File Title
1 The Spooky Effects of Sleep Deprivation
2 Party like It's 2500 B.C.: Stonehenge Builders Hosted Barbecues
3 Leading Causes of Death in the US: What's Changed Since 1969?
4 Real-Life 'Tractor Beam' Can Levitate Objects Using Sound Waves
5 Einstein Is Right About General Relativity--Again
6 Gem-Filled Warrior's Tomb Discovered in Ancient Greek City
7 DIY Halloween Costumes: 7 Geeky Getups for Any Party
8 The Mystery of Why Urinary Tract Infections Peak in Summer
9 290-Million-Year-Old Creature Could Sprout New Limbs
10 Google Can Help You Find the Perfect Halloween Costume
11 See Food Diet? What's on Your Countertops Can Affect Your Weight
12 Record-Breaking 408 Earthquakes Hit Bay Area City Over Past 2 Weeks
13 Cutting Sugar Made Obese Kids Healthier in 10 Days
14 Ultrasound Scans Can Tell When Baby Is Due
15 Snakebite Victims in Africa Lack Needed Antivenom, Researcher Says
16 Oh Baby! The Science of Identical Triplets and Quadruplets
17 22 Ancient Shipwrecks Discovered Near Greek Island
18 'Alien Megastructure' Mystery May Soon Be Solved
19 Electric Embrace: Eels Curl Up to Supercharge Shocks
20 Marriage Linked to Better Outcomes After Heart Surgery
21 Swim for the Earth: 3D-Printed Bikini Scrubs Water Pollution
22 Rising Outdoor CO2 Levels Harming Life Indoors (Op-Ed)
23 Skin-Crawling Experience: Caterpillar Gives Woman Hives
24 People with Type 2 Diabetes Fall into 3 Distinct Groups, Study Finds
25 Capturing Cacti Before They Disappear: Q&A with Cacti Curator John Trager
26 Reference: Facts About Salamanders
27 Reference: What Is Simple Harmonic Motion?
28 Goblin Sharks and 'Skeletorus': 6 Scary Beasts to Haunt Your Halloween
29 Tiny Bird Fossil Solves Big Mystery About Life After Dinosaurs
30 Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity
31 Climate scientists ponder spraying diamond dust in the sky to cool planet
32 Science papers rarely cited in negative ways
33 Massive UK baby study cancelled
34 Out of regulatory limbo, 23andMe resumes some health tests and hopes to offer more
35 US science agency refuses request for climate records
36 Cancer-fighting viruses win approval
37 Super-fast Antarctic drills ready to hunt for oldest ice
38 Before we drown we may die of thirst
39 US panel proposes executive biodefence office
40 How to make the most of carbon dioxide
41 Smart software spots statistical errors in psychology papers
42 Rosetta sniffs oxygen around comet 67P
43 Does innovation always come from science?
44 US budget deal could ease uncertainty over science spending
45 Grant application rejected over choice of font
46 'Breathing battery' advance holds promise for long-range electric cars
47 China's birth rate won't be dramatically affected by end of one-child policy
48 How to make biomedical research more reproducible
49 Zombie physics: 6 baffling results that just won't die
50 Power struggle
51 Burst bubbles
52 Ghost story
53 Forensic DNA evidence is not infallible
54 Microbiology: Create a global microbiome effort
55 Institutions: Revive universities of the Muslim world
56 UW-Madison engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor
57 Penn study blocks ebola virus budding by regulating calcium signaling
58 Divorce rate doesn't go up as families of children with disabilities grow
59 Chemical complexity promises improved structural alloys for next-gen nuclear energy
60 Large igneous provinces linked to extinction events
61 UT study: Lack of ZZZZs may zap cell growth, brain activity
62 New metal alloy could yield green cooling technologies
63 Solving 80-year-old mystery, chemist discovers way to isolate single-crystal ice surfaces
64 Secure wireless key distribution verified within a real outdoor environment
65 Study explores what we know about how neonicotinoids affect bees
66 Mummies, ghosts and vampires: A 'Spooking' of Chemistry special (video)
67 The lying game
68 Simple mathematical formula models lithium-ion battery aging
69 Pulse oximetry screening in newborns: Hint of benefit for critical congenital heart defect
70 Patients with psychosis and addiction: Disorder-specific treatment can help
71 Tug of war among bacteria
72 Reptile pets
73 Online services in the EU: Both local and global, with the US as the dominant supplier
74 3-D laser printing of whispering-gallery-mode microcavities
75 NUS scientists developed super sensitive magnetic sensor
76 Working memory: Underlying processes are more complex than we thought
77 Results of the Rosetta mission before perihelion
78 African lion survival may be dependent on corridor creation
79 Genetics of cancer cells: Computational models to sort out the chaos
80 Treatment of severe acne hampered by antibiotic overuse and delays in prescribing more potent medication
81 Kids meals, toys, and TV advertising: A triple threat to child health
82 Receptors: It takes a dimer to bind
83 Technique for analyzing bedrock could help builders, planners identify safe building zones
84 Researchers discover new way to measure if a person is pre-diabetic
85 New concepts emerge for generating clean, inexpensive fuel from water
86 UTMB study finds obese pregnant women who lose weight save money, have healthier newborns
87 UTMB researchers help discover simple, affordable diagnostic kit for chikungunya
88 Factor found to balance medically useful stem cell qualities
89 Researchers advance understanding of mountain watersheds
90 Warming waters contributed to the collapse of New England's cod fishery
91 Virginia Tech chickens help reveal that evolution moves quicker than previously thought
92 Dartmouth researchers shed light on protein-related diseases
93 Babe Ruth and earthquake hazard maps
94 New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered
95 Study spells out why some insects kill their mothers
96 Nuclear membrane repairs the 'dark matter' of DNA
97 Did Dust Bowl's ravages end in the 1940s? New study says no
98 Hair-GEL online tool gives bird's eye view of hair follicle formation
99 Annual Antarctic ozone hole larger and formed later in 2015
100 Caught in the act: New wasp species emerging
101 Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets
102 Gut bacteria could be blamed for obesity and diabetes
103 Male/female brain differences? Big data says not so much
104 Wimps or warriors? Honey bee larvae absorb the social culture of the hive, study finds
105 How to make Web advertising more effective
106 NIH researchers link single gene variation to obesity
107 Beyond the temples, ancient bones reveal the lives of the Mayan working class
108 Pixelated plants shed light on cell size control
109 Who mothers mommy?
110 New insight into how neurons regulate their activity