File Title
1 Ancient bees gathered pollen in 2 ways
2 New microscopy technology may help surgeons save more lives
3 Scientists sniff out female mouse scents that make males frisky
4 Global maternal mortality fell 44 percent since 1990: UN group, UMass statistician
5 EARTH: Travertine buildup reflects Ancient Rome's water usage
6 Building with nature: Ecological design for next-generation cities
7 3-D printing aids in understanding food enjoyment
8 Chemists turn bacterial molecules into potential drug molecules
9 Simultaneous pregnancy and leukaemia offer a treatment challenge
10 Meeting transportation needs will improve lives of those with ASD, their families
11 Encouraging motivation to benefit others can lead to more effective teams
12 How DNA and a supercomputer can help sustain honey bee populations
13 Parkinson's disease: A new tool aims to improve diagnosis and advance treatment
14 Streamlining mobile image processing
15 Not so happy old age?
16 Living liver donors satisfied with donation process says study
17 Researchers design and patent graphene biosensors
18 Really, what is the internet of things?
19 The first human uses of beeswax have been established in Anatolia in 7000 BCE
20 N/A
21 Lasers could rapidly make materials hotter than the Sun
22 FDA approves Adjuvant Yervoy in melanoma based on results of EORTC trial 18071
23 Will immunotherapy add value to chemotherapy for HER-2 positive gastric cancer?
24 Invasive freshwater species in Europe's lakes and rivers: How do they come in?
25 Sea ice plays a pivotal role in the Arctic methane cycle
26 Seniors expend as much energy as Tour de France cyclists
27 Rare facial paralysis gives researchers new insights into social interaction
28 Strong odor challenge of mercaptans
29 5400mph winds discovered hurtling around planet outside solar system
30 Have an apple-shaped body? You may be more susceptible to binge eating
31 Child abuse rises in connection with soldiers' deployments
32 Large study sums up health issues for new child refugees to US
33 Irradiated anthrax can be sequenced--fast!
34 #FAUTwitterStudy uses 20 million tweets to understand people and real-world situations
35 Cyclin' out of gear: Malaria parasites grinding to a halt
36 Isle of Skye fossil makes three species one
37 Injection instead of laser may be viable treatment option for diabetic retinopathy
38 Device-assisted feeding and poor growth in newborns with CHD may lead to poor neurodevelopment
39 Disparities in colorectal cancer death rates take a large economic toll
40 Receiving curative lung cancer surgery varies by state
41 Healthy diet may reduce risk of ovarian cancer in African-American women
42 New model helps predict breast cancer risk in Hispanic women
43 Parasitic fungi and the battle against coffee rust disease
44 Loss of diversity near melting coastal glaciers
45 Lucentis proves effective against proliferative diabetic retinopathy
46 Lucentis effective for proliferative diabetic retinopathy
47 Diabetes dilemma: Most Europeans unsure how to reduce type 2 diabetes risk, research finds
48 Network analysis shows systemic risk in mineral markets
49 One-step test for hepatitis C virus infection developed by UC Irvine Health researchers
50 Falls and brawls top list of causes for eye injuries in United States
51 Programmable electronic glasses provide children effective, digital lazy eye treatment
52 Study finds honesty varies significantly between countries
53 Child with drug-resistant TB successfully treated at Johns Hopkins Children's Center
54 How to eliminate pain tied to tooth decay
55 Drug driving: Are your meds affecting you?
56 Why are some wild animals more tolerant to human interaction than others?
57 Researchers find experimental drug can help fight debilitating side effect of ovarian cancer
58 Arrested development
59 Bipartisan US report advocates fighting global disease to advance range of American interests
60 Modulating brain's stress circuitry might prevent Alzheimer's disease
61 Human brains evolved to be more responsive to environmental influences, study finds
62 New study on patterns of electronic cigarette use among adults in the US
63 A new target for immuno-oncology therapies
64 UW team refrigerates liquids with a laser for the first time
65 Children's Research Institute identifies emergency response system for blood formation
66 New fat cell metabolism research could lead to new ways to treat diabetes and obesity
67 Environment of tumors impacts metastasis, study finds
68 Overweight men just as likely as overweight women to face discrimination
69 UNC researchers find new way to force stem cells to become bone cells
70 Marginalized groups use the Internet to broaden their networks, rather than reinforce ties
71 Impact of high-fat diet on red blood cells may cause cardiovascular disease
72 Safe spaces play important role in community-based HIV prevention, research finds
73 Microbes that are key indicators of Puget Sound's health in decline
74 RNA-based drugs give more control over gene editing
75 Presence of female executives may negatively impact other women aspiring to senior leadearship
76 Watch for eyes: Scientists are sure that human thoughts are material
77 Gene variant may increase risk of liver disease in obese youth
78 How new technologies will impact the engineering of biological systems
79 Fossil discovery shows that three previously recognized species are in fact just one
80 Insights into the evolution of praying mantis camouflage
81 Scientists uncover re-evolution of disruptive camouflage in horned praying mantises
82 Flowers that point to the sky may attract more moth pollinators
83 Study: How students of different backgrounds use strategies to strengthen college applications
84 Long-term effects of common pesticides on aquatic species
85 Brain scans illuminate emotional response to sound
86 Brushing up peptides boosts their potential as drugs
87 Group Health's lifesaving approach to screening for colon cancer steps forward
88 Research points to why some colorectal cancers recur after treatment
89 New nanoscopic tools to study ligand-binding of receptors and quantifying two ligand-binding sites while imaging membrane receptors
90 Discovery measures 'heartbeats' of distant galaxy's stars
91 Yoga may lessen side effects in men undergoing prostate cancer treatment
92 Study finds High Plains Aquifer peak use by state, overall usage decline
93 Studies show China continues to lag in effective tobacco control
94 Lung transplant criteria biased against shorter patients
95 Plant metabolic protein tailored for nighttime growth
96 Study: Earth's climate more sensitive to CO2 than previously thought
97 'Tuning in' to a fast and optimized internet
98 Northeastern researchers develop system to control information leaks from smartphone apps
99 Mount Sinai Heart director discusses population health promotion and a stratified approach for cardiovascular health
100 Surgeons at NYU Langone Medical Center perform the most extensive face transplant to date
101 Responding to 'C. diff'--concerted action needed to control health care-related infection
102 Rice makes light-driven nanosubmarine
103 Empathy is key to political persuasion, shows new research
104 Study finds surprising links between bullying and eating disorders
105 Earwigs raised without parents demonstrate limited maternal care of their own offspring
106 For low-income children, preventive care more likely in Medicaid, CHIP than under private insurance
107 We've got the beat: Astronomers discover a distant galaxy with a pulse
108 New tech helps handlers monitor health, well-being of guide dogs
109 Study provides strongest evidence yet of a link between breakfast quality and educational outcomes
110 Treating epilepsy and brain traumas by neurotransmitters