File Title
1 Could you predict your own health?
2 Mindfulness meditation reduces pain, study finds
3 Color changing Band-Aid gives early warning of infection
4 Fights and falls are major causes of eye injury in the US
5 Digital glasses help children with lazy eye
6 Improved gene therapy shows potential as a treatment for cystic fibrosis
7 Scientists find driver of malaria growth in mosquitoes
8 Child with rare drug-resistant TB successfully treated by US doctors
9 Decreased sense of smell may indicate early dementia
10 Antibiotic prescribing for UTIs improves with intervention
11 Study helps explain how a parasitic worm increases TB risk
12 Moderate coffee drinking may prevent premature death
13 Therapeutic hypothermia can help in range of cardiac arrests
14 Firefighter undergoes world's most extensive face transplant
15 New diabetes and obesity treatments may arise from study of fat cell metabolism
16 Are brain structure differences to blame for hallucinations?
17 Early antibiotics prevents severe respiratory disease
18 Alcoholism drug could help cure HIV, study finds
19 Ketamine: Facts, Effects and Hazards
20 Are Tasers more deadly than we thought?
21 Study identifies social, practical barriers to exercise for heart failure patients
22 Cancer risk for smokeless tobacco users
23 Test results of fingerprick blood vary from drop to drop
24 Low vitamin D may hamper HIV treatment in adults
25 Greater stress, depression risk for teens with lots of Facebook friends
26 Call for evidence to strengthen antimicrobial resistance policies
27 Coconut oil effective against Candida fungal infection
28 Neuromyelitis optica increases risk of pregnancy complications
29 Waking early on work days may harm metabolic health
30 More than 9 million Americans abuse drugs
31 HIV: the ongoing stigma and its impact on testing
32 New antibiotic resistance gene that breaches 'last line of defense' found in China
33 Scientists uncover mechanism that explains how single gene drives brain development
34 More money, more sex, more happiness? Not necessarily, study says
35 The power of music: how it can benefit health
36 Personalized diets needed to combat obesity and diabetes
37 16 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
38 Weight-loss surgery reduces brain's sugar addiction
39 Wheelchair users more at risk when crossing roads
40 18 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
41 17 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
42 Bilingualism may protect cognitive function following stroke
43 C-EARLY: certolizumab pegol effective in early rheumatoid arthritis
44 'Smart biogel' that kills cancer tumors in development
45 Scientists grow working vocal cord tissue in lab
46 Caffeine in pregnancy: moderate amounts do not affect baby's IQ
47 Sickle cell trait and disease: raising awareness
48 Parasitic worms may influence fertility, study finds
49 Overweight men face discrimination
50 Yoga may benefit men with prostate cancer, study finds
51 Eat a good breakfast, get better grades
52 Sex reassignment surgery may protect metabolic health of transgender women
53 Children's academic performance predicted with a raisin and a plastic cup
54 Virtual reality successfully used in cardiac operation
55 Global response to Ebola outbreak slammed by independent panel
56 Electrical chip removes nanoparticles from blood
57 Scientists create serotonin-releasing neurons from human skin cells
58 Study reveals how 'bacterial sex' leads to antibiotic resistance
59 Researchers pinpoint brain's happiness region
60 Women who survive heart attack continue to live with risk
61 Doctors should prescribe generic drugs over branded medications, say experts
62 19 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
63 Can a handful of walnuts a day keep the doctor away?
64 Gene-edited mosquitoes cannot transmit malaria
65 Congenital heart defect means higher chance of stroke
66 Children's blood bears evidence of mom's smoking in pregnancy
67 Loneliness alters the immune system to cause illness, study finds
68 Crib bumpers: infant deaths are on the rise
69 Does the gut microbiome tell us when we are full?
70 Researchers identify dietary fat that could offer more effective epilepsy treatment
71 Is giving birth at the weekend more dangerous?
72 Pumpkin: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
73 Superfoods: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks
74 Turkey: Health Benefits and Facts
75 ADHD medication: is it a good idea?
76 'We have what it takes to break AIDS epidemic,' says UN report
77 Why weight loss is harder when we carry more fat
78 Cranberries: Health Benefits, Health Risks
79 Better memory linked to physical activity
80 Breastfeeding may lower mothers' risk for type 2 diabetes
81 Healthy Thanksgiving: the science of overeating and avoiding food poisoning
82 Prices rise for prescription dermatologic drugs
83 Mosquito-borne chikungunya virus causes severe brain inflammation
84 Prolonged sitting worsens health for heart disease patients
85 Pollution increases health risks for diabetic women
86 Scientists map genes essential for cancer to survive
87 Progesterone supplements do not help women with recurrent miscarriages
88 Post-Ebola: how can the WHO get back its teeth?
89 Novel arthritis treatment possible with new discovery
90 Overweight, obesity in early adulthood raises risk for sudden cardiac death
91 Exercise is not always the best thing for your heart
92 Dads get baby blues, too
93 Known enzymes could be treasure trove for drug discovery
94 Alzheimer's: newly identified molecular mechanism could lead to treatment
95 High-potency cannabis damages key brain structure
96 Study uncovers key step in malaria parasite's invasion of the liver
97 Probiotics 'offer no health benefits' for preterm infants
98 Stress worsens skin woes for students
99 How fatty foods could be damaging your brain
100 Women drink almost as much as men, study finds
101 Children with pets have less stress
102 Food prices influence how we judge food quality
103 People who follow their instincts might be more trustworthy
104 Could testosterone therapy benefit men with type 2 diabetes?
105 Registry review shows positive results for novel heart surgery procedure
106 Weight loss can preserve knee cartilage in obese people
107 Some sugar-free drinks can also damage teeth, experts warn
108 Yet another role for aspirin?
109 Poor fitness in early adulthood linked to future death, cardiovascular risks
110 Protein chatter to blame for cystic fibrosis