File Title
1 Tax increases on tobacco decrease infant mortality rates
2 20 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
3 Newly evolved human gene prevents Alzheimer's
4 Scientists discover how giant cells dispose of big garbage
5 Breast cancer gene BRCA1 may be involved in Alzheimer's disease
6 WHO suggest new C-section recommendations
7 The hunt for the perfect condom continues
8 Lobster: Nutritional Information, Health Benefits
9 Negative statin stories add to heart health risk
10 Coal burning emissions 'five times worse' for health
11 Study finds link between very early stages of brain and heart disease
12 Are our diets becoming sweeter?
13 Global warming: depletion of oxygen far greater threat than flooding
14 Isotreninoin: are the lab tests really necessary?
15 Watching TV might slow your brain
16 How transplanted faces change over time
17 Gaining weight between pregnancies increases risk of infant death
18 Is slow walking speed a sign of approaching Alzheimer's?
19 Immune system influences evolution of gut bacteria, study shows
20 Seasonal affective disorder: could you spot the signs?
21 Melanoma treatments may be stronger with new enzyme inhibitor
22 Which chemotherapy drug causes the worst 'chemobrain'?
23 Obesity may be passed on through marks in men's sperm
24 Foodborne diseases kill 125,000 children a year
25 10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss
26 Can meditating reduce blood pressure?
27 Good news: the world is now a safer place to live
28 Human fertility: 'Velcro protein' genetics shared with roundworms
29 New era of chocolate flavors from yeast research
30 Specific coffee chemicals may ward off type 2 diabetes
31 Too few adults in US taking cholesterol-lowering drugs
32 Should portion size be regulated?
33 How to improve the social status of an anxious rat
34 'Blood Rain' Mystery Solved: Traveling Microalgae Turned Local Waters Red
35 Ancient Alga Evolved to Live on Land Before It Left the Ocean [WATCH]
36 NASA and Saturn: New Ice Cloud on Titan
37 Environmental Sustainability: Ecologists Design Future Cities that Work with Nature
38 Early Humans: Researchers Reveal 'Fourth Strand' of European Hunter-Gatherer Ancestry
39 Water Origin: Island in Canadian Arctic Reveals H2O Present During Formation of Earth
40 Space Station and Flowers: New Growth Will Teach About Blooming Vegetables
41 Orphaned Earwig Insects Learn to Grow Big on Their Own, but Abandon Offspring, Too
42 Atacama Desert and El Nino: Purple Flowers Everywhere
43 How Do Bats Land Upside-Down? Brown Study Reveals Animals' Secrets
44 Last Ice Age: Ancient Scandinavian Lake Sediments Provide Missing Puzzle Piece
45 Coral Reefs: Hawaii Assembling Management Plan in Response to Bleaching
46 Blue Whale: 'Knife Edge' Balance of Energy-Gathering and Breathing, Says Study
47 Planet like Earth Is Next to Violent, Radiating Star
48 NASA: Private Companies Will Help with Mars Explorations
49 Irish Potato Famine: Devastating Pathogen Originated in South America
50 Dim Cool Star Is Magnetic like Our Sun, Says Study
51 Chiton Mollusks Can See with Eyes in Their Shells
52 Chimp Haven: Research Center Retires Endangered Chimpanzees
53 Fires: Never on Sunday, or Not Frequently, Says Study
54 Fish and Camouflage: How Certain Platelets Allow Fish to 'Disappear'
55 Eels Were Recently Seen in a Bangor Maine Parking Lot
56 Oxygen Gas, Methane, and Water on Comet 67P Have Learnings for Early Earth Life
57 Fossil Forests Found in Arctic Circle; Drastic Climate Shifts 380 Million Years Ago
58 Mummified Inca Boy Sheds Light on Lost Genetic History of South America
59 Meteorologist at New Hampshire's Mt. Washington: Extreme Weather Studies [INTERVIEW] [EXCLUSIVE]
60 Mackworth Island, Maine: A Nature Walk from Portland, Maine with Nature World News [EXCLUSIVE]
61 Resurrection Science: Author M.R. O'Connor on What Role Should Conservation Hold [INTERVIEW]
62 Flatworms Growing Heads and Brains of Other Species
63 Floppy Tectonic Plates Are Under the Earth
64 Red-Tailed Hawks Attack Drone in NYC Park
65 Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Good for Us, Says Study
66 Mars Might Gain Ring like Saturn, as Phobos Dies
67 OptOutside: A Movement to Go Outside that Gathered Steam
68 SpaceX Rocket Is Possibility for Debris Found Near Cornwall, England
69 Adelie Penguin Numbers Increase as Result of Warming Weather
70 Prehistoric Ocean Organism Ate with More Complexity than Previously Thought
71 Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act [BOOK]
72 Atlantic Seabird: Young and Old Foragers in Separate Units
73 Blue Whale Skeleton Clean-Up at Vancouver Museum
74 Biodiversity and Marine Protected Areas: Four Percent of Ocean Protected
75 Earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean? Much More Plentiful in Past than Thought
76 Humpback Whales and Unique Tails: Scientists Trying to Streamline Unique-Tail ID Process
77 Honeybee Reliance is a 'Risky Strategy': More Pollinators Here
78 Tweets Bring Better Weather Knowledge: Weather-Related Twitter Improves Models
79 Ant Reproduction: Ancient Genetic Components Determine Sex of Offspring
80 Fossil-Finding from Your Couch, with Kenya Photos
81 Coral Bleaching: Reefs Adapted to Warm Waters Are Just as Threatened by Climate Change
82 Joshua Tree Burning: Iconic Tree Lost at National Park
83 Hunter-Gatherers' Earliest Depiction of Social Scene? Paleo Engraving is Likely that, Says Study
84 Fossil unearthed in Spain sheds light on ape evolution
85 Head of Kremlin staff says cosmodrome is example of corruption: RIA
86 Scientists dispute study touting vocal learning in chimpanzees
87 Low-hanging fruit: scientists unlock pineapple's genetic secrets
88 Space revolution hatching in a New Zealand paddock
89 Ultrasonic bubbles give cold water bug-killing cleaning power
90 NASA must take more care about rocket parts after accident: probe
91 Watch your mouth: Allosaurus had monstrously gaping jaws
92 Scientists learn how some fish can supercharge their vision
93 Big businesses back affirmative action before U.S. Supreme Court
94 Scientists crack mystery of Mars' missing atmosphere--the sun did it
95 NASA drops Boeing from space station cargo competition
96 Supersized scanner to explore the body and hunt down disease
97 Britain's first astronaut for 24 years hopes to inspire Mars interest
98 Direct-to-consumer company tests FDA's resolve on gene testing
99 Astronauts carry out marathon spacewalk to recharge cooling system
100 Monsanto to Mexico honey farmers: Our soya seeds not to blame for woes
101 Tennis study serves up the science of sliding
102 Eye-tracking sensor maker makes play for big time
103 Science's 'Breakthrough' winners earn over $21 million in prizes
104 Mountains on Pluto believed to be ice volcanoes, scientists say
105 Drug industry bemoans Britain's lack of science skills
106 Getting HyQ the robot 'disaster ready'
107 'Superduck' dinosaur provides insight into elaborate head crests
108 Bee-lieve it or not: people liked honey back in the Stone Age
109 Astronomers discover new distant object in the solar system
110 Germany, U.S. in hot pursuit of 'messenger' drug molecules