File Title
1 What's killing Hawaii's coral reefs? Aquariums, say some experts
2 Leonid meteor shower peaks overnight
3 Humans may have saved pumpkins, squash, and gourds from extinction
4 Why NASA is sending humanoids to college
5 What were ammonites' lives like? Isotope study reveals clues.
6 Yellowstone National Park proposes killing 1,000 bison. Why?
7 What might Martian sand dunes reveal about the Red Planet?
8 Why fewer chimps are being used as guinea pigs
9 More advanced computer models show Antarctic melt may be less severe
10 Scientists observe the birth of a new planet for the first time ever
11 Some birds 'tap dance' to woo potential mates, say scientists (+video)
12 El Nino plus the hottest year on record: What that equals for 2015 (+video)
13 Scientists directly observe planets being born
14 These slimy deep-sea worms are actually quite close cousins to humans
15 How fish can turn invisible in the open sea
16 When did people first arrive in South America?
17 How does a Brazilian spider reveal our connection to Middle Earth?
18 What a mollusk with hundreds of eyes can teach materials scientists
19 Beautiful circuits: Dawn of the cyborg rose
20 Marble Medusa Head Unearthed in Ancient Roman Ruins
21 Climate impacted on agrarian states in Mexico and Peru
22 Being rich in the Middle Ages led to an unhealthy life
23 Haunting new find of death masks from ancient Siberian warrior race
24 Fixing Tutankhamun's beard: 'unfortunately they used epoxy'
25 Archaeologists Make Last Discoveries as They Excavate in Full Medieval Monastery at Urvich Fortress near Bulgaria's Sofia
26 Hiker finds 1,200-yr-old Viking sword in Norway
27 Ancient Mexican Temple Reappears as Water Levels Drop
28 Ancient civilization: Cracking the Indus script
29 Snake unlikely to have killed Cleopatra
30 Plague infected humans much earlier than previously thought
31 Hazelnut shells found at Skye Mesolithic site
32 1,200-year-old Viking sword discovered by hiker
33 The earliest known abecedary
34 Prehistoric Utah Rock Art Does Not Depict a Pterosaur, Study Confirms
35 Aboriginal female hunters aided by dingoes
36 Excavation of Ancient Greek healing temple at Feneos site reveals god statues and garden [Photos]
37 New insights on the wooden weapons from the Paleolithic site of Schoningen
38 DNA from ancient baby remains in Alaska supports Bering land bridge layover
39 Polish archaeologists discovered an unknown temple of Hatshepsut
40 What Really Killed Notorious English Leader Oliver Cromwell?
41 Is It a Fake? DNA Testing Deepens Mystery of Shroud of Turin
42 'ScanPyramids' project hopes to decipher ancient secrets
43 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Thracian Ruler's Residence near Bulgaria's Brodilovo
44 Did missionaries influence earliest Ohioans?
45 Grave of 'Griffin Warrior' at Pylos Could Be a Gateway to Civilizations
46 WORLD EXCLUSIVE--Meet this extinct cave lion, at least 10,000 years old
47 The man trying to save ancient sites from ISIS
48 Archeological Dig Finds Dozens of Confederate Graves
49 Ancient shipwrecks found in Istanbul's Yenikapi shed light on ancient ship production
50 Amateur archaeologist finds Viking treasure on Danish island
51 Archeologists searching for Grand-Pre Acadian church site
52 Pre-contact Amazonian natives had little impact on land, new research finds
53 22 Shipwrecks Found in Single Location in Greece
54 UC team discovers rare warrior tomb filled with Bronze Age wealth and weapons
55 Archaeologists make new discoveries at site in Peru
56 Archaeologists Discover 10 Graves in Necropolis of Bronze Age Danube River Culture near Bulgaria's Baley
57 Archaeologists Find Building's Portico, Governor's Residence Hypocaust in Ancient Roman Colony Ratiaria near Bulgaria's Archar
58 Latest Archaeological Discoveries in Bulgaria's Capital Sofia Tangle Up Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica
