secure communications
109 New class of materials for organic electronics
110 A new slant on semiconductor characterization