File Title
1 UW scientists are the first to simulate 3-D exotic clouds on an exoplanet
2 Exercise could give margin of safety to women who want to delay preventive mastectomy
3 Possible new explanation for ALS
4 It's a Tyrannosaur-eat-Tyrannosaur world
5 Transplanted human umbilical cord blood cells may offer therapy for Alzheimer's sufferers
6 Water-treatment plants are not supposed to harm the functioning of river ecosystems
7 HIV/AIDS deaths are down in South Africa--But most are still unacknowledged
8 Researchers model birth of universe in one of largest cosmological simulations ever run
9 Are embryonic stem cells and artificial stem cells equivalent?
10 Reinvent universities in Muslim world to transform societies through scientific excellence: Report
11 Clemson researchers and IT scientists team up to tackle Big Data
12 Virginia Tech study of basic cell processes may inform health, synthetic biology efforts
13 Using Google Street View to assess the engineering impact of natural disasters
14 Researchers find universality in protein locality
15 People with MS may be more physically fit than tests indicate, study finds
16 'Tummy tuck' complications--Study looks at rates and risk factors
17 No need to stop antidepressants before plastic surgery, evidence suggests
18 Spinning out? What you're able to take with you to your new company will determine how well you do
19 Computer-based modeling improves outcomes for infants in drug withdrawal
20 Achilles tendon ruptures missed in 1 of 4 cases, but surgery not needed for most
21 Newly developed cell transplantation delivery method could treat traumatic brain injury
22 Breaking the mold: Untangling the jelly-like properties of diseased proteins
23 Carnegie Mellon fur-bricates hair with inexpensive 3-D printer
24 Follow your heart as you pursue your career
25 A new study of fossil bone growth reveals the ancestry of mammalian 'warm-bloodedness'
26 Personal interests pivotal for identification with Europe
27 Key findings to develop a vaccine against Toxoplasma
28 New ORNL catalyst features unsurpassed selectivity
29 Northeastern researchers unlock details of Uber's surge pricing
30 Unique feeding mechanism among marine reptiles from the age of dinosaurs
31 300 million-year-old 'supershark' fossils found in Texas
32 Mummified seals reveal ecological impact of ice change
33 Transitional species of duckbilled dinosaurs illuminate relationship between evolution & growth
34 Mammal body-size responds to climate change in ancient Wyoming
35 Unraveling the mysteries of 2 ancient parasites
36 Making cars of the future stronger, using less energy
37 There might be ways to exploit renewable energy and also allow for protecting biodiversity
38 Satellites shed light on Greenland Ice Sheet response to warming
39 Early life stress and adolescent depression cause impaired development of reward circuits
40 The secret of resistance: Shattering into a thousand pieces
41 New study uncovers the underlying causes of Delhi's air pollution problems
42 Regular physical activity protects against depression after heartattack
43 TSRI study suggests tumors may 'seed' cancer metastases earlier than expected
44 The key to drilling wells with staying power in the developing world
45 Single-agent phototherapy system offers significant new tool to fight cancer
46 Study: Count your bites; count down the pounds
47 'This solar system isn't big enough for the both of us.'--Jupiter
48 Extinct ape species resets the scale on humans' ancestors
49 Taking cholesterol medication before aneurysm repair improves outcomes
50 Low testosterone, men's empathy can determine parenting skills
51 Battery mystery solved: Microscopy answers longstanding questions about lithium-rich transition metal oxides
52 Molecular switch generates calorie-burning brown fat
53 Study led by Temple researchers showcases potential new oral treatment for IBD
54 Fire severity in southwestern Colorado unaffected by spruce beetle outbreak
55 Treatment for chronic sinus infection that may help maintain productivity
56 Self-esteem not correlated with number of years younger patients look after face-lift
57 Using superlatives in the media for cancer drugs
58 Study predicts bedrock weathering based on topography
59 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Large meta-analysis finds low-fat diets ineffective for achieving long-term weight loss
60 'Ensemble' modeling could lead to better flu forecasts
61 New finding will help target MS immune response
62 Bright idea for lowlight photography
63 What blocks pro-vaccine beliefs?
64 'Ensemble' modeling could lead to better flu forecasts, study finds
65 Pregnancy antibiotics no cause for concern
66 Cleveland Clinic researchers discover new thyroid cancer gene
67 Low-fat diet not most effective in long-term weight loss
68 Study: Volkswagen's emissions cheat to cause 60 premature deaths in US
69 The most vulnerable countries miss out on climate change knowledge
70 Studies raise questions about impact of statins on flu vaccination in seniors
71 Targeted therapy for gastric cancer possible
72 Researchers identify association between reproductive factors and risk of death
73 New design points a path to the 'ultimate' battery
74 Immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer boosts survival by more than 75 percent in mice
75 Breast cancer becoming as common among African-American women as among white women
76 Stanford researchers identify potential security hole in genomic data sharing network
77 What's done in the lab applies in the field, econ study shows
78 Fossil could redefine evolutionary split between monkeys and apes
79 An enhanced lithium-air battery
80 New England cod collapse linked to warming waters
81 Splicing alterations that cause resistance to CD19 CAR T-cell therapy identified
82 A vaccine candidate that supports immunity where it matters most
83 Allergy is the price we pay for our immunity to parasites
84 New enzyme therapy shows proof of concept as treatment for cocaine overdose
85 Long-term aerobic exercise prevents age-related brain changes
86 Novel nanoparticles for image-guided phototherapy could improve ovarian cancer treatments
87 Improving risk-cost-benefit analysis
88 To scratch an itch is a hairy problem
89 Wistar scientists show how frequently mutated prostate cancer gene suppresses tumors
90 'Superhero' microbiome bacteria protect against deadly symptoms during infection
91 New study: Warming waters a major factor in the collapse of New England cod
92 Rates of kidney failure due to blood cancer are declining
93 Towards a safe and efficient SARS-coronavirus vaccine: Mechanism and prevention of genetic instability of a live attenuated virus
94 The cell membrane winds up like a watch
95 A new primate species at the root of the tree of extant hominoids
96 See NASA's sneak preview reel of photos from Enceladus flyby
97 Halloween asteroid TB145 weird, but not 'spooky,' says NASA
98 Brilliant planetary halo: Behold, Pluto bathed in ring of resplendent light
99 Are emissions pledges enough to halt climate change? Not yet, says UN
100 Was the common ancestor of all apes actually petite? (+video)
101 How much did Amazonian natives mess with the rainforest?
102 Historic NASA rover found in Alabama scrap yard
103 10,000-year-old lion cubs found frozen in Siberia offer link to distant past
104 Rosetta spacecraft detects molecular oxygen on comet
105 As climate changes, scientists call for unified, bigger view of tiny microbes
106 Gender equality in space? Russia's all-female practice mission to the moon
107 Fishermen obeyed their quotas, so why did Maine cod stocks collapse?
108 Electric eels' secret weapon: Curl before shocking prey
109 Oxygen found around comet may make us rethink our entire solar system (+video)
110 Spotted: A disk of young stars near the center of the Milky Way