File Title
1 Researchers propose rapid Ebola test using nanotechnology
2 'Harmful' effects paradoxically enhance solar cell efficiency
3 Quantum dots made from fool's gold boost battery performance
4 Nanopores could take the salt out of seawater
5 Imitating synapses of the human brain could lead to smarter electronics
6 Dendrimer technology gets a grip on cell proteins, could improve cancer treatment
7 Researchers detail how to control shape, structure of DNA and RNA
8 Onion-like layers help this efficient new nanoparticle glow
9 Advance could bring commercial applications for silver nanowires
10 New electron microscopy method sculpts 3-D structures at atomic level
11 Nanobodies from camels enable the study of organ growth
12 Graphene 'paper' able to behave like animated origami (w/ video)
13 Tomatoes get boost in growth, antioxidants from nano-sized nutrients
14 New technique using existing technologies allows unprecedented views of cells and other soft materials
15 Nanoparticle delivery maximizes drug defense against bioterrorism agent
16 Using hydrogen to enhance lithium ion batteries
17 Nanographene charge trapping memory could further miniaturize flash
18 Novel 'crumpling' of hybrid nanostructures increases SERS sensitivity
19 Graphene could take night-vision technology beyond 'Predator'
20 Researcher applies new materials research to making desalination cheaper and more efficient
21 Nanotweezer is new tool to create advanced plasmonic technologies
22 Ultrasensitive sensors made from boron-doped graphene
23 Researchers show how new hydrogel can facilitate microsurgery
24 Sugar-coated nanoworms not for breakfast in the human immune system
25 Researchers build nanoscale autonomous walking machine from DNA
26 Photons on a chip set new paths for secure communications
27 Device can theoretically trap a light 'bit' for an infinite amount of time
28 Lasers could rapidly make materials hotter than the Sun
29 Research identifies increased potential for perovskites as a material for solar cells
30 Slow motion molecular collisions unravelled
31 New research extends classic quantum optics phenomenon
32 Superconductor survives ultra-high magnetic field
33 Miniaturizable magnetic resonance: Microscopic gem key to new development in magnetic lab-on-a-chip technology
34 NIST team proves 'spooky action at a distance' is really real
35 Rubidium atoms used as a refrigerant for ytterbium atoms
36 New ultra-sensitive instrument aims to detect hints of elusive dark matter particles
37 Sound waves could power hard disk drives of the future
38 Team creates a curved waveguide able to significantly bend X-ray beams
39 Eight-carat diamond smashed in the name of science
40 Invention of forge-proof ID to revolutionise security
41 New derivation of pi links quantum physics and pure math
42 Ultra-thin, tunable, broadband microwave absorber may advance radar cloaking
43 Researchers find way to create wide variety of new holograms
44 Microwave field imaging using diamond and vapor cells
45 Highly sensitive sensors successfully map electrical patterns of embryonic heart
46 New "tricorder" technology might be able to "hear" tumors growing
47 Researchers find way to make metals stronger without sacrificing ductility
48 New technology colors in the infrared rainbow
49 Experiment records extreme quantum weirdness
50 New understanding of the 'dewetting' process
51 5400mph winds discovered hurtling around exoplanet
52 Team maps gas emissions from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
53 Main-belt asteroid shows evidence of march collision
54 Researchers shed new light on the origins of Earth's water
55 More than meets the eye: Delta Orionis in Orion's belt
56 Fermi satellite detects first gamma-ray pulsar in another galaxy
57 Cassini finds monstrous ice cloud in Titan's south polar region
58 Secondhand spacecraft has firsthand asteroid experience
59 Upgrade helps NASA study mineral veins on Mars
60 'Pale orange dot': Early Earth's haze may give clue to habitability elsewhere in space
61 Astronomers spot most distant object in solar system
62 Machine learning could solve riddles of galaxy formation
63 Venus' twin? Earth-sized rocky planet orbiting a nearby star
64 Astronomers discover oldest stars ever seen
65 Asteroid ripped apart to form star's glowing ring system
66 Mars' moon Phobos is slowly falling apart
67 Mercury gets a meteoroid shower from comet Encke
68 UCLA professor proposes simpler way to define what makes a planet
69 Doomed quasar is heading for a powerful explosion
70 Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think on star formation
71 Frozen cones on Pluto--the first discovery of ice volcanoes?
72 One year after comet touchdown, what's next for Philae?
73 Ice volcanoes, twirling moons: Four months after Pluto flyby, New Horizons yields wealth of discovery
74 An ammonia-water slurry may swirl below Pluto's icy surface
75 Dark matter and particle acceleration in near space
76 Chrome for Android vulnerability discovered by researcher
77 Gmail to warn when messages take unencrypted routes
78 #FAUTwitterStudy uses 20 million tweets to understand people and real-world situations
79 Five things to know about Apple's new iPad Pro
80 Google's release of TensorFlow could be a game-changer in the future of AI
81 Technique for mobile image processing in the cloud cuts bandwidth use by more than 98 percent
82 From meh to ugh, facial emotion in pic pegged by Microsoft tool
83 Facebook tests vanishing messages
84 A day in the life of a well-connected home courtesy of Intel
85 Team trains Watson AI to 'chat,' spark more creativity in humans
86 On the way to multiband solar cells
87 Research team invents efficient shockwave-based process for desalination of water
88 New Facebook app fires news to smartphones
89 Little Tally in trial, spots item highs, lows, price goofs
90 World nations reach landmark deal on using satellites to track flights
91 New pop-up sensor may help robotic surgery
92 Shape-changing LineFORM may belong to interface future
93 Google Maps guides travellers offline
94 The uBeam vision: Lift phone in the air to charge it
95 Custom circuit board printer invention wins International James Dyson Award
96 Data privacy in app-verse challenging: study
97 For a happier life, give up Facebook, study says
98 Going back in time to locate short circuits in power grids
99 Indoor-grown veggie system is prepared for salad days
100 Wi-FM listens to FM signals to determine best times to send and receive data
101 Chemists turn bacterial molecules into potential drug molecules
102 New information about bacterial enzymes to help scientists develop more effective antibiotics, cancer drugs
103 Palladium-catalyzed C-H activation of primary amino alcohols
104 Enigmatic lichen-derived compound synthesized
105 Bengamide antitumor agent displaying antiproliferative potency
106 How can engineers make steel that doesn't baulk at hydrogen?
107 First 'porous liquid' invented
108 Scientists plug into metal's role in the circuit of life
109 Microbes map path toward renewable energy future
110 Innovative energy-absorbing materials have potential uses in buildings, helmets