59 Beyond the temples, ancient bones reveal the lives of the Mayan working class
60 2,500-year-old female Siberian warrior is beheaded by excavator
61 Prehistoric 'eco-house' 1,300 years older than Stonehenge discovered by archaeologists
62 Early humans linked to ancient Australian extinction
63 Rare Unlooted Grave of Wealthy Warrior Uncovered in Greece
64 17th-Century Box's Contents Revealed by X-Rays
65 Did this Spanish Shipwreck Change the Course of History?
66 Ice Age engravings found at Jersey archaeological site
67 Revealing the mysteries of the Maya script
68 Invaluable ancient Syrian mosaic discovered
69 Tomb Tells Tale of Family Executed by China's 1st Female Emperor
70 Team of archaeologists work at ancient harbour in Cyprus
71 Paleolithic humans in Europe dealt with saber-toothed cats, study shows
72 CU-Boulder study: Ancient Salvadoran village buried by ash freezes daily life in time
73 These Satellite Views of Ancient Earthworks Are Stirring Debate
74 Ancient Mystery Solved: Hellenistic Citadel that Restricted Jewish Rule in Hasmonean Jerusalem [photos]
75 Greek fortress, key to ancient Jerusalem, uncovered, researchers say
76 Bulgaria's Oceanology Institute Finds Sunken Galley, Explores 500-Year-Old Pirate Ship in Black Sea
77 Hyett Family Burial Vault Unearthed
78 Archaeologist will investigate strangers in ancient Egypt
79 New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade
80 Italy's first Neanderthal dates back 250,000 years
81 Remarkably preserved ancient Maya village reveals daily life
82 New map shows how drought affected 1,000 years of history
83 Archaeologists uncover human tragedy at ancient Elamite site of Haft Tappeh
84 Birchbark Message Tells Story of Medieval Traveler
85 Fancy some Neolithic smoked fish?
86 Archaeologists Searched for 1877 Army Route on the Nez Perce Trail this summer
87 Archaeologists Find Exquisite Medieval Ring with Obsidian Gemstone in Bulgaria's Rock City Perperikon, Complete Excavations of Its Acropolis
88 Mysterious Symbols in Kazakhstan: How Old Are They, Really?
89 Dura-Europos painted wooden shield undergoes new analysis
90 Viking longhouse discovered in East Iceland
91 Locked tomb in eastern China may hold key to fate of little-known emperor 2,000 years ago
92 Defining the Nez Perce Trail: Archaeologist seeks artifacts from 1877 Army campsites
93 Breakthrough for mining research in the Bronze Age
94 Selinunte: Site of ancient massacre yields the secrets of a lost Greek city
95 Kon-Tiki2: Why would you cross the Pacific on a wooden raft?
96 Vehicles unearthed in Western Han Dynasty cemetary
97 Nearly 9,000 Artifacts Uncovered in California Desert, Spanning 11,500 Years of History
98 Archaeologists Discover Elamite Era Site in Southwestern Iran
99 Archaeologists uncover 2,300-year-old theatre on Cyprus
100 Missing land mentioned in ancient books discovered by archeologists in Izmir
101 Earliest church in the tropics unearthed in former heart of Atlantic slave trade
102 Prehistoric "Stonehenge" monument in Golan Heights fuels mystery
103 Archaeologists Find Ceramic Sarcophagus in Necropolis of Ancient Greek Polis Apollonia Pontica in Bulgaria's Sozopol
104 Infrared thermography study suggests other chambers exist inside Tutankhamun's tomb
105 Fossils shed new light on North American mammoths
106 Inca child mummy reveals lost genetic history of South America
107 Gladiator Colosseum Found in Tuscany
108 Early farmers exploited the honeybee at least 8,500 years ago
109 A new countryside legacy from Roman Britain
110 DNA from Inca boy sacrificed 500 years ago shows how humans spread to South America