File Title
1 Extinction is key to terrestrial vertebrate diversity, new research reveals
2 New species of early anthropoid primate found amid Libyan strife
3 Neuroscientists launch resource aimed at breaking data barriers in brain research
4 Threats against children during the separation process for women in abusive relationships
5 Large-scale hydroelectric dam in Yukon would be a major environmental concern
6 Patient deaths do not increase during doctor strikes
7 Powerful new global arena needed to confront coming water challenges
8 Better detection of concussion in young football players
9 Can Paris pledges avert severe climate change?
10 Tandem solar cells are simply better
11 Early childhood exposure to Medicaid linked to better adult health, study shows
12 Shedding light on oil behaviors before the next spill
13 Global growth in carbon dioxide emissions stagnates
14 Grow your own way: Trade may not help a warming planet fight its farming failures
15 Youth violence undermines social and economic development in poorest corners of the world
16 Is your boss a tyrant? An unhappy home life may be to blame
17 Analysts' stock recommendations are not only independent, they're useful
18 Research reveals main reasons why people go to work when ill
19 Climate change: A wake-up call in the world of finance
20 Gender revolution, minus the bigger paycheck
21 Green office environments linked with higher cognitive function scores
22 Flagging a stock price crash
23 Amblyopia, not strabismus, identified as key contributor to slow reading in school-age children
24 Teaching problem-solving, leadership to young African-American girls lowers relational aggression
25 Two synthetic phonics programs equally effective at teaching young children to read
26 Closing low-performing New York City high schools had positive effects, study shows
27 ADHD meds may be a prescription for bullying
28 College studies may reduce risk of dementia for older adults, research finds
29 Parents aiming too high can harm child's academic performance
30 Study provides strongest evidence yet of a link between breakfast quality and educational outcomes
31 How a raisin can predict a toddler's future academic ability
32 California 6th grade science books: Climate change a matter of opinion not scientific fact
33 'Blood Rain' Mystery Solved: Traveling Microalgae Turned Local Waters Red
34 Ancient Alga Evolved to Live on Land Before It Left the Ocean [WATCH]
35 NASA and Saturn: New Ice Cloud on Titan
36 Environmental Sustainability: Ecologists Design Future Cities that Work with Nature
37 Early Humans: Researchers Reveal 'Fourth Strand' of European Hunter-Gatherer Ancestry
38 Water Origin: Island in Canadian Arctic Reveals H2O Present During Formation of Earth
39 Space Station and Flowers: New Growth Will Teach About Blooming Vegetables
40 Orphaned Earwig Insects Learn to Grow Big on Their Own, but Abandon Offspring, Too
41 Atacama Desert and El Nino: Purple Flowers Everywhere
42 How Do Bats Land Upside-Down? Brown Study Reveals Animals' Secrets
43 Last Ice Age: Ancient Scandinavian Lake Sediments Provide Missing Puzzle Piece
44 Coral Reefs: Hawaii Assembling Management Plan in Response to Bleaching
45 Blue Whale: 'Knife Edge' Balance of Energy-Gathering and Breathing, Says Study
46 Planet like Earth Is Next to Violent, Radiating Star
47 NASA: Private Companies Will Help with Mars Explorations
48 Irish Potato Famine: Devastating Pathogen Originated in South America
49 Dim Cool Star Is Magnetic like Our Sun, Says Study
50 Chiton Mollusks Can See with Eyes in Their Shells
51 Chimp Haven: Research Center Retires Endangered Chimpanzees
52 Fires: Never on Sunday, or Not Frequently, Says Study
53 Fish and Camouflage: How Certain Platelets Allow Fish to 'Disappear'
54 Eels Were Recently Seen in a Bangor Maine Parking Lot
55 Oxygen Gas, Methane, and Water on Comet 67P Have Learnings for Early Earth Life
56 Fossil Forests Found in Arctic Circle; Drastic Climate Shifts 380 Million Years Ago
57 Mummified Inca Boy Sheds Light on Lost Genetic History of South America
58 Meteorologist at New Hampshire's Mt. Washington: Extreme Weather Studies [INTERVIEW] [EXCLUSIVE]
59 Mackworth Island, Maine: A Nature Walk from Portland, Maine with Nature World News [EXCLUSIVE]
60 Resurrection Science: Author M.R. O'Connor on What Role Should Conservation Hold [INTERVIEW]
61 Flatworms Growing Heads and Brains of Other Species
62 Floppy Tectonic Plates Are Under the Earth
63 Red-Tailed Hawks Attack Drone in NYC Park
64 Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Good for Us, Says Study
65 Mars Might Gain Ring like Saturn, as Phobos Dies
66 OptOutside: A Movement to Go Outside that Gathered Steam
67 SpaceX Rocket Is Possibility for Debris Found Near Cornwall, England
68 Adelie Penguin Numbers Increase as Result of Warming Weather
69 Prehistoric Ocean Organism Ate with More Complexity than Previously Thought
70 Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act [BOOK]
71 Atlantic Seabird: Young and Old Foragers in Separate Units
72 Blue Whale Skeleton Clean-Up at Vancouver Museum
73 Biodiversity and Marine Protected Areas: Four Percent of Ocean Protected
74 Earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean? Much More Plentiful in Past than Thought
75 Humpback Whales and Unique Tails: Scientists Trying to Streamline Unique-Tail ID Process
76 Scientists discover more evidence of streams and lakes on Mars
77 Feeding our cars with corn will cost us 19 years of increased greenhouse emission
78 'Fourth strand' of European ancestry discovered
79 Delmarva Fox Squirrel is no longer endangered
80 Another Greenland glacier begins to melt [Video]
81 The switch that determines sperm egg fate is found
82 Queuing up: Book examines the history and cultural differences of standing in line
83 Extraordinary photos of Jupiter hint at shrinking storm
84 Jupiter's massive red storm is weakening
85 When two stars collide (literally)
86 Not so far, far away: "Death Star" consuming planet
87 Lovejoy comet leaving trail of booze and sugar across the sky
88 NASA's Cassini probe will have close encounter with Saturn's moon
89 Rosetta mission finds pure oxygen and duck-like comet shape
90 Jupiter, not Saturn ejected competing gas giant out of solar system
91 Acid fog dissolved rocks on Mars
92 Solar storms stripping atmosphere from Mars
93 Martian moon being torn apart by gravity
94 Scientists spot some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, if not the universe
95 Researchers measures 5,400 MPH winds on exoplanet in far away solar system
96 Tall people suffer from cancer, short people at risk of strokes
97 John Oliver, organizations highlighting mental health challenges
98 WHO recommends all HIV positive people start ART treatment
99 Study: Gastric bypass surgery can lead to increased self-harm attempts
100 Roche's new multiple sclerosis drug could revolutionize treatment
101 Total Recall: Deadly listeria forces Whole Foods to recall blue cheese
102 California looking to normalize marijuana industry with new regulations
103 Whole milk and fats to be considered by USDA for new guidelines
104 Genetic breakthroughs mean pig organs may soon be used for human transplants
105 Unregulated dietary supplements hospitalizing thousands
106 Primitive societies don't need 8 hours sleep, do we?
107 Study finds that antioxidants can encourage cancer growth
108 Stelara succeeds in phase 3 Crohn's disease trial
109 Blood test could revolutionize Alzheimer's detection
110 Could lifesaving antibiotics be killing us via obesity?