File Title
1 Deep-Earth diamonds lots more common, but microscopic, study says
2 Three lessons from that Antarctic ice study
3 Calling all aspiring astronauts! NASA is hiring! (+video)
4 Tyrannosaurus rex had competition for biggest bite
5 Rocket launch fails: Why University of Hawaii sees success
6 NASA releases Halloween asteroid photos. What happened to skull face?
7 A jumbo raptor once roamed South Dakota, say scientists
8 How gassy are kangaroos actually?
9 How did humans go from foraging to farming?
10 Check out the dazzling Taurid meteor showers (+video)
11 Case of Mars' mysteriously vanishing atmosphere solved (+video)
12 Can 'super coral' save the world's reefs?
13 Why do humans speak so many languages?
14 Ducks serve mussels to gulls, say scientists
15 Global emissions will still be too high come 2030, says UN
16 Go along as astronauts conduct spacewalk on today's live webcast
17 Leaking ammonia and glove damage on spacewalk, but astronauts are safe
18 In new findings, NASA reports on where Mars's water really went
19 New beetle species may already be endangered
20 Did King Tut have a roommate? In search of a secret chamber
21 After 5,000 years, British tree changes its sex
22 Vibrating bees give dizzying clues about their hives
23 What do trees tell us about climate change?
24 NASA postpones multi-billion dollar contract announcement
25 What was up with that weird light in the sky?
26 How did a canine hybrid, 'coywolf,' emerge in front of our eyes?
27 Orca bill would end SeaWorld's 'Shamu shows' (+video)
28 Huge hole swallows 12 cars at IHOP: Don't call it a sinkhole?
29 How researchers made self-folding origami with graphene paper
30 $3 million Breakthrough Prize: Why mutable neutrinos won the day
31 Why did those giant rats go extinct? And could they come back?
32 Mysterious anomaly revealed in Great Pyramid by thermal scan
33 Does Pluto have volcanoes? If so, how did it get them? (+video)
34 Why the paths of Pluto's moons are so perplexing
35 The Leonids are coming! Here's how to watch them.
36 Space archaeologist takes $1 million prize for spotting Middle East looters
37 Will new magma discoveries cause Mt. St. Helens to erupt again?
38 How dust devils hold clues to Mars's core and climate
39 How Mars tearing apart its own moon (+video)
40 Scientists look into hydrogen atom, find old recipe for pi
41 Humans have minded their own beeswax for thousands of years
42 Spotted: A rocky Earth-sized planet relatively clos
43 Work begins on humongous telescope
44 In the Oort cloud, astronomers spot most distant object in our solar system
45 The 'Superduck' dinosaur: How did it get its bill and crest?
46 Cacao evolution study could yield sweet results for chocolate industry
47 Rivers may have once criss-crossed the Sahara, say scientists
48 Astronomers find 'the oldest stars we have ever seen'
49 Was Earth's water actually here 'since the very beginning'?
50 'Venus twin' excites astronomers
51 How declining snowpack threatens water supplies
52 Spectacular gamma-ray pulsar glows beyond our galaxy
53 New research reveals rapid loss of massive Greenland glacier
54 Pluto seems young at heart, with relatively fresh surface features
55 Scientists design liquid that could trap carbon emissions
56 Mysterious space junk falls from the sky as multicolored fireballs
57 Bad weather: Why this exoplanet has 5,400 mph winds
58 In a mass extinction, why only the smallest survive
59 Could vitamin D pills lower heart disease risk?
60 Obesity risk depends on job focus
61 How to remove a tick
62 And now, the disease forecast...
63 Soy diet may prevent osteoporosis in menopausal women
64 Chronic fatigue treatments bring long-term benefits, study shows
65 Interrupted sleep impacts mood more than lack of sleep, study finds
66 Could the family dog lower your child's asthma risk?
67 Better American diets save lives, but more can be done
68 Study sheds light on link between PCOS and mental health
69 17 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
70 Consumption of sweetened drinks now linked to heart failure
71 New guidelines for pediatric pulmonary hypertension
72 Protein discovery promises to improve mapping of brain tumors
73 Scientists developing model that predicts drug side effects in different patients
74 Health apps are widely downloaded, but are they used?
75 Rise in US prescription drug use
76 Death rates on the rise for middle-aged white Americans
77 Anti-vaccine websites are misinforming parents, study says
78 Ovarian cancer risk depends on reproductive factors
79 Men who do their fair share of housework have a better sex life
80 Depression and diabetes linked to sedentary pregnancy
81 Sleep well to avoid insulin resistance
82 New anemia treatments expected from major red blood cell discovery
83 N/A
84 Hippocampus essential for recognition memory, study shows
85 Menopause: estrogen fluctuation may increase depression likelihood
86 Pesticide exposure during teens linked to later-life sperm abnormalities
87 Breastfeeding may not prevent allergies
88 Mysterious cancer spreads from tapeworm to human
89 'Insufficient evidence' to suggest omega-3 supplements help treat depression
90 Malaria fight could be undermined by relapsing infections
91 Gait difficulties in Parkinson's linked to new blood vessels in brain
92 Some people 'hardwired' to prefer high-calorie foods, study finds
93 Acne: what causes it and how to relieve it
94 Beating the winter blues with cognitive behavioral therapy
95 Gut bacteria improve immune system's attack on tumors
96 Children of religious parents less generous, study suggests
97 Eye drops for cataracts a step closer with newly identified compound
98 New single-tablet HIV treatment wins FDA approval
99 Reducing side effects of antibodies to fight Alzheimer's
100 Are faulty mitochondria to blame for hereditary hearing loss?
101 Lewy body dementia: unrecognized and misdiagnosed
102 300 oranges' worth of vitamin C impairs cancer cells
103 Right side of brain compensates for speech loss after stroke, study finds
104 Sleepwalkers 'feel no pain' in accidents
105 Cardiovascular risk falls in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
106 Mom's favorite child more likely to be depressed
107 Low awareness raises women's cardiovascular risk
108 Eating more homemade meals may lower type 2 diabetes risk
109 Mastectomy: Why It's Done, Risks and Recovery
110 Night Terrors: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments