File Title
1 Flyby of intriguing Saturn moon shows how search for life is evolving
2 Egypt finds way to make salt water drinkable with half the energy
3 Astronomers discover new disk of young stars at heart of Milky Way
4 Space station astronauts' latest challenge: How to park space taxis
5 In an ancient sci-fi scenario, 290-million-year-old animals regrew limbs
6 Only four percent of the ocean is protected, study reveals
7 Nepal quake less severe than anticipated? New studies explain.
8 What's under the ice of this Saturn moon? Daring NASA flyby to find out.
9 How the sonic 'tractor beam' levitates and manipulates objects
10 Ancient 'hypercarnivores' preyed on mammoths, say scientists
11 Mysterious piece of debris to plummet to Earth next month, say scientists
12 Scientists create acoustic 'tractor beam'
13 How quickly do animals evolve? You'd be surprised.
14 As species vanish, so do their droppings. This could be a bad thing.
15 Archaeologists in Greece unearth magnificent 3,500-year-old tomb
16 How lions might survive in the human dominated landscapes of Africa
17 From hypercarnivores to megafauna: How huge animals shaped their world
18 What ancient babies reveal about ice-age Americans' travels
19 How drones can help us better understand whales
20 West Africa's vanishing lions: Why only a few remain
21 Bat sonar: Have we been overthinking it?
22 Why scientists can't wait for a piece of trash to fall to Earth
23 What Comet Lovejoy can tell us about the origins of life on Earth
24 CSI crows: What the birds learn from their dead
25 Is Spooky the Halloween Asteroid really a comet?
26 Mars, Venus, and Jupiter dance together in predawn sky (+video)
27 Conservationists welcome Puget Sound's sixth baby orca (+video)
28 Gigantic shark teeth wash ashore in North Carolina (+video)
29 Can we save the snow leopard from climate change?
30 Hurricane Patricia: How strong can a hurricane get?
31 Ingredients for life were present from the start, comet study suggests
32 Could deep-sea bacteria be the latest weapon against climate change?
33 How finances in poorer nations are slowing climate negotiations
34 How a bee's buzz signals hometown, attracts females
35 Kerberos revealed: Pluto's smallest moon takes bizarre shape
36 Has Hubble opened a window back in time to the earliest galaxies?
37 How the success of Paris climate talks may depend on aid for poor nations
38 What's inside red giants? Magnets, say astronomers
39 Why does your cat need to know bitterness?
40 NASA almost ready for first-ever asteroid hunt
41 Are black holes the ultimate star destroyers?
42 Dying star is blasting nearby planet to smithereens
43 Explore the Milky Way in the biggest photo ever taken
44 14 animals declared extinct in the 21st century
45 Bizarre pig-nose turtle once swam the prehistoric seas of Utah
46 Spooky the Asteroid to hurtle past Earth on Halloween
47 Large earthquake likely to strike LA soon, scientists warn
48 Astronomers spot white dwarf 'Death Star' vaporizing planet
49 Rare embrace: Scientists find star-crossed kiss, 160,000 light-years away
50 We're all 300 million older than we thought, say scientists
51 Earth isn't nearly as unique as we may think, says new study
52 Why sunscreen may be killing coral reefs
53 NASA to share Earth's daily selfies
54 What's likelihood another planet will host intelligent life? 92 percent.
55 'Spooky' asteroid to zoom past Earth at 78,000 m.p.h. on Halloween
56 When did life first emerge on Earth? Maybe a lot earlier than we thought.
57 NASA astronaut sets US spaceflight duration record
58 Are humans a bigger threat than climate change?
59 Why monarch butterflies benefit from the California drought (+video)
60 Where did humans turn wolves into domesticated dogs?
61 How to search for aliens near bizarre dimming star, according to scientists
62 N/A
63 No, there isn't a Buddha on Mars. What's behind all these bizarre 'sightings'?
64 Mysterious floating city in China: Just another Fata Morgana (+video)
65 Is an MIT algorithm better than human intuition?
66 What Thomas Jefferson's hidden lab teaches about US science education
67 Astronaut Scott Kelly's new space record brings US closer to Mars
68 Remembering George Mueller: the man behind the moon landing
69 Climate report: Wealthy nations not doing their fair share
70 Is the dolphin die-off in the Gulf finally ending?
71 Thomas Jefferson's chemistry lab found at UVA's Rotunda
72 NASA's George Mueller is remembered as 'father of the space shuttle'
73 Astronomers spot gigantic 'hole' in sun
74 Climate change: Why methane gas is leaking from the ocean floor
75 Woolly mammoth tusks point to human-caused extinction
76 Spectacular photos of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus captured by Cassini
77 Can oil bosses lose the 'bad guy' image before climate talks?
78 What can a newly discovered lab teach us about Thomas Jefferson?
79 Did cavemen get more sleep than we do?
80 Pluto: A mountainous, flat, frozen, and diverse world (+video)
81 How the ocean's frozen methane is being unlocked by climate change
82 Mysterious star activity. Is it aliens?
83 Did Kepler telescope really pick up evidence of 'alien megastructures'?
84 Check out this spectacular video of Jupiter's shrinking Great Red Spot
85 This 'Cretaceous furball' could be the oldest mammal ever found
86 Can 100,000-year-old teeth change human history?
87 Can 149 climate pledges forestall ocean ecosystem collapse?
88 Did Mars once have rivers? Pebbles say yes.
89 Hubble's spectacular Jupiter portrait: What happened to the Great Red Spot?
90 Spectacular Hubble photo: A bright galaxy holds a hidden secret
91 Second Kon-Tiki voyage to map Great Pacific Garbage Patch
92 Martian river likely carried pebbles tens of miles: What could it mean?
93 Were dinosaurs really warm blooded? Eggshells hold hints.
94 Miniature satellite reaches orbit. Could CubeSats be the next frontier for NASA?
95 Something fishy: How climate change reaches into the ocean
96 Paris climate talks starting to look like all carrots, no sticks
97 25 million Americans could lose their homes to global warming: Will you?
98 For scientists, should killing rare species be business as usual?
99 How did Mars get its water?
100 Wildlife thriving in abandoned Chernobyl zone
101 Night of the Zombees? Scientists seek link to colony collapse disorder.
102 Inside NASA's three-phase plan to put humans on Mars
103 Can we save the sea turtles from our plastic?
104 What ancient rocks reveal about Earth's inner core
105 Why does Congress call Mars plan a 'journey to nowhere'?
106 Stunning video of humpback whales bathed in Northern Lights (+video)
107 Is the eco-tourism boom putting wildlife in a new kind of danger?
108 Why climate change could leave the Horn of Africa parched
109 What does an ancient Ethiopian man's genome say about human ancestry?
110 What genome of ancient Ethiopian skeleton tell us about reverse migration