File Title
1 New risk tools spot patients at high risk of diabetes complications
2 New exoplanet in our neighborhood
3 Gene therapy makes advances against a lethal childhood disorder
4 Asteroid ripped apart to form star's glowing ring system
5 Lakes resist the introduction of new fish
6 Astronomers eager to get a whiff of newfound Venus-like planet
7 Researchers call for investment in cancer control in low- and middle-income countries
8 Brain scans may help predict recovery from coma
9 Ant colony responds to predation simulation as a 'superorganism'
10 New 'short-crested lizard' found in Montana
11 How antibiotics may worsen drug-resistant bacterial infections
12 Social media offers neuroscientists a treasure trove of research material
13 Power up: Cockroaches employ a 'force boost' to chew through tough materials
14 PFOA exposure in utero linked to child adiposity and faster BMI gain
15 Self-calibration enhances BrainGate ease, reliability
16 A 'nervous system' for ant colonies?
17 Diagnosis before disease breaks out
18 A network of artificial neurons learns to use human language
19 Photons on a chip set new paths for secure communications
20 Online abuse affects 3 in 5 Australians: study
21 New information about bacterial enzymes to help scientists develop more effective antibiotics, cancer drugs
22 Houston-Galveston region could be better protected from impact of hurricanes and severe storms
23 Experimental drug targeting Alzheimer's disease shows anti-aging effects
24 In new study, Illinois scientists trace activity of cancer-fighting tomato component
25 TGen identifies drug that could limit the spread of deadly brain tumors
26 Eating sweets forms memories that may control eating habits, study finds
27 Breeding flexibility helps migratory songbirds adjust to climate warming
28 'Pale orange dot': Early Earth's haze may give clue to habitability elsewhere in space
29 Cornell engineers develop 'killer cells' to destroy cancer in lymph nodes
30 The Lancet: UN report shows that despite substantial progress, the world fell short of the maternal mortality target in the Millennium Development Goals
31 Regenstrief, IU study: Seniors with dementia make more emergency department visits
32 Modeling the promise and peril of gene drive
33 Searching for answers in the real world
34 Lead exposure impacts children's sleep
35 Protein's work in eye lens suggests a way to tame cancer
36 New research shows La Nina is not helping Hawai'i's rainfall and groundwater
37 Barriers to health care increase disease, death risk for rural elderly
38 Thyroid cancer biomarker assays may show inaccurate readings
39 Personalized anti-nausea therapy better for cancer patients, Ottawa researchers
40 Researchers trains Watson AI to 'chat,' spark more creativity in humans
41 'No evidence' that bone-growth agent for spinal fusion increases cancer risk
42 Analysis exposes faster disintegration of major Greenland glacier
43 Brain structure may be root of apathy
44 Mayo Clinic researchers identify new diabetes risk mechanism
45 Discovery: Molecular mechanism at root of familial amyloidosis and other diseases
46 Increased deforestation could substantially reduce Amazon basin rainfall
47 A 'blood rain' infiltrates villages of Spain
48 Blood sample new way of detecting cancer
49 The rise of do-it-yourself biology: A look at the Baltimore Underground Science Space
50 Binghamton University professor develops framework for teaching networks
51 For better sales, connect with coworkers
52 Today's disposable society: Pharmaceuticals and other contaminants of emerging concern
53 Lenalidomide plus rituximab produces durable responses in mantle cell lymphoma patients
54 Researchers pinpoint roadblocks to lab-grown stem cells' maturation
55 Vanderbilt University Medical Center study sheds light on side effects of COX-2 drugs
56 NIST team proves 'spooky action at a distance' is really real
57 NASA's Cassini finds monstrous ice cloud in Titan's south polar region
58 Less effective antimalarial therapies can help fight malaria better
59 Shocking new way to get the salt out
60 Feeding at-risk infants gluten increases risk of developing celiac disease
61 Carbon accumulation by US forests may slow over the next 25 years
62 Program addresses the unique challenges affecting female same-sex couples
63 New study explores how anxiety can aggravate asthma
64 Fossilized bees were finicky pollen collectors
65 Reproductive history and risk of cognitive impairment in elderly women
66 Psychiatric assessments for predicting violence are ineffective
67 It's music to my eyes
68 Male bees have more than a one-track mind
69 Grabbing a parasite by the tail: U-M team solves 'jumping gene' mystery
70 Entrepreneurial activity breeds entrepreneurial passion
71 Receptors on bone cells connected to inflammatory bone loss and bone formation
72 Eggs without yolk can hatch too
73 Behavior modeling and verification of MA of CTCS-3 using AADL
74 Long-snouted Amazonian catfishes including three new species to form a new genus
75 New report highlights gains in child survival, progress needed to address leading killers
76 Blanket approach to asthma treatment not ideal, researchers find
77 International Tree Nut Council supports meta-analysis on nuts and cardiovascular disease
78 Scientists publish unique genomic discoveries with single molecule, real-time sequencing
79 New class of materials for organic electronics
80 Study: Preschoolers need more outdoor time at child care centers
81 Uneven growth of identical twins may begin in first few days after conception
82 Sharks' hunting ability destroyed under climate change
83 Team of appraisers across six states find home buyers will pay premium for solar homes
84 Youth involvement in justice system linked to increased risk of early death
85 Ancient mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish, Penn paleontologist shows
86 HIV spreads faster as violent conflict looms
87 Researchers discover other enzyme critical to maintaining telomere length
88 Despite health law's bow to prevention, US public health funding is dropping: AJPH study
89 Medicaid coverage improves access to health care and chronic disease control: AJPH study
90 Superconductor survives ultra-high magnetic field
91 N/A
92 Oceans--and ocean activism--deserve broader role in climate change discussions
93 Big pharma inconsistent with disclosure of information on clinical trials, new study finds
94 Fossils tell a different ancestral story of North American mammoths
95 Taste bud biomarker forecasts better post-surgery results for some sinusitis patients
96 Mass extinctions don't favor large vertebrates
97 Baffin Island provides insights into origin of Earth's water
98 Shrinking shelf and faster flow for Greenland glacier
99 CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing: Check 3 times, cut once
100 Bitter taste may predict surgical outcome in certain chronic rhinosinusitis patients
101 Wild birds choose love over food
102 Miniaturizable magnetic resonance
103 Declining snowpacks may cut many nations' water
104 New stem cell gene correction process puts time on researchers' side
105 New study finds financial incentives to help pregnant women stop smoking are highly cost-effective
106 Target gene identified for therapies to combat muscular dystrophy
107 Massive northeast Greenland glacier is rapidly melting, UCI-led team finds
108 Dietary potassium may help prevent kidney and heart problems in diabetics
109 Kidney failure and its treatment may impact cancer risk
110 Exploring vulnerabilities of the Cryptosporidium parasite