File Title
1 Study finds medication errors, adverse drug events in 1 out of 2 surgeries studied
2 The American Academy of Pediatrics tackles youth football injuries
3 Capacitor breakthrough
4 Researchers catch Comet Lovejoy giving away alcohol
5 Deadly fish virus still present in Wisconsin lake
6 Failing to account for climate change in mining land reclamation may cost billions: Study
7 Canadian researchers find geothermal heat pumps most feasible in Halifax
8 Faster optimization
9 A new algorithm to predict the dynamic language of proteins
10 Halloysite: Finally a promising natural nanomaterial?
11 Focus on treatment decisions: Doctor and patient should decide together
12 Steaming out some of luminol's wrinkles
13 Depression too often reduced to a checklist of symptoms
14 Signs of faster aging process identified through gene research
15 Toxins remain in your clothes
16 Potato harvest reduced by half
17 Online gambling to get safer through better prediction of addiction
18 New DNA research reveals undiscovered white dots on the map
19 Scientists urge policymakers to plant more trees to save Britain's rivers from climate change
20 TUM scientists identify molecular mechanism behind early flowering
21 Sarcoidosis: Surface marker allows new diagnostic approaches
22 Alzheimer risk impairs 'satnav' function of the brain
23 Active body, active mind: The secret to a younger brain may lie in exercising your body
24 Mini-kidney organoids re-create disease in lab dishes
25 New study characterizes pediatric ED visits attributed to contact with law enforcement
26 Sensing small molecules may revolutionize drug design
27 Japanese sea defense guidelines could assist other tsunami-prone nations, study suggests
28 Manipulating wrinkles could lead to graphene semiconductors
29 New methane organisms discovered
30 People can raise their pain threshold by altering brain chemistry, arthritis study shows
31 Blocking enzymes in hair follicles promotes hair growth
32 Bacteriophage treatment decontaminates infant formula
33 Photons open the gateway for quantum networks
34 Breastfeeding difficulties may increase risk of postnatal depression
35 Children in foster care three times more likely to have ADHD diagnosis
36 New AAP report targets lack of adequate food as ongoing health risk to US children
37 Most parents form vaccination preferences before becoming pregnant
38 A longer look at treatments for leg length discrepancies
39 Study finds injuries from nonpowder guns severe among children
40 New rule that limits tackling during football practices knocks down concussions
41 More than 1 in 5 anaphylactic reactions occur in students with no known allergies
42 Health food stores recommend teens try performance supplement not recommended under 18
43 Basketball, soccer, lacrosse lead to most ACL injuries among high school female athletes
44 Job opportunities, after-school activities, cleaner city top urban teens' priorities
45 Skin-to-skin contact with baby in neonatal unit decreases maternal stress levels
46 Hands-only CPR in high school class pumps up likelihood of bystander response to cardiac arrest
47 Research suggests canine companionship helps calm children undergoing cancer treatment
48 Internet misfires as source of accurate information on storing firearms
49 ACL injuries increase among school-aged children and adolescents
50 Study finds gap in awareness of return-to-play practices following youth sport head hits
51 Study identifies roadblocks to mental health services for adolescents affected by bullying
52 Birth tourism in the United States delivers complex medical cases in neonatal units
53 Do as I say, not as I show: Ads in parenting magazines don't always illustrate safe practices
54 More than 25 percent of women giving birth who test positive for marijuana also using other drugs
55 Carnegie Mellon researchers hack off-the-shelf 3-D printer towards rebuilding the heart
56 Upgrading the quantum computer
57 Quantum communications go thin and light
58 Nanoquakes probe new 2-D material
59 Researchers develop natural protein cage for improved cancer drug delivery
60 Researchers find electron chirality in graphene impacts current flow
61 Graphene key to dense, energy-efficient memory chips, engineers say
62 Nanotechnology offers new approach to increasing storage ability of dielectric capacitors
63 Researchers create blackest material ever made
64 Manipulating wrinkles could lead to graphene semiconductors
65 Solvents save steps in solar cell manufacturing
66 Study of lung cells suggests nanotubes are common pollutants
67 Nanotechnology inspires next-generation dental materials
68 Magnetically controlled battery could store energy for power grids
69 Experimental treatment regimen effective against HIV
70 New graphene-based inks for high-speed manufacturing of printed electronics
71 Significant advance in stabilizing perovskite solar cells
72 Researchers discover graphene spirals could challenge macro solenoids
73 Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals
74 Is black phosphorous the next big thing in materials?
75 New research could revolutionize flexible electronics, solar cells
76 One direction: Researchers grow nanocircuitry with semiconducting graphene nanoribbons
77 Building a better liposome
78 Researchers create light emitting diodes from food and beverage waste
79 Dielectric film has refractive index close to air
80 Have your drug nano-delivered via microbubble
81 Knit it, braid it, turn it on and use it: New technology from old-school methods
82 Sonic tractor beam invented (w/ Video)
83 May the fifth force be with you
84 Physics of 'booming' and 'burping' sand dunes revealed
85 Scientists experimentally optimize operation of first wall-less Hall thruster prototype
86 Coating cancels acoustic scattering from odd-shaped objects
87 Tiny magnets could work in sensors, information encoding
88 Physicist links dark matter to dinosaur extinction in new book
89 Researchers find a way to control the bubbles of boiling water using a small electric charge
90 Physicists uncover novel phase of matter
91 Researchers observe phase transition thought impossible
92 Unraveling the complex, intertwined electron phases in a superconductor
93 Entanglement at heart of '2-for-1' fission in next-generation solar cells
94 Physicists prove 'quantum spookiness' and start chasing Schrodinger's cat
95 Positrons are plentiful in ultra-intense laser blasts
96 Upgrading the quantum computer
97 Researchers develop new method for scaling up quantum devices
98 'Zeno effect' verified--atoms won't move while you watch
99 Physicists learn how to control the movement of electrons in a molecule
100 Photons open the gateway for quantum networks
101 Researchers transform slow emitters into fast light sources
102 The ductility of magnesium explained
103 Model shows key features of transition of liquid from smooth to turbulent flow in a pipe
104 The universe really is weird, and a landmark quantum experiment proves it
105 Historic Delft Experiments tests Einstein's 'God does not play dice' using quantum 'dice'
106 Scientists give 'outlaw' particles less room to hide
107 Study explores wave-particle interaction in atmosphere
108 Probing the mysteries of Europa, Jupiter's cracked and crinkled moon
109 Spacecraft diving deep into Saturn moon's erupting water jet (Update)
110 Artificial intelligence finds messy galaxies