File Title
1 China's Smog Levels Reach 50 Times the Limit: 'Everybody is at Risk'
2 Eating Heart Healthy: Which Foods Actually Help?
3 Reference: Facts About Sheep
4 Dog-Size Rats Once Lived Alongside Humans
5 Darwin's 'Origin of Species' Voted Most Influential Academic Book
6 Honeybees Sweetened Life for Stone Age Humans
7 'Zombie' Star's Asteroid 'Lunch' Revealed in Close-Up View
8 Part of Pluto's Heart Was 'Born Yesterday'
9 Shy Eel Glows Bright Green, Possibly as a 'Sexy Charm'
10 New 'Making North America' Series Explores Continent's Rich History
11 The Great Salt Debate: How Much Sodium Is Too Much for Your Diet?
12 Brain Scan May Predict Chance of Coma Recovery
13 Reference: Facts About Water Snakes
14 Reference: Low-Carb Diet Facts, Benefits & Risks
15 Here's How Many Americans Are Now Obese
16 500-Year-Old Church Discovered in Slave Trade Settlement
17 N/A
18 Here's How Many Americans Are Now Obese
19 500-Year-Old Church Discovered in Slave Trade Settlement
20 Teens Are Happier than in the Past--Why Are Adults So Miserable?
21 Ultrathin Graphene Can Improve Night Vision Tech
22 Earth's Oldest Water May Have Come from Ancient H2O-Filled Dust
23 Firefighters Face Highest Heart Attack Risk Among Responders
24 8-Hour Sleepers More Likely to Be Heart Healthy
25 Incan Child Sacrified to the Gods Reveals History of American Expansion
26 Mysterious 'Blood Rain' Tints Water a Gruesome Hue
27 North American Mammoths Actually Evolved in Eurasia
28 Reference: Boa Constrictor Facts
29 1 in 45 US Kids Has an Autism Spectrum Disorder
30 Earthquakes Could Trigger Massive Supervolcano Eruptions, Study Suggests
31 Dinos & X-Ray Probes? Photos Show Playful Side of Particle Physics
32 Triassic Reptile Skewered Clams with Teeth on Roof of Its Mouth
33 Lost Pharaoh? Great Pyramid May Hide Undiscovered Tomb
34 Armadillos Carrying Leprosy Bacteria Spreading in Southern US
35 Bumblebee Training Reveals Males to Be Surprisingly Smart
36 Friday the 13th: The Science Behind the 'Unlucky' Day
37 Friday the 13th: Why There Are 3 'Unlucky' Days this Year
38 Bay Bridge Pier to Go Boom: The Science of Implosions
39 U.S. Uterus Transplants: 6 Things to Know
40 Hoax Exposed: No, Earth Will Not Go Dark for 15 Days
41 Reference: What Are Calories?
42 Google's New AI System Could Be 'Machine Learning' Breakthrough
43 Animal Sex: How Giraffes Do It
44 House Cats Are as Big as Ping-Pong Tables (If You Count Their Hair)
45 How to judge scientists' strengths
46 Early farmers minded their own beeswax
47 Wayward satellites repurposed to test general relativity
48 Puppy bred to have muscular dystrophy saved by surprise mutation
49 Largest-ever dark-matter experiment poised to test popular theory
50 Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research
51 Volcanic rock hints at source of Earth's water
52 Researchers rendezvous with falling space debris
53 Antarctic Journal: Welcome to Mactown
54 Debate rages over herbicide's cancer risk
55 Social cost of carbon emissions in spotlight
56 Safety upgrade found for gene-editing technique
57 Long-sought biological compass discovered
58 The quantum source of space-time
59 Chile's scientists take to the streets over funding
60 'Supergene' determines wading birds' sex strategy
61 Scientific groups revisit sexual-harassment policies
62 Racial bias continues to haunt NIH grants
63 Freefall space cubes are test for gravitational wave spotter
64 A breath of fresh air
65 Research for all
66 Defensive drives
67 China must act decisively to eradicate the ivory trade
68 CRISPR: A path through the thicket
69 Biological research: Rethink biosafety
70 History: Einstein was no lone genius
71 Carbon sequestration in soil: The potential underfoot
72 Carbon canopy
73 Most earth-like worlds have yet to be born, according to theoretical study
74 How wind might impact birds' migration routes
75 Uncovered: The European roller's route between Africa and Europe
76 Later age recommended for first screening mammogram
77 Annual vs. biennial mammography and breast tumor prognostic characteristics
78 Menopausal status a better indicator than age for mammography frequency
79 Investigators create complex kidney structures from human stem cells derived from adults
80 Lathering up with sunscreen may protect against cancer--killing coral reefs worldwide
81 Sunscreen is proven toxic to coral reefs
82 Are cars nanotube factories on wheels?
83 Scientists find link between comet and asteroid showers and mass extinctions
84 Bees to scientists: 'We're more complicated than you think'
85 Final kiss of 2 stars heading for catastrophe
86 Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals
87 Diamonds--a tooth's best friend?
88 Gone with the wind
89 Study: Alaskan boreal forest fires release more carbon than the trees can absorb
90 New review: What to do to prevent food allergies in infants
91 Synthetic batteries for the energy revolution
92 Cosmic 'Death Star' is destroying a planet
93 California 2100: More frequent and more severe droughts and floods likely
94 Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels
95 76-million-year-old extinct species of pig-snouted turtle unearthed in Utah
96 Childhood infections associated with increased risk of early heart attack
97 Early childhood stress affects brain's response to rewards
98 Penn: Stressed dads affect offspring brain development through sperm microRNA
99 Astronomers catch a black hole shredding a star to pieces
100 The vulture's scavenging secrets--an ironclad stomach and a strong immune system
101 In an urban environment, not all vultures are created equal
102 Dead men punching
103 Genomic study sheds light on protective effects of malaria vaccine candidate
104 New technique permits cell-specific examination of proteins in Alzheimer's brain tissue
105 Wildflowers on farms--not just crops--can expose bees to neonicotinoids
106 NIH-funded study reveals why malaria vaccine only partially protected children, infants
107 Calls vs. balls: Monkeys with more impressive roars produce less sperm
108 For howler monkeys, deeper roars mean less sperm
109 Plague in humans 'twice as old' but didn't begin as flea-borne, ancient DNA reveals
110 Plague infected humans much earlier than previously thought