File Title
1 Researchers develop antibiotic alternative for wound infections
2 Clay makes better high-temp batteries
3 Sugar molecules lose their 'Cinderella' status
4 New method identifies up to twice as many proteins and peptides in mass spectrometry data
5 Researchers design computational tool to prospect novel bioconversion pathways
6 Using microfluidic devices to sort stem cells
7 Study challenges prevailing view on how metal organic frameworks store gases
8 Drugs with multiple targets show promise against myotonic dystrophy type 1
9 New 'water adhesive' is tougher than natural adhesives employed by mussels and barnacles
10 Giant fullerene system inhibits infection by artificial Ebola virus
11 Solving the zeolite conundrum: Researchers make 'unfeasible' zeolites
12 Conducting gels--from waste to wealth
13 New ORNL device combines power of mass spectrometry, microscopy
14 Structure and configuration of Jurassic pigments reveal unique naturally-occurring boron metabolites
15 How DNA and a supercomputer can help sustain honey bee populations
16 Parasitic fungi and the battle against coffee rust disease
17 Mechanism underlying cell stress response discovered
18 Male bees have more than a one-track mind
19 CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing: Check three times, cut once
20 Grabbing a parasite by the tail: Team solves 'jumping gene' mystery
21 Researchers pinpoint roadblocks to lab-grown stem cells' maturation
22 Wild birds choose love over food
23 New stem cell gene correction process puts time on researchers' side
24 Extinction can spread from predator to predator, study finds
25 Ancient bees gathered pollen in two ways
26 Eggs without yolk can hatch too
27 Relationship found between predation and the shape of prey fish body and spines
28 Scientists sniff out female mouse scents that make males frisky
29 Bacteria and bacteriophages collude in the formation of clinically frustrating biofilms
30 Scientists publish unique genomic discoveries with single molecule, real-time sequencing
31 Sharks' hunting ability destroyed under climate change
32 A 'nervous system' for ant colonies? Colony responds to predation simulation as a 'superorganism'
33 Power up: Cockroaches employ a 'force boost' to chew through tough materials
34 Thermal sensitivity of marine communities reveals the most vulnerable to global warming
35 A protein-RNA structure hints at how viruses commandeer human proteins
36 Study shows transfer of immunity over two generations in pigeons
37 The secret to safe DNA repair
38 Study of crabs suggests they are capable of feeling pain
39 Japan researchers find chimps caring for disabled infant
40 Encouraging motivation to benefit others can lead to more effective teams
41 Closer look at teeth suggests Columbian mammoth was actually a Eurasian steppe mammoth
42 One in a trillion odds of having a real-life doppelganger
43 Isle of Skye fossil makes three species one
44 Computer scientist claims to have solved the graph isomorphism problem
45 New 'short-crested lizard' found in Montana
46 Early farmers exploited beehive products at least 8,500 years ago
47 Single tooth analysis of oldest-known plant-visiting bat fossil suggests it was omnivorous
48 Analyzing the parameters that made societies likely to adopt agriculture
49 Prediction markets can help identify research results that are too good to be true
50 Fossil wasp galls indicate little change in Southern California habitats since Ice Age
51 Scientific research is conservative but could be accelerated, analysis finds
52 Egypt detects 'impressive' anomaly in Giza pyramids
53 Positive emotions more contagious than negative ones on Twitter
54 Best of Last Week--Breakthroughs in quantum computing, a very tough glass and the 'quiet' epidemic killing US men
55 520-million-year-old arthropod brains turn paleontology on its head
56 Dakotaraptor ruled Hell Creek Formation as lethal predator
57 The largest to have existed--giant rat fossils
58 Complex skeletons evolved earlier than realized, fossils suggest
59 New Mexico museum unveils rare fossil find
60 Does religion make kids less generous?
61 Shape of bird wings depends on ancestors more than flight style
62 'Fire frogs' and eel-like amphibians: Brazilian fossil discovery
63 Newly discovered fossil sea urchin is the oldest of its kind
64 Math anxiety doesn't equal poor math performance
65 Cyclin' out of gear: Malaria parasites grinding to a halt
66 Research finds men who eat garlic smell more attractive
67 Vitamin D deficiency might be tied to erectile dysfunction
68 How salmonella manage to sometimes pass through the gut-vascular barrier in mice
69 Merck continuing study of cholesterol drug in new class
70 Brain structure may be root of apathy
71 Study offers new recommendations for TB vaccine testing in humans
72 CDC: child autism rate now one in 45 after survey method changes
73 US hospital to offer uterus transplants
74 Seniors expend as much energy as Tour de France cyclists
75 Genetic risk score IDs insulin resistance, change in IR
76 Levodopa shows promise against macular degeneration
77 Intervention cuts potentially inappropriate meds in seniors
78 Case of bobby pin piercing kidney reported in 4-year-old
79 Arm artery access safer for angioplasty, review finds
80 Type 1 diabetes: an unrelenting disease
81 Cannabis-derived drugs to target diabetic kidney failure
82 Hormonal status impacts genetic variation, CIMT link
83 Medicare spending $9 billion on hepatitis C drugs
84 Students increasingly bringing "emotional support" animals to college
85 Have an apple-shaped body? You may be more susceptible to binge eating
86 Parkinson's disease: A new tool aims to improve diagnosis and advance treatment
87 Simultaneous pregnancy and leukaemia offer a treatment challenge
88 Not so happy old age?
89 Swiss report highlights danger of drug-resistant tuberculosis
90 New CDC study shows more US adults are putting out cigarettes for good
91 FDA approves Adjuvant Yervoy in melanoma based on results of EORTC trial 18071
92 College students go online to learn about sex
93 Research collaboration over drug for chronic wounds
94 Justices agree to hear first abortion case since 2007
95 That asteroid that flew by Earth on Halloween sort of looks like a skull
96 Antarctica is actually gaining ice, says NASA. Is global warming over?
97 Entangled whale found off California coast just one of many, say experts
98 Does time run backward inside black holes?
99 Planned emissions cuts not enough to save climate, says UN
100 Arizona shaken by rare 4.1 earthquake
101 Trio of quakes rattle Phoenix area: How common are Arizona temblors? (+video)
102 Skywatchers, don't miss these awesome cosmic spectacles
103 Watch first-ever footage of the elusive Omura's whale (+video)
104 Borneo mollusk sets record for world's smallest snail
105 How has the International Space Station changed in the past 15 years?
106 Can Dutch chimps learn a Scottish accent? Scientists aren't so sure.
107 Smog on Mars? How acidic fog melted Martian rocks
108 15 years of the ISS: What's next for manned space stations? (+video)
109 Did tyrannosaurs eat each other?
110 Do humans share feelings with robots? A new study suggests they do.