File Title
1 Exploring the limits for high-performance LEDs and solar cells
2 Conductor turned insulator amid disorder
3 Popping microbubbles help focus light inside the body
4 Quantum computer made of standard semiconductor materials
5 Trapping climate pollutant methane gas in porous carbon
6 New insights into the creation of heavy elements: Researchers simulate scattering of helium nuclei inside stars
7 A quantum spin on molecular computers
8 Astronomers solve mystery of 'born again' stars with Hubble Space Telescope
9 New US space mining law to spark interplanetary gold rush
10 A distant close-up: New Horizons' camera captures a wandering Kuiper Belt object
11 Imaging an expanding supernova shell
12 To Jupiter with JunoCam
13 Liftoff: 1st US shipment in months flying to space station
14 Rotational movies of Pluto and Charon: It's show time
15 New Horizons returns first of the best images of Pluto
16 ALMA spots monstrous baby galaxies cradled in dark matter
17 A new technique to gauge the distant universe
18 LRO finds Apollo 16 booster rocket impact site
19 Mars mission team addressing vacuum leak on key science instrument
20 Young lithium-rich giant star discovered
21 Student discovers stellar chamaeleon that had the astronomers fooled for years
22 Hubble and Spitzer telescopes see magnified image of the faintest galaxy from the early universe
23 What kinds of stars form rocky planets?
24 Event Horizon Telescope reveals magnetic fields at Milky Way's central black hole
25 New insights on solar flares support proposed explanation for particle-acceleration mechanism
26 Japan asteroid probe conducts 'Earth swing-by' in space quest
27 Twin civilisations? How life on an exoplanet could spread to its neighbour
28 Europe probe tests tech for detecting ripples in space time
29 The Sun could release flares 1000x greater than previously recorded
30 US space station delivery on tap after 8-month stoppage
31 What is the universe made of? Shedding light on the mystery of missing ordinary matter
32 Team finds detailed record of mysterious fast radio burst
33 Realistic facial reconstructions enhanced by combining three computer vision methods
34 36 countries launch world alliance for geothermal energy
35 What makes Tom Hanks look like Tom Hanks?
36 Algorithm helps analyze neuron images
37 New untraceable text-messaging system comes with statistical guarantees
38 Samsung to pay Apple $548 million in lengthy patent case
39 Dream of being a bird? Flight simulator can bring you close
40 World's first washable smartphone to debut in Japan
41 Study shows popular apps interact with risky websites
42 Researchers use 3-D printing to build human physiology outside the body
43 Goldman Sachs seeks patent on virtual currency
44 Toyota harbors big ambitions for "partner robot" business
45 How does my therapist rate? New machine-learning software detects empathy in therapy sessions
46 Twitter data can make roads safer during inclement weather
47 Researchers pushing limits of solar cells
48 New plastic solar cell minimizes loss of photon energy
49 Formula E to stage driverless, AI 'Roboraces'
50 Study finds promise in expanding renewables based on results in three major economies
51 Wearable capacitor technology to power mobile electronics
52 Swimming devices could deliver drugs inside the body
53 Japan shows off disaster-response robots at android fair
54 Tesla races into third position in innovation survey
55 For Israeli firm, an answer to global warming blowing in the wind
56 Fighting climate change with 'poop power'
57 New dad Zuckerberg vows to give away Facebook fortune (Update)
58 Portable device can quickly determine the extent of an eye injury
59 Plant-inspired power plants: Developing catalysts that turn excess atmospheric CO2 into liquid fuel
60 Hierarchical self-assembly of supramolecular muscle-like fibers
61 Engineers invent process to accelerate protein evolution
62 Windows with nanostructured coatings can cure 'sick' buildings
63 Stretchable hydrogel electronics: Water-based "Band-Aid" senses temperature, lights up, and delivers medicine
64 New clues for battling botulism: Scientists decipher details of deadly toxin's cloaking mechanism
65 Engineers build biologically powered chip
66 More efficient way of converting ethanol to a better alternative fuel
67 HyPer-Tau provides spatially-resolved hydrogen peroxide sensing in cells
68 Scientists see the light on microsupercapacitors: Laser-induced graphene makes simple, powerful energy storage possible
69 A new portable device to detect marijuana use almost right away
70 Recyclable bioplastics cooled down, cooked up in chem lab
71 A cheap, disposable device for diagnosing disease
72 New stretchable, wearable sensor made with chewing gum
73 Studying stonefish venom may help combat transplant rejection
74 Solved structure of S. pneumoniae enzyme could lead to new antibiotics
75 Growing bone cells: New method allows for more control in the differentiation of stem cells into bone cells
76 New membrane improves energy harvesting by reverse electrodialysis
77 Scientists create revolutionary material to clean oil spills
78 Tiny octopods catalyze bright ideas: Study shows plasmonic sensors and catalysts need not be mutually exclusive
79 Totally repellent: Quick and easy coating process makes surfaces omniphobic
80 Moonlighting molecules: Finding new uses for old enzymes
81 Adding sodium produces material that is most efficient at converting heat to electricity
82 Synthetic glycopolymers in the membrane hold up programmed cell death
83 Researchers resolve structure of a key component of bacterial decision-making
84 New type of kill switch to prevent genetically modified microbes from wreaking havoc
85 New molecular structure reveals how bluetongue virus enters host cells
86 Researchers find molecular shift that stops stem cells in Drosophila from making tumors
87 Unless they crane their necks all sperm would only turn left
88 Gut bacteria important factor in cockroach gathering
89 Climate change governs a crop pest, even when populations are far-flung
90 Modified mosquitoes could help fight against malaria
91 New massive dataset of bacterial proteins
92 Discovery of stress-induced emotional fever in fish
93 New way to make yeast hybrids may inspire new brews, biofuels
94 How cells are foiled by a herpes virus family member in the virus-host arms race
95 Scientists unlock secrets of Aussie 'resurrection' grass
96 New web-based tool allows researchers to measure protein dynamics in embryogenesis
97 Shared genetics in humans and roundworms shed light on infertility, study finds
98 Global effort 'needed to save migratory birds'
99 Killifish project explores the genetic foundation of longevity
100 First look at gut microbes in an American Indian community
101 First discovery of a hibernating primate outside Madagascar
102 Diagnostic tools using synthetic biology
103 Researchers cultivate the majority of bacteria in the laboratory that colonize Arabidopsis plants in nature
104 Researchers find size isn't everything in the world of plant evolution
105 Intracellular calcium integrates complex signaling to control stem cell activity
106 Researchers unravel age-old mystery of why cells use fermentation
107 Discovery of new fossil species reveals unique binocular vision of the first ancient marine reptile
108 New toothed pterosaur identified from North America's Cretaceous
109 Australia's new armoured dinosaur revealed
110 Study differentiates facial growth in Neanderthals and modern humans