File Title
1 Egypt discovers ancient fence, dating back over 3,500 years
2 Ancient underground city in Cappadocia will 'rewrite history'
3 Betrayals of trust increased speed and character of human dispersals
4 War, More than ISIS, Is Destroying Syria's Ancient Sites
5 'First Roman fortlet' found on Anglesey using geo survey
6 Pre-hispanic mummies from 1,000 AD discovered in Peru
7 'Well-preserved' sarcophagus of 22nd dynasty nobleman unearthed in Egypt's Luxor
8 Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography: Georgians falsified facts during restoration at Keshikchidagh monastery complex
9 People roamed tip of South America 18,500 years ago
10 Human nature's dark side helped us spread across the world
11 Archaelology: Scientists work to tell story of Battle of Wabash
12 U.S. Forest Service: Man Shared Photos of Illegal Artifact Excavation on Instagram
13 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Thracian Clay Altar in Newly Found Ancient and Medieval Settlement in Coal Mine near Bulgaria's Radnevo
14 Ancient Floridians knew how to cope with rising seas, archaeologists find
15 Archaeologists uncover Shakespeare's kitchen at dig in Stratford-upon-Avon
16 Huge Geometric Shapes in Middle East May Be Prehistoric
17 The Civilizing Power of Nature
18 Archaeologist reveals how pre-Columbian cultures adapted to El Nino
19 Ancient Greek Temple Aligned to Full Moon
20 Mexico experts: passageway may lead to Aztec ruler
21 Female 'Amazon' warrior buried 2,500 years ago in Altai Mountains was...male
22 Engraved schist slab may depict paleolithic campsites
23 An abandoned Roman villa: The Otford site which was systematically demolished in the 4th century
24 Oldest Peach Pits Found in China
25 8000-year-old "Viste Boy" sent for DNA analysis
26 King Hezekiah's Seal Discovered in Jerusalem
27 'We dug up a medieval Mongolian noblewoman in our compost pit'
28 Imaging yields evidence of heart disease in archaeological find
29 Angry Birds? Seagulls Implicated in Baby-Whale Deaths
30 CERN in a Shoebox? Tiny Particle Accelerators Are Coming
31 The Paris Climate Meeting: A Quick Guide
32 Hawaii's Majestic Mauna Kea Stars in '3D' Photo from Space
33 Amazon Unveils Its Delivery Drone of the Future
34 'Sim' Culture: Charting Bursts of Human Inspiration
35 Supersize Me: Atom Smasher Reaches Highest Energies Yet
36 'Last-Resort' Antibiotics Fail Against New Superbugs
37 'The Giving Way to Happiness' (US, 2015): Book Excerpt
38 The Science Behind the Power of Giving (Op-Ed)
39 High Cholesterol Rate Dropping in America, Says CDC
40 Oh Snap: Trap-Jaw Ants Jump with Their Legs, Too
41 Your Brain Is a Mosaic of Male and Female
42 Doctors Could 3D-Print Micro-Organs with New Technique
43 Huge Geometric Shapes in Middle East May Be Prehistoric
44 Why So Blue? Tarantula's Cool Color Is Still a Mystery
45 Amid Controversy, Japanese Whaling Ships Return to Antarctic Ocean
46 Stick-Figure Science: Cartoonist Makes Complicated Stuff Simple
47 An Ancient Nessie? Long-Neck Dinos Once Prowled Scottish Lagoon
48 Friends for Life: How Good Bugs Keep You Healthy (Op-Ed)
49 World's Oldest Peach Pits Reveal Juicy Secrets
50 'Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine' (US 2015): Book Excerpt
51 Safe Sleeping Is Just 1 Part of Preventing SIDS
52 Ancient Tiny Whale Hunted with Pointy Teeth, Oversize Gums
53 Too Much TV Really Is Bad for Your Brain
54 Clever Cuttlefish 'Freeze' Bioelectric Fields to Avoid Predators
55 Paleo Campouts Depicted in Cave Etchings
56 Sir Butterfly! New Species Named for David Attenborough
57 Why It's Time to Map the Microbiome (Kavli Roundtable)
58 Should Families Going Through Divorce Have Court-Ordered Psychiatrists? (Op-Ed) 57
59 Paleo Diet: Giant Turds Show Dinosaurs Dined on Flowering Plants
60 Risk of Stillbirth Raised by Weight Gain Between Pregnancies
61 Nicaragua's Momotombo Volcano Erupts for 1st Time in 110 Years
62 Map of World's Groundwater Shows Planet's 'Hidden' Reservoirs
63 How Stupid Can You Be? Science Counts the Ways
64 Biblical King's Royal Seal Unearthed Near Temple Mount
65 Predisposition to Obesity May Be Carried in Sperm
66 Lightest Metal Ever Is 99.9 Percent Air
67 Federal Gun Research Still Stalled
68 New Type of Carbon Is Harder and Brighter than Diamonds
69 Many People Who Would Benefit from Statins Aren't Taking Them
70 Rabbit Fever on the Rise in the US, CDC Says
71 New Superbug's Genetic Trick Could Help It Spread
72 Wi-Fi 'Allergies': Is Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Real?
73 Turbulent Magnetic 'Perfect Storm' Triggers Hypernovas
74 Monster Black Hole Eats Star, Returns Leftovers
75 Mysterious Egyptian Mummy Has Head Full of Dirt
76 Avoiding Identity Theft: 10 Tips for Online Holiday Shoppers
77 9 Hacks for Making Healthier Holiday Cookies
78 Ancient 'Wand' May Be Oldest Example of Lead Work in the Levant
79 400-Year-Old Embalmed Hearts Found Under French Convent
80 Biologists create more precise molecular scissors for genome editing
81 Forests in spotlight at Paris climate talks
82 Italian scientists slam selection of stem-cell trial
83 Terrorism science: 5 insights into jihad in Europe
84 How to build a better PhD
85 Why Finland now leads the world in nuclear waste storage
86 Mysterious radiowave blast may have come from starquake
87 Cancer reproducibility project scales back ambitions
88 Hawaiian court revokes permit for planned mega-telescope
89 Paris climate talks, day 4: What we're reading
90 Short-lived fish may hold clues to human aging
91 Should DNA donors see their genomic data?
92 Gene-editing summit supports some research in human embryos
93 NASA Mars mission suffers problem with key instrument
94 Paris climate talks, day 5: What we're reading
95 Japan orbiter seeks second shot at Venus
96 Six issues to watch at the Paris climate talks
97 Antarctic Journal: Back home--but not for long
98 Lonesome George 'lookalike' captured for tortoise breeding effort
99 Pirate research-paper sites play hide-and-seek with publishers
100 Take more risks
101 Root causes
102 Make the most of PhDs
103 The world must accept that the HPV vaccine is safe
104 Global climate agreement: After the talks
105 Chemistry: Reuse water pollutants
106 Non-bee insects just as important as bees for world's crops
107 US scientists, activists call for global ban on 'designer babies' gene modification
108 Dance or die: Male peacock spiders work hard to win the ladies
109 Solar flares seen for first time flinging particles into space close to the speed of light in seconds
110 Migratory birds threatened by poor protection of habitats