File Title
1 Research uncovers 'horizon glow' mystery of the moon
2 Image: Coronal mass ejection creates spooky Halloween sky
3 How clean is the International Space Station?
4 Seven key facts about Cassini's October 28 'plume dive'
5 Scientists predict that rocky planets formed from 'pebbles'
6 Scientists predict space debris to enter earth's atmosphere around the Indian Ocean
7 X-ray emission from massive stars
8 In unexpected discovery, comet contains alcohol, sugar
9 Watch worn by US astronaut on Moon sells for $1.6mn
10 NASA takes Lasercom a step forward
11 Mysterious Kerberos revealed by New Horizons
12 Average chemical composition of the universe to be the same as that of the sun
13 Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets
14 NASA's New Horizons on new post-Pluto mission
15 Hubble spies Big Bang frontiers
16 Game theory experts to analyse space debris removal
17 Cosmic 'Death Star' is destroying a planet
18 Astronomers catch a black hole shredding a star to pieces
19 Magneticum Pathfinder: Evolution of the universe in an unmatched precision
20 Halloween asteroid to shave past Earth, astronomers say
21 Missing gravitational waves lead to black hole rethink
22 Farming the sea: Prize-winning model to restore ecosystems
23 'Spring-mass' technology heralds the future of walking robots
24 Study suggests a ten-fold efficiency increase possible when converting carbon dioxide to fuel using solar energy
25 Boosting the efficiency of solar panels
26 Google scientist talks about RankBrain for search
27 Bending to wearables, two battery kings step up game
28 Digital-savvy, eco-conscious drivers targeted at Tokyo Motor Show
29 Proposed FCC rules may smooth path to 5G wireless tech
30 When self-driving cars drive the ethical questions
31 Tech spats spark US fears of 'digital protectionism'
32 Hendo brings out second hoverboard iteration
33 Deutsche Telekom, Huawei in cloud link to rival Amazon
34 New general-purpose optimization algorithm promises order-of-magnitude speedups on some problems
35 Finland team's collaborative device could spark farewell to PCs
36 Tech companies face rocky road on the way to making cars
37 Review: Amazon's cheap Fire tablet does a lot for $50
38 Construction site robot adapts as tools drop, plans change
39 Simulating two types of brain cells may allow robots to navigate in a new way
40 Top EU court rules Bitcoin exchange tax-free in Europe
41 Shining more light on solar panels
42 Engineering students innovate 3-D printing process to improve accessibility
43 Up to 27 seconds of inattention after talking to your car or smartphone
44 Dash Robotics: Origami-style robots for build-and-play fun
45 Dive of the RoboBee: First insect-size robot capable of flying and swimming (w/ Video)
46 YouTube to launch $10-a-month ad-free video, music plan Red
47 PhD student stumbles upon a new way for producing oldest chemical compounds
48 Researchers develop novel 3-D printing method for creating patient-specific medical devices
49 Promising technique improves hydrogen production of affordable alternative to platinum
50 Cells get noisy in crowded environments
51 Hybrid aerogels made from biopolymers and silica are strong and extremely insulating
52 Secrets of a rice-killing fungal toxin
53 Chemists find better way to pack natural gas into fuel tanks
54 Researchers create technology to produce lighter, long-lasting batteries from silicon
55 Ants: Both solid-like and liquid-like
56 Snake venom helps hydrogels stop the bleeding
57 Tiny sponges behave in a counterintuitive way when adsorbing water
58 Sensing small molecules may revolutionize drug design
59 Team hacks off-the-shelf 3-D printer towards rebuilding the heart
60 Steaming out some of luminol's wrinkles
61 Cobalt-ligand catalyst successfully converts carboxylic acids and esters into alcohols
62 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas, researchers find
63 Chemists invent 'tool' for assembling life molecules
64 Chemists present an innovative redox-flow battery based on organic polymers and water
65 Glowing fingerprints to fight crime
66 Cobalt atoms on graphene a powerful combo
67 New technique offers a window into light-activated therapies
68 Material inspired by nature could turn water into fuel
69 Improved polymer membranes may simplify desalination, reduce cost
70 First synthetic model of a bacterial outer membrane will support antibiotic development
71 Mother-of-pearl's genesis identified in mineral's transformation
72 Study highlights climate threat to king penguins
73 100-year-old mystery solved: Adult eel observed for the first time in the Sargasso Sea
74 New study shows that lion populations in much of Africa are in rapid decline
75 Social yeast cells prefer to work with close relatives to make our beer, bread and wine
76 Discovery of molecular machine that drives spread of flu virus
77 Controlling genes using CRISPR shows high degree of specificity
78 Persistence toxin promotes antibiotic resistance: Structure reveals how HigB bacterial protein recognizes mRNA
79 Elephants boost tree losses in South Africa's largest savanna reserve
80 Study shows declines in whales, fish, seabirds and large animals damages Earth's nutrient cycle
81 'Hypercarnivores' kept massive ancient herbivores in check
82 Loss of large land mammals could change landscapes forever
83 Molecular motor grows cell's microtubules
84 New high-speed microscope images entire living organisms at high resolution
85 Females more promiscuous in colder climates, says insect study
86 Siberian jays can recognize unfamiliar, distant relatives
87 Two mutations are better than one
88 Male mosquitoes lured to traps by sounds of female wing-beats
89 Spiders spin smart system for scientists to mimic, create new products
90 Researchers explore how a cell's protein-making factories are assembled
91 Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds in tomato--industrial scale-up potential
92 Ancient wild ox genome reveals complex cow ancestry
93 Deadly fish virus still present in Wisconsin lake
94 New DNA research reveals undiscovered white dots on the map
95 Collaborative research reveals a new view of cell division
96 CRISPR technique allows for gene splicing without introducing foreign DNA bits
97 Study suggests not all polygynous marriage is harmful to women or children
98 The role of food prices in the Syrian crisis, and the way forward
99 Study: Football doesn't affect voting patterns after all
100 Assessing the role of negative citations in science
101 Scientists devise new method to solve significant variables conundrum
102 Research backs human role in extinction of mammoths, other mammals
103 Ancient babies boost Bering land bridge layover: DNA links many Native Americans to infants in Alaskan grave
104 Capacity to regenerate body parts may be the primitive state for all four-legged vertebrates
105 Best of Last Week--The Zeno effect, self-driving cars and the genetic impact of stress on offspring
106 Experts in new bid to unravel 'secrets' of pyramids
107 Sino-Tibetan populations shed light on human cooperation
108 Adolescent T. rex unraveling controversy about growth changes in Tyrannosaurus
109 Dinosaurs used nasal passages to keep brains cool
110 76-million-year-old extinct species of pig-snouted turtle unearthed in Utah