File Title
1 An azure sky? Pluto's 'gorgeous' blue halo intrigues scientists
2 Climate change is good news, at least for Swedish sand lizards
3 Chimps and tools: The boys play, while the girls learn
4 How an underwater heat wave is bleaching coral reefs worldwide
5 Blue skies and water-ice: How similar are Earth and Pluto?
6 Urban runoff is killing salmon. Here's how to fix it.
7 3,000 years ago, an early human journey back into Africa
8 Mars had more than water, it had lakes too: What could that mean?
9 What can a 48-million-year-old horse uterus teach us about ourselves?
10 Lakes on ancient Mars could boost chances for life on the Red Planet
11 Major coral bleaching crisis spreads worldwide
12 Could early birds fly? Fossil may hold answers to ancient mystery.
13 Scientists win Nobel for bizarre neutrino discovery
14 'The Blob': As warm water kills off coral reefs, can we help?
15 How the spider got his knees
16 Why NASA and ESA are trying to crash a spaceship into an asteroid
17 Why the Himalayas are a treasure trove of new species
18 How to watch the Draconid meteor shower
19 Astronomers spot bizarre, fast-moving ripples in dust around star
20 Ancient human was adapted for climbing trees, using tools
21 Israel leads in Google space race. Is a private moon landing imminent?
22 Our human ancestor Homo naledi 'walked a lot like us'
23 What will be the first corporation on the moon?
24 Ancestors of land plants may have been wired to move to shore
25 Scientists win chemistry Nobel for DNA repair studies (+video)
26 Startling neutrino discovery wins physics Nobel Prize
27 Homo naledi: How ancient hands and feet shed light on human evolution
28 As biodiversity dwindles, a shift in thought on conservation
29 An overlooked threat: 1 in 3 cactus species face extinction
30 To survive S. Carolina floods, ants build rafts from their own bodies
31 'Love hormone' may stimulate release of 'bliss molecule'
32 New ASN-GWU report examines key challenges for kidney health workforce
33 A fluorescent dye that survives in live cell STED imaging
34 Study finds medication errors, adverse drug events in 1 out of 2 surgeries studied
35 Study: Sirolimus is effective, safe for treatment-resistant autoimmune blood conditions
36 Research explains limits of cancer immunotherapy drugs
37 Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds in tomato--industrial scale-up potential
38 Declines in whales, fish, seabirds and large animals disrupt Earth's nutrient cycle
39 Sheet music for creating the artificial sense of touch
40 Male mosquitoes lured to traps by sounds of female wing-beats
41 Virginia Tech researchers take cue from spider glue in efforts to create new materials
42 Molecular motor grows cell's microtubules
43 Eat more fruits and vegetables in young adulthood for a healthier heart
44 Three-minute test detects common form of dementia that's hard to diagnose
45 Study: Low-weight, high-repetition exercise increases bone density up to 8 percent in adults
46 New study unravels mystery of why deadly tick disease appears to be surging, yet fatalities have not
47 York U researchers produce report on products expectant mothers should avoid during first trimester
48 Divided opinions on vitamin D enrichment
49 Snake venom helps hydrogels stop the bleeding
50 Regenerative Medicine gives a much needed update on magnetic tracking in cell therapy
51 Two mutations are better than one
52 Reduction in Amazon deforestation avoids 1,700 deaths per year
53 Scientists uncover signal for when a pregnant woman is about to go into labor
54 Insulin cells determine weight-loss surgery success rate
55 Wives take problems to heart, husbands get frustrated
56 Researchers solve longtime puzzle about how we learn
57 Researchers discover an epilepsy switch
58 DNA test for Down's syndrome on the NHS could save lives
59 Massive screen of drug combinations may find treatment for resistant, BRAF-mutant melanoma
60 Inner ear gene discovery offers clues about restoring hearing, balance
61 Discovery could lead to drug to enhance recovery from stroke
62 Many young heart attack patients, especially women, unaware of risk
63 High post-pregnancy BMI raises pelvic organ prolapse risk
64 Scientists devise new method to solve significant variables conundrum
65 CRISPR/Cas9 used for rapid functional study of cancer-causing genes
66 Technologies can improve research, cut costs by replacing animal-derived antibodies
67 Genetic testing could identify men at a 10-fold increased risk of testicular cancer
68 New genetic discovery advances understanding of prostate cancer
69 FDA approves BELBUCA (buprenorphine) buccal film for chronic pain management
70 UGA researchers discover mechanism that could lead to better ovarian cancer treatment
71 Study finds how Alzheimer's-associated protein tangles spread through the brain
72 Standard phenotypes will aid in genetic research on neuropathic pain
73 Study: A low-carb diet outperforms a low-fat diet when it comes to health outcomes
74 Increased risk of large bowel cancer for each 1 cm rise in waist circumference
75 Mainz University Medical Center coordinates interdisciplinary collaborative research project on the long-term effects of cancer treatment
76 New modular partial wrist implant may help more people with painful wrist arthritis
77 Oxytocin has social, emotional and behavioral benefits in young kids with autism
78 Obese children's health rapidly improves with sugar reduction unrelated to calories
79 Lower doses of parabens might increase breast cancer risk
80 Obesity prevention researchers find that supermarket circulars promote unhealthy eating
81 42 weeks post NTCELL implant: Data shows treatment has stopped the progression of Parkinson's in study patients
82 High-grade DCIS detection rates increase in older women
83 Group of genes discovered that can naturally suppress hepatitis C
84 The brain forgets in order to conserve energy
85 UK Labrador Retrievers at risk of middle-aged spread, study finds
86 Lifestyle change could reduce risk of Alzheimer's
87 Common heartburn med could increase risk of kidney disease
88 AAP call for improved safety measures for tackling in youth football
89 Clasado and University of Oxford demonstrate latest series of effects of advanced prebiotic on neuro-inflammation and anxiety in pre-clinical study
90 Fewer deaths from leading causes
91 Study compares combination treatments for black adults with asthma
92 Drug-resistant Tuberculosis--London's shame
93 Study examines lack of specialists in insurance plans of Affordable Care Act
94 New mobile app is first to allow hydrocephalus patients and doctors to manage care collectively
95 Study shows wearable ventilation technology significantly improved outcomes in patients with moderate to severe respiratory disease
96 Intestinal perforation: New surgical method not better than old
97 Reduced activity of a brain protein linked to post-traumatic stress disorder
98 Two studies investigate health impacts of continuous piped water supply
99 Discovery could lead to new way to combat deadly effects of diarrhea
100 Blastoma: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments
101 Agricultural policy reforms may raise sugar intake, harm public health
102 Are more accurate due dates for expectant mothers possible?
103 Otsuka's JINARC the first ever treatment for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) now recommended by NICE
104 UK children play musical instruments as part of family tradition and not to boost social status
105 UT Southwestern researchers identify an enzyme as a major culprit of autoimmune diseases
106 Genetic tests of amniotic fluid could guide timing of delicate births
107 Restoring testosterone rather than replacing it helps safeguard a man's fertility
108 Scientists develop a more effective 'multitasking' flu vaccine
109 Nicotine helps suppress alcohol-induced sleepiness, study finds
110 Some drivers with glaucoma overcome visual field loss by increasing scanning