File Title
1 Government type can predict country's place in global Internet network
2 New model developed for research into 'social-ecological systems'
3 New math model represents how mind processes sequential memory, may help understand psychiatric disorders
4 New mathematical method reveals structure in neural activity in the brain
5 Best of Last Week--Particle made of nuclear force, dire global warming news and standing not so good for you either
6 Treasure trove of late Triassic fossils discovered in Utah
7 Massive open online courses haven't lived up to the hopes and the hype, professors say
8 Scholars challenge colleges to reform STEM learning
9 Shift in weaning age supports hunting-induced extinction of Siberian woolly mammoths
10 Developing Saurolophus dino found at 'Dragon's Tomb'
11 Expert passport officers better at detecting fraud using face recognition technology
12 Study reveals brain mechanism for creating durable memories
13 Researchers develop a fast, noninvasive brain-computer interface
14 Intestinal worms 'talk' to gut bacteria to boost immune system
15 Our head movements convey emotions
16 The brain forgets in order to conserve energy
17 Testosterone levels found to rise in women in dominant role regardless of behavior
18 Intrinsic neural connections help the blind detect their environment
19 Bodily maps of touch and social relationships are tightly linked
20 Withdrawing dementia drug doubles risk of nursing home placement
21 Researchers discover more than 3,000 genes in a little-studied part of the human genome
22 New role for insulin: Studies tie the hormone to brain's 'pleasure' center
23 3-D pancreatic cancer organoid may help predict clinical responses, personalize treatments
24 Restoring testosterone rather than replacing it helps safeguard a man's fertility
25 Mental maps: Route-learning changes brain tissue
26 Study finds complete symptom resolution reduces risk of depression recurrence
27 Genetic testing could identify men at a 10-fold increased risk of testicular cancer
28 Oxytocin has social, emotional and behavioral benefits in young kids with autism
29 Researchers explore natural molecule's potential to aid immune response
30 Manipulating the antennae on cells promises new treatments for osteoarthritis
31 Scientists discover a 'switchboard' of molecules that protect against Parkinson's disease
32 Four microRNAs identified as playing key roles in cholesterol, lipid metabolism
33 Sexuality orients stress reactivity
34 Prescription pain relievers place teens at greater risk for future drug misuse
35 Scientists pinpoint pathway of resistance to viral infections in the gut
36 Potential new therapy for triple-negative breast cancer shows promise in lab studies
37 Study examines lack of specialists in insurance plans of Affordable Care Act
38 Lower doses of common product ingredient might increase breast cancer risk
39 Diabetes patients do better after surgery when their blood sugar is managed by pharmacists
40 Study compares combination treatments for black adults with asthma
41 Decreases seen in leading causes of death
42 New electronic skin could help give prosthetic limbs a human sense of touch
43 We get the same amount of sleep as people in ancient tribal societies
44 El Nino 2015 starting to look like 'super El Nino' in 1997-98
45 Jupiter's changing Great Red Spot
46 Birth order effect on personality theory debunked
47 Dogs may have been first domesticated in Nepal and Mongolia
48 Damaged seagrass meadows release ancient carbon
49 Milky Way has up to three times more star-forming material than thought
50 Engineer Graeme Jameson picks up Prime Minister's science prize for billion-dollar bubbles
51 Zombie star, a white dwarf called WD 1145+017, caught in the act of 'killing planets'
52 Sunscreen chemical Oxybenzone blamed for harm to coral reefs
53 Einstein was wrong: First conclusive proof 'spooky' quantum entanglement is real
54 Black Death plague pathogen thousands of years older than first thought
55 Blood biomarker predicts death from serious infection
56 New Hubble Space Telescope images reveal faint galaxies from the early cosmos
57 Antarctic sea ice maximum at 'normal' level for first time in three years
58 Alan Finkel, 'electric planet' visionary, expected to become Australia's next chief scientist
59 Celestial conjunction: Mars, Jupiter and Venus come together in 'planetary dance' over Earth
60 Musicians' brain waves dance to the beat, study finds
61 Chicken evolution rate challenges timings of domestication and human migration
62 Scientists levitate tiny objects using sound
63 Surprise discovery suggests 'gentle' start for Solar System
64 Cassini probe sweeps over Saturn's moon Enceladus
65 'Tractor beam' grabs beads with sound waves
66 Lion populations in Africa 'could halve in 20 years'
67 Bikini islanders seek US refuge as sea levels threaten homes
68 Venus, Jupiter and Mars align for skyline display
69 Afghan quake: The corner of a continental collision
70 Anthrax case confirmed on farm in Westbury, Wiltshire
71 Top dogs at risk of middle-aged spread, say Edinburgh University scientists
72 Cryosat tracks Arctic sea ice freeze-up
73 Australia's new chief scientist Alan Finkel advocates coal-free future
74 Processed meats do cause cancer--WHO
75 Who, What, Why: Do crabs feel pain?
76 Fancy a cuppa coffee? Lisburn company plans to brew success
77 Four views: How can we save the rhino from poachers?
78 The Golden Dream
79 The place that has wiped out grey squirrels
80 Copenhagen ghosts haunt climate talks
81 Can we justify killing animals for food?
82 What is climate change?
83 Copenhagen ghosts haunt climate talks
84 Schools given Dropbox guidance after Safe Harbour warning
85 British Gas logins exposed online
86 TalkTalk hack: What to do if your data is leaked
87 YouTube Red 'will pay video-makers' during free trial, after concerns
88 Drone crash causes Hollywood electricity blackout
89 UK government rules out app backdoors
90 Smart car software tinkering legal--US ruling
91 Marks and Spencer website leaks customers' details
92 Halo 5 download issues frustrate some gamers
93 Online dating website users 'conned out of millions'
94 What Twitter must do to save itself
95 'Misleading' Boots eye advert banned
96 TalkTalk hack: What should I do?
97 Six things firms should do to improve cybersecurity
98 Why do companies keep getting hacked?
99 Can technology take Williams to the front of the F1 grid?
100 Budget broadband deal emails hidden from London schools
101 YouTube to launch subscription service
102 Pupil dies after school stabbing at Cults Academy in Aberdeen
103 PM launches 'root and branch' review of children's homes
104 Teacher shortage 'costing millions in supply staff'
105 Glasgow Caledonian University New York campus has no degree students
106 AC Grayling says end 'closed shop' for new universities
107 South Carolina school video: Officer-pupil clash investigated
108 Northern Powerhouse 'must close child development gap'
109 Include poorer over 30s in master's loans, ministers urged
110 University applications to be anonymous, says David Cameron