File Title
1 Stonehenge 'bluestone' quarries confirmed 140 miles away in Wales
2 Was early animal evolution co-operative?
3 Study shows Massive Open Online Courses used mostly by wealthier people
4 First worldwide survey of religion and science: No, not all scientists are atheists
5 Live together or get married? Study finds similar emotional benefits
6 Extinct 3-horned palaeomerycid ruminant found in Spain
7 The economics of Star Wars: Modeling and systems risk analysis suggest financial ruin for the Galactic Empire
8 An online game reveals something fishy about mathematical models
9 Researchers confirm original blood vessels in 80 million-year-old fossil
10 Fossil dinosaur tracks give insight into lives of prehistoric giants
11 Eat a paleo peach--first fossil peaches discovered in southwest China
12 Rare fossil of a horned dinosaur found from 'lost continent'
13 Researchers establish the world's first mathematical theory of humor
14 Egypt says 90 percent chance of hidden rooms in Tut tomb
15 Earth's first ecosystems were more complex than previously thought, study finds
16 Mystery of how snakes lost their legs solved by reptile fossil
17 Four pre-Inca tombs found in Peru's Lima
18 New study finds that teaching is not essential for people to learn to make effective tools
19 Eggshell porosity can be used to infer the type of nest built by extinct archosaurs
20 Fossil vertebrae reveal clues to evolution of long neck in giraffe
21 Betrayals of trust helped the rapid spread of human species around the world
22 Fighting liver fibrosis, the wound that never heals
23 New report finds 43 percent increase in ADHD diagnosis for US schoolchildren
24 Access to the Internet makes us less willing to say we know things
25 One-two punch of palbociclib and paclitaxel shows promise against advanced breast cancer
26 Clinical trial explores treatment for metastases while continuing overall breast cancer therapy
27 Counseling with genetic cancer screening may increase knowledge and decrease anxiety
28 Aspirin use does not improve outcomes for cancer patients, but may lower breast density
29 Study suggests new way to help the immune system fight off sleeping sickness parasite
30 Boosting experience-dependent neuroplasticity in adult brains
31 Human trials suggest 'rescued' drug could be safer treatment for bipolar disorder
32 Study says Alzheimer's plaques can also affect the brain's blood vessels
33 One in four new doctors may be depressed--and their patients may suffer because of it
34 Lack of sleep tampers with your emotions
35 Eliminating food deserts may not achieve improved dietary quality in the US
36 New risk score identifies link between lifestyle risk factors and mortality
37 Call for police killings, police deaths to be reported as public health data
38 Rapid molecular assay may help diagnose sepsis
39 Scientists reveal mysteries of the brain
40 Researchers gain understanding of why the brain makes mistakes
41 Liposomes loaded with anesthetic payload provide method for repeatable, adjustable local pain management
42 Chemicals in e-cigarette flavors linked to respiratory disease
43 Scientists discover new computerized linguistic approach to detect Alzheimer's disease
44 Telemedicine effective for patients, helps providers establish important relationships
45 Hormone therapy for prostate cancer tied to possible Alzheimer's risk
46 What contributes to healthy living behaviors among children? It depends...
47 Anti-platelet therapy does not significantly reduce pain crises in sickle cell disease
48 Medical students in emergency departments and patient length of stay
49 Newly trained family physicians want to provide broader scope of practice
50 Superbug gene outsmarts 'antibiotic of last resort'
51 Mayo Clinic researchers identify six potential biomarkers for bipolar I disorder
52 New US space mining law to spark interplanetary gold rush
53 Dawn spiraling in towards Ceres
54 Japan asteroid probe conducts 'Earth swing-by' in space quest
55 New law establishes ownership rights for space minerals
56 Who owns space
57 President Obama signs bill recognizing asteroid resource property rights into law
58 Secondhand Spacecraft Has Firsthand Asteroid Experience
59 Radar Images Provide New Details on Halloween Asteroid
60 Halloween asteroid gives us a miss, confirms ESA
61 Dawn Heads Toward Final Orbit
62 NASA Calls for American Industry Ideas on ARM Spacecraft Development
63 Twin civilisations? How life on an exoplanet could spread to its neighbour
64 Looking back 3.8 billion years into the root of the 'Tree of Life'
65 Radiation blasts leave most Earth-like planet uninhabitable, new research suggests
66 'Chemical Laptop' Could Search for Signs of Life Outside Earth
67 Early Earth's haze may give clue to habitability elsewhere in space
68 Early Earth's Haze May Give Clue to Habitability Elsewhere
69 Life on Earth likely started 4.1 billion years ago
70 Where to look for life
71 Where to Search for Life? 'Habitability Index' Devised as a Guide
72 Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive
73 Electron transport between species discovered in deep-sea research
74 Advanced alien civilizations rare or absent in the local Universe
75 SETI reborn: The New Search for Intelligent Life
76 Only above-water microbes play a role in cave development
77 Interstellar seeds could create oases of life
78 Comet Impacts May Have Led to Life on Earth
79 Study: Sun capable of destructive superflare
80 Shedding light on particle acceleration in solar flares
81 SOHO Celebrates 20 Years of Space-based Science
82 A Look Back at NASA Solar Missions
83 Stormy space weather puts equatorial regions' power at risk
84 Queen's University Belfast lead research milestone in predicting solar flares
85 Scientists explain origin of heavy elements in the Universe
86 Radio Shadow Reveals Tenuous Cosmic Gas Cloud
87 Student discovers stellar chamaeleon had astronomers fooled for years
88 Researchers question results from the study of pulsating stars
89 MUSE observations enable prediction of once-in-a-lifetime supernova replay
90 The hottest white dwarf in the Galaxy
91 VISTA pinpoints earliest giant galaxies
92 Forged in the hearts of stars
93 Astronomers discover a distant galaxy with a pulse
94 The glowing halo of a zombie star
95 Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think on star formation
96 Clues to the formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies
97 Unlocking the mysteries of 'little starlets'
98 Supernova twins: Making standard candles more standard than ever
99 Growing pains in a cluster of protostars
100 One size fits all when it comes to unravelling how stars form
101 Artificial intelligence finds messy galaxies
102 Suzaku Finds Common Chemical Makeup at Largest Cosmic Scales
103 Smallest galaxies are yielding big answers
104 Final kiss of 2 stars heading for catastrophe
105 First discovery of a magnetic field in a normal delta Scuti star
106 ALMA Unveils Rapid Star Formation in Distant Galaxies
107 VLA Reveals Spectacular "Halos" of Spiral Galaxies
108 Southampton researchers find a new way to weigh a star
109 A Fresh Perspective on an Extraordinary Cluster of Galaxies
110 Searching for Orphan Stars Amid Starbirth Fireworks