File Title
1 New yeast strains could lead to new beers, breads, wines, and biofuels
2 Cardboard Chaos creates sweet custom cardboard guitar
3 California-based lab creates self-assembling 3D printed blood vessels
4 Need to lose some weight? Blame your dad's diet
5 UK astronaut to run the London Marathon from space
6 Suck up to your boss: Robots could hold half of all jobs by 2035
7 ESA launches LISA Pathfinder to test gravity wave detection
8 N/A
9 N/A
10 Amazing discovery: Stonehenge may have actually originated in Wales
11 Archaeologists discover rare Pearl Harbor seaplane wreckage
12 Newly-discovered snake species has pitch black eyes that are creepy AF
13 Creepy hidden passageway at Templo Mayor could lead to Aztec emperor remains
14 Star Wars economics: The Empire probably needed a bailout
15 It's finally here: A phone you can wash with soap and water
16 Wikipedia expands its ranks of editors with vandalism-sniffing AI
17 The ultimate gift guide for sci-fi artists
18 These 5 advancements will make cell phones more durable than ever
19 The ultimate wearables gift guide
20 If you like music at all, you should care about this huge metadata problem
21 Creepy robots learn new skills by watching and imitating human babies
22 Meet Walk-Man: The humanoid robot that could do our dangerous jobs for us
23 Komprehensiv Proud to Support Girls who Inspire Volunteer and Empower (GIVE)
24 Create Fantastic 3D Animations with the Animator's Modeler (TAM)
25 Rejoice: Dental fillings may soon be a thing of the past
26 Ancient hearts had modern-day diseases (and they didn't even have McDonalds)
27 A large portion of heterosexual women report being attracted to other women, study says
28 Are worms the key to anti-aging?
29 Controversial gene editing therapy can 'turn off' diseases
30 Breakthrough: Scientists grow functional liver cells in the lab for the first time
31 Understanding synapse degradation could lead to Alzheimer's treatment
32 For better mental health, treat yourself like an animal
33 Just in Time for Thanksgiving Comes Turkey Science
34 Technical Talk on Drug Development: Avoiding Potholes in Process Development
35 NorthStar Alarm Recognized as One of the Top Home Security Providers in the U.S. by SDM
36 New Friends of Science Climate Change Billboards Welcome Montreal Grand Prix Revellers
37 Comet detected dumping alcohol into space
38 Warming helped decimate New England cod stocks, study finds
39 Physicists study how balloons burst
40 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
41 N/A
42 T. rex may have been a cannibal
43 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
44 Sleepwalkers feel no pain even when badly injured, study finds
45 Study explores how power gets to the brain
46 Scientists could aid in new discovery by placing bets, study suggests
47 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
48 Pandemonium seen in Pluto's moon system
49 Study explores how Inca kids were drugged for sacrifice
50 Martian moon said to be slowly falling apart
51 Love your enemy? Hormone spray may help with that, too
52 Which country's people are most honest? It may depend on the test
53 DNA "markings" may transmit learned experiences
54 Radiation is slamming the "most Earth-like planet," scientists say
55 An evolutionary role for "Jackass"-like stunts?
56 Children from different cultures may react differently to unfairness
57 Scientists take step toward usable fusion energy
58 Fossil forest may shed light on the first big trees
59 At least one in 25 death-sentenced people are innocent, study claims
60 Asteroid mining could begin within a few decades, scientists claim
61 Disintegrating Martian moon could become a ring
62 Smarter mice with a "humanized" gene?
63 Scientists accidentally extend young adulthood in worms using drug
64 Study links war, global warming for first time--in Syria
65 Green space may make city kids smarter
66 Study: Nazi propaganda still influences those who grew up with it
67 Strange, early ecosystems found more complex than once thought
68 No definite structural difference between male, female brains, study says
69 Researchers develop nanoscale probes for ssDNA sustainability under UV radiation
70 New method for observing viruses may shed light on how to stop them
71 Tiny drug-laden 'popping bubbles' lead triple attack treatment for liver cancer
72 Nanotube letters spell progress: Team analyzes stiffness of individual branching nanotubes
73 Nanostructured germanium for portable photovoltaics and battery electrodes
74 Spin current on topological insulator detected electrically at room temperature
75 Materials scientists learn how mother of pearl is made
76 Nanoscale drawbridges open path to color displays
77 Researchers make thinnest plates that can be picked up by hand
78 Nanobombs might deliver agents that alter gene activity in cancer stem cells
79 Storing electricity in paper: An organic mixed ion-electron conductor for power electronics
80 Physicists make transparent conductors by means of stamping and growing
81 Viscous nanopores collapse according to universal law
82 Optical metacage blocks light from entering or escaping
83 Researchers build quantum sensors based on single solid-state spins
84 Liquid metal 'nano-terminators' target cancer cells
85 Photonic 'sintering' may create new solar, electronics manufacturing technologies
86 Scientists use light to switch viral activity and deliver cargoes to cells
87 Nano-walkers take speedy leap forward with first rolling DNA-based motor
88 Single organic molecule can be altered in a targeted manner using a single electron
89 Graphene microphone outperforms traditional nickel and offers ultrasonic reach
90 Coming to a monitor near you: A defect-free, molecule-thick film
91 Physicists develop new technique to fathom 'smart' materials
92 New technology makes metal wires on solar cells nearly invisible to light
93 On-the-go ultrahigh vacuum storage systems
94 New theory describes ice's slippery behavior
95 Physicists investigate unusual form of quantum mechanics
96 'Quasiparticles' reveal incredibly minute distortions in light waves
97 Rare mergers of binary neutron stars found as the source of radioactive plutonium-244 in nature
98 Study suggests synchronization of algae flagella while swimming not driven by hydrodynamic forces
99 The amazing camera that can see around corners (w/ video)
100 High-energy X-rays give industry affordable way to optimize cast iron
101 RHIC particle smashups find that shape matters
102 New technique captures diverse effects of cavitation bubbles on individual cells
103 Einstein's 'spooky' steering needed for secure quantum teleportation
104 Shaking bosons into fermions
105 Holometer rules out first theory of space-time correlations
106 Minutest absolute magnetic field measurement
107 Magnetic invisibility cloak shields magnets from magnetic fields
108 A way to study entanglement entropy between multi-body systems
109 Grad student discovers unique valleytronics properties of tungsten disulfide monolayer film
110 Making colorful buildings that convert solar light into energy