File Title
1 New insights into REM sleep crack an enduring mystery
2 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas, researchers find
3 Magnetic hide and seek
4 Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets
5 Mini-kidney organoids re-create disease in lab dishes
6 Capacitor breakthrough
7 Researchers catch Comet Lovejoy giving away alcohol
8 Upgrading the quantum computer
9 Siberian jays can recognize unfamiliar, distant relatives
10 If a major economy takes the lead, warming could be limited to 2íC
11 Snake venom helps hydrogels stop the bleeding
12 Lost giant poop disrupts whole planet
13 Declines in whales, fish, seabirds and large animals disrupt Earth's nutrient cycle
14 Study: Persian Gulf could experience deadly heat
15 Elephants boost tree losses in South Africa's largest savanna reserve
16 Ancient babies boost Bering land bridge layover
17 Ancient permafrost quickly transforms to carbon dioxide upon thaw
18 Study: Alaskan soil thaw sends carbon directly back into atmosphere
19 Assessing the role of negative citations in science
20 From science fiction to reality--sonic tractor beam invented
21 The great northern cod comeback
22 Obese children's health rapidly improves with sugar reduction unrelated to calories
23 VISTA discovers new component of Milky Way
24 Potential new therapy for triple-negative breast cancer shows promise in lab studies
25 Study shows association between breastfeeding and reduced risk of aggressive breast cancer
26 Oldest DNA sequences may reveal secrets of ancient animal ancestors
27 Electric eels curl up to deliver even more powerful shocks
28 Wives take problems to heart, husbands get frustrated
29 Scientists call for national effort to understand and harness Earth's microbes
30 Scientists call for ambitious program to unlock the power of Earth's microbial communities
31 Scientists call for unified initiative to advance microbiome research
32 Microbiomes could hold keys to improving life as we know it
33 High-grade DCIS detection rates increase in older women
34 Increasing cigarette taxes shifts consumers to more dangerous products: INFORMS journal study
35 E-cigarettes connected to problematic drinking, study finds
36 'One size fits all' when it comes to unravelling how stars form
37 Breast cancer becoming as common among African-American women as among white women
38 Exercise could give margin of safety to women who want to delay preventive mastectomy
39 Alaskan trout choose early retirement over risky ocean-going career
40 New study: Warming waters a major factor in the collapse of New England cod
41 Warming waters contributed to the collapse of New England's cod fishery
42 Are embryonic stem cells and artificial stem cells equivalent?
43 Factor found to balance medically useful stem cell qualities
44 How clean is the International Space Station?
45 Hair-GEL online tool gives bird's eye view of hair follicle formation
46 Annual Antarctic ozone hole larger and formed later in 2015
47 New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered
48 Probing the mysteries of Europa, Jupiter's cracked and crinkled moon
49 New design points a path to the 'ultimate' battery
50 Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets
51 Scientists use exhaled breath to detect hypoxia
52 Simple mathematical formula models lithium-ion battery aging
53 African lion survival may be dependent on corridor creation
54 It's a Tyrannosaur-eat-Tyrannosaur world
55 New enzyme therapy shows proof of concept as treatment for cocaine overdose
56 Novel nanoparticles for image-guided phototherapy could improve ovarian cancer treatments
57 UW-Madison engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor
58 Heat-activated 'grenade' to target cancer
59 NASA study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses
60 Some like it hot: Moth and butterfly species respond differently to climate change
61 Bugs collected on rooftop for 18 years reveal climate change effects
62 Sleep interruptions worse for mood than overall reduced amount of sleep, study finds
63 AGA supports scientists' plea for national movement on the microbiome
64 Study reveals the architecture of the molecular machine that copies DNA
65 Uncovering the secrets of ice that burns
66 World's tiniest snail record broken with a myriad of new species from Borneo
67 A Prkci gene keeps stem cells in check
68 Engineers design magnetic cell sensors
69 New research opens door to understanding human tonsil cancer
70 Death rates, health problems, rise among middle-aged white Americans
71 Quiet 'epidemic' has killed half a million middle-aged white Americans
72 Diamonds may not be so rare as once thought
73 New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade
74 Off-label prescription drug use and adverse drug events
75 Increase seen in prescription drug use in US
76 Disk gaps don't always signal planets
77 Wing structure helps female monarch butterflies outperform males in flight
78 Deaths from heart disease declining among rheumatoid arthritis patients
79 The largest to have existed--giant rat fossils
80 Ancient brains turn paleontology on its head
81 Using microfluidic devices to sort stem cells
82 FIGHT study proves type-2 diabetes therapy ineffective in the treatment of high-risk heart failure patients
83 Diagnosing & treating diabetes in heart attack patients improves heart outcomes, study finds
84 Poor air quality increases patients' risk of heart attack, new study finds
85 Diabetes drug reduces risk of heart failure and may prevent it, study shows
86 New study finds testosterone replacement therapy does not increase heart risk
87 Adults born with heart disease at increased risk of heart attack and death
88 Hydrogel superglue is 90 percent water
89 Cholesterol-lowering 'portfolio diet' also reduces blood pressure, study finds
90 UH Case Medical Center researchers publish new results from SPRINT trial
91 Time to reassess blood-pressure goals
92 White coat and masked hypertension associated with higher rates of heart and vascular disease
93 The past shows how abrupt climate shifts affect Earth
94 Implantable wireless devices trigger--and may block--pain signals
95 PPPL physicists find clue to formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies
96 Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think on star formation
97 A hairy situation: Hair increases surface area for animals by 100 times
98 Climate change adaptation in high income countries: Some clear progress
99 NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Megh strengthening on approach to Socotra Island, Yemen
100 Geophysics could slow Antarctic ice retreat
101 Medicines do not seem to degrade faster in space
102 Mars' moon Phobos is slowly falling apart
103 Scientists measure the 'beauty' of coral reefs
104 The glowing halo of a zombie star
105 Asteroid ripped apart to form star's glowing ring system
106 The long and short of plasma turbulence
107 Discovery of a new confinement state for plasma
108 Mixing an icy cocktail to safely cool hot plasma
109 UCLA professor proposes simpler way to define what makes a planet
110 New Super H-mode regime could greatly increase fusion power