File Title
1 If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is it a clue to the rise of Jewish Galilee?
2 The ancient Greeks in Ukraine
3 Fragments of Roman building sign discovered at Silchester
4 Chinese archaeologists unearth ancient smoke-absorbing lamps
5 Lost Pharaoh? Great Pyramid May Hide Undiscovered Tomb
6 Byzantine 'flat-pack' church to be reconstructed in Oxford after spending 1,000 years on the seabed
7 Whiskers still bristling after more than 12,000 years in the Siberian cold
8 Wailing at the wrong wall?
9 'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age
10 Ancient Board Game Found in Looted China Tomb
11 Archaeologists Reveal Another Ancient, Luxurious Mosaic in Lod
12 How Floods Shaped Civilization
13 Looking to the future by examining the past
14 Denisovans: Ancient teeth reveal more about mysterious human relatives
15 Gold coins, hoofs found in 2,000-yr-old Chinese tomb
16 1,500-year-old wine presses found in Netivot
17 Scientists discover the cause behind prehistoric climate change
18 Port Arthur archaeological dig to unearth little-known facts about settlement's convicts
19 Was Pottery Invented to Process Fish?
20 Dongzhi Man China's latest ancient human fossil find
21 Evidence of pulque god found in Tlaxcala
22 Trove of ancient Roman coins found in Switzerland
23 New clues about the earliest known Americans
24 Oldest stone tools in the Americas claimed in Chile
25 Skeleton of Burnt 'Witch Girl' Found in Italy
26 Newfound Earth-size exoplanet may be an important milestone in search for alien life
27 Light wave technique an advance for optical research
28 Smart but shy: What women want in a sperm donor
29 Researchers call for hospitals to establish bereavement programs
30 Quantum dots made from fool's gold boost battery performance
31 Bacterial defense systems have numerous clinical and research applications
32 Digging deeper into DNA: An efficient method to sequence chloroplast genomes
33 Shrubs on warming North Slope attract moose, hares
34 Study: Too much foot traffic in and out of operating rooms
35 CCNY researchers open 'Golden Window' in deep brain imaging
36 Daring move for first US-China fusion team
37 He was left with no scars after they reconstructed his face
38 Made to order: Researchers discover a new form of crystalline matter
39 New Super H-mode regime could greatly increase fusion power
40 Scientists ID genetic factors that influence body weight and neurological disorders
41 A safer way to demonstrate the 'rainbow flame' in the classroom (video)
42 'Sorry' doesn't heal children's hurt, but it mends relations
43 Penn study: Adults with OCD can benefit from exposure therapy when common drug treatment options fail
44 Natural selection and inflammation may hold key to age-associated cancer risk
45 Mixing an icy cocktail to safely cool hot plasma
46 Sweet news for soda and coffee drinkers, stevia less bitter than before
47 Men with Alzheimer's gene at risk of brain bleeding, study finds
48 What's the best time to launch a video game?
49 Machine learning could solve riddles of galaxy formation
50 Oregon study suggests some gut microbes may be keystones of health
51 Going native--for the soil?
52 Nanopores could take the salt out of seawater
53 Focusing on user habits key to preventing email phishing, according to UB research
54 The owls beyond the Andes: Divergence between distant populations suggests new species
55 Titan takes on the big one
56 Chemical safety board could halt new investigations while it reboots
57 Global health team pioneers development of a new antimalarial drug screening model
58 Southern right whale calf wounding by kelp gulls increased to nearly all over 4 decades
59 Imitating synapses of the human brain could lead to smarter electronics
60 Dendrimer technology gets a grip on cell proteins, could improve cancer treatment
61 Snake venom could make surgery safer for patients on blood thinners
62 Study reveals why chemotherapy may be compromised in patients with pancreatic cancer
63 Commercial sea salt samples purchased in China contaminated with microplastics
64 Computer assisted CBT provides little or no benefits for depression
65 Zooplankton: Not-so-passive motion in turbulence
66 Dartmouth scientists unravel brain circuits involved in cravings
67 Plate tectonics thanks to plumes?
68 How did plate tectonics start on Earth?
69 Advance directives: Doctors and relatives often see patients' wishes differently
70 Previous oral contraceptive use associated with better outcomes in patients with ovarian cancer
71 A protein-RNA structure hints at how viruses commandeer human proteins
72 Researchers detail how to control shape, structure of DNA and RNA
73 No more brown apples?
74 Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, invents first 'porous liquid'
75 Oldest stars found near Milky Way center
76 World first blood cancer drug trial reveals life-changing results
77 Elderly with dementia, diabetes and kidney problems risk dehydration
78 Study finds sexually transmitted infection affecting up to 1 percent of the population aged 16-44 in the UK
79 Idea of slow climate change in the Earth's past misleading
80 Contact, connect and fuse: An ultra-structural view of the muscle formation process
81 More young adults are failing to launch or 'boomerang' home: Study
82 Simple errors limit scientific scrutiny
83 Discovery of a new confinement state for plasma
84 Microbes map path toward renewable energy future
85 Study cites gap between theory and practice in natural resource management
86 A mouse model offers new insights into a rare lung disease
87 Parents of first-born sons and only-child daughters give more, WPI study finds
88 Change in a single DNA base drives a childhood cancer
89 So long, stethoscope? New device and iPhone alter exams
90 Batten disease may benefit from gene therapy
91 Doctors and patients making decisions together could reduce the number of antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory infections
92 New online tool created to tackle complications of pregnancy and child birth
93 Worrying about work when you are not at work
94 Thermal sensitivity of marine communities reveals the most vulnerable to global warming
95 Ancient stars at the center of the galaxy contain 'fingerprints' from the early universe
96 Canadian researchers improve safety, decrease risks of new blood thinners
97 The Lancet: Progress against cancer in low-income and middle-income countries possible with package of targeted priority interventions
98 First-in-class investigational therapeutic shows early promise for lymphoma patients
99 New risk tools spot patients at high risk of diabetes complications
100 Blood test detects when hormone treatment for breast cancer stops working
101 The glowing halo of a zombie star
102 Early farmers exploited beehive products at least 8,500 years ago
103 Melanoma's genetic trajectories are charted in new study
104 New research raises questions about using certain antibiotics to treat 'superbug' MRSA
105 Death of a parent in childhood associated with increased suicide risk
106 Hospital readmission common after emergency general surgery
107 Reducing misdiagnosis: Time for the next chapter in improving patient safety
108 Mechanical heart valve prosthesis superior to biological
109 Workers are not being protected from occupational diseases and deaths, argues expert
110 Computer assisted CBT provides little or no benefits for depression