File Title
1 Alzheimer's research: New findings
2 Discovery of hidden earthquake presents challenge to earthquake early-warning systems
3 Queen's University Belfast lead research milestone in predicting solar flares
4 Bird decline shows that climate change is more than just hot air
5 High yield crops a step closer in light of photosynthesis discovery
6 Global energy demand has adverse effects on freshwater resources of less developed nations
7 Accelerating fusion research through the cutting edge supercomputer
8 Alzheimer's patients' health care costs higher already before diagnosis
9 Changes in metabolites can regulate earliest stages of development
10 Large-scale modeling shows confinement effects on cell macromolecules
11 Ophthalmology's data science initiative yields important clinical post-surgery insights
12 Quantum computer coding in silicon now possible
13 Study sheds light on why parasite makes TB infections worse
14 SF State research reveals how climate influences sediment size
15 Gene drive reversibility introduces new layer of biosafety
16 Whether you are territorial, a girlfriend stealer or a cross-dresser, it's in your genes
17 Allen Institute researchers decode patterns that make our brains human
18 Study ranks 6 American cities on preparation for climate change
19 Information is contagious among social connections
20 Gene therapy: A promising candidate for cystic fibrosis treatment
21 Moderate coffee drinking may lower risk of premature death
22 Pioneering research boosts graphene revolution
23 Fit older adults are more active
24 'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age
25 Adverse trends in mental health linked to disability assessments
26 A 'supergene' underlies genetic differences sexual behaviour in male ruff
27 Scientists fill in the gaps of human hunter-gatherer history
28 Half the world's natural history specimens may have the wrong name
29 Primordial goo used to improve implants
30 Nearsightedness progression in children slowed down by medicated eye drops
31 Nature and nurture: Human brains evolved to be more responsive to environmental influences
32 Kids with Medicaid, CHIP get more preventive care than those with private insurance
33 Effect of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV infection integrated with community health services
34 Study is first to map Earth's hidden groundwater
35 Bats use weighty wings to land upside down
36 Teens and parents agree: Electronic cigarettes need restrictions
37 Being at 'high risk' of ill health has become a disease in its own right
38 'No place' for genetic testing to spot young sporting talent or boost performance
39 Tougher disability benefit assessment may have taken 'serious' toll on mental health
40 Bats use weighty wings to land upside down
41 Mysteries of bony fish genome evolution
42 Ultra-short X-ray pulses could shed new light on the fastest events in physics
43 Valley current control shows way to ultra-low-power devices
44 Regenerative medicine speeds healing of eye tissue following surgery
45 Researchers discover sediment size matters in high-elevation erosion rates
46 Researchers sequence genomes of parasite that is actually a 'micro jellyfish'
47 New guideline for treating acne in children and adults
48 Antibiotic prescriptions increased in study to promote better prescribing for UTIs
49 Lowering body temperature increases survival, brain function in cardiac arrest patients with non-shockable heart rhythms
50 Moderate coffee drinking may be linked to reduced risk of death
51 How depleting the gut microbiota protects from obesity
52 High-tech analysis of proto-mammal fossil clarifies the mammalian family tree
53 Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a stem cell disease
54 Thrombosis during sepsis is a consequence of protective host immune responses
55 Use rectal thermometer for accurate assessment of body temperature
56 Marijuana dependence influenced by genes, childhood sexual abuse
57 Mistaken identities of tropical plants raise questions on biodiversity data
58 Scientists take aim at disease-carrying 'kissing bug'
59 Success in producing a completely rare-earth free Feni magnet
60 Working up a sweat may protect men from lethal prostate cancer
61 Clemson scientists study conservation easements in the Appalachians
62 Study quantifies risk of cardiac arrest in children during spine surgeries
63 Study advances potential test to sort out precancerous pancreatic cysts from harmless ones
64 Stretch mark science: What happens to your skin when pregnancy gives you a stretch mark?
65 Ranibizumab found effective against diabetic retinopathy
66 Mitochondria on guard of human life
67 Chemists create adaptable metallic-cage gels
68 Blood test results vary from drop to drop in fingerprick tests
69 OU-led study links deep-time dust with major impacts on carbon cycling
70 The fittest fiddle
71 PPPL physicists use computers to uncover mechanism that stabilizes plasma within tokamaks
72 Small landscape changes can mean big freshwater gains
73 Researcher's work offers more proof of Einstein's general theory of relativity
74 Scientists find bone protein inhibits prostate cancer invasion
75 'Changing the rules of the game' on collaborative climate change research
76 Can data on TV watching predict presidential election outcomes?
77 US emergency departments show racial/ethnic disparities in pain management
78 Liking on Facebook good for teens' stress, but being liked...not so much
79 To reduce risk of infant death, shed excess pounds before becoming pregnant
80 NREL research identifies increased potential for perovskites as a material for solar cells
81 Countries on the rebound making significant climate adaptation progress
82 Study shows how crop prices and climate variables affect yield and acreage
83 Vitamin D deficiency may limit immune recovery in HIV-positive adults
84 Managing the data deluge for national security analysts
85 Blood phosphorus levels can help predict kidney failure risk in African-Americans
86 Obesity and type 2 diabetes harm bone health
87 Stacking instead of mixing
88 Scripps Florida team discovers compounds with potential to treat persistent tuberculosis
89 Paper: Prior union experience correlates with voting for pro-labor issues
90 Scarcity, not abundance, enhances consumer creativity, study says
91 Mathematical model helps show how zebrafish get their stripes
92 A new symmetry underlies the search for new materials
93 Minority patients less likely to receive analgesic medications for abdominal pain
94 Midwife-led maternity care costs 182 euro less per woman than consultant-led care
95 CU Anschutz researchers find new risk posed by opioid pain medication
96 Researchers create cheaper, high performing LED
97 Women recognize abuse in 'Fifty Shades' film
98 From nanocrystals to earthquakes, solid materials share similar failure characteristics
99 Nondrug interventions improve quality of life for Chinese cancer patients
100 Parents aiming too high can harm child's academic performance
101 'Shrinking bull's-eye' algorithm speeds up complex modeling from days to hours
102 Self-help books: Stressed readers or stressful reading?
103 NASA measures India's deadly flooding rains
104 Nanotech-based sensor developed to measure microRNAs in blood, speed cancer detection
105 New drowsy driving position statement calls for greater public awareness, education
106 GOJO and leading researchers study hand microbiome science and its impact on human health
107 Perpetual youth for batteries?
108 New technique could prevent dangerous biofilms on catheters
109 Do vitamin supplements actually work? (video)
110 Research reveals connections between social science and high fashion