File Title
1 New study describes how glucose regulation enables malignant tumor growth
2 Scientific research is conservative but could be accelerated, analysis finds
3 Loss of consciousness a marker of early brain injury in subarachnoid hemorrhage
4 Early probiotic use and islet autoimmunity in children at risk for type 1 diabetes
5 Many adults with severe mental illness not being screened for diabetes
6 Study shows benefits of intensive blood pressure management
7 First-of-its-kind study of puberty timing in men
8 USC and Sangamo researchers advance genome editing of blood stem cells
9 US stillbirth rates unchanged after move to discourage elective deliveries before 39 weeks
10 How low to go for blood pressure? Lower target could affect millions of Americans
11 A warmer world will be a hazier one
12 Hydrogel superglue is 90 percent water
13 Research is lacking on marijuana's effects in patients with rheumatic diseases
14 Common antibiotics increase risk of cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac death
15 Researchers find link between specific vitamin D levels and heart problems
16 Using human genetics to reveal fundamental processes involved in type 2 diabetes
17 NYU Abu Dhabi's genome sequencing project sheds light on origin of the date palm
18 Group therapy is an effective and cost-efficient way to promote cardiovascular health
19 Complex grammar of the genomic language
20 Opioid addiction originates from prescribed painkillers for half of female methadone clinic patients
21 A printable, flexible, lightweight temperature sensor
22 New Huffington Post blog exploring big health data launches
23 First precision medicine trial in cancer prevention identifies molecular-based chemoprevention strategy
24 New study finds testosterone replacement therapy does not increase heart risk
25 Black women in Canada have substantially higher risk of preterm birth than white women
26 Meat--and how it's cooked--may impact kidney cancer risk
27 Study suggests use of insulin pumps has improved blood sugar control in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes
28 Flipping the switch to better see cancer cells at depths
29 Self-weighing may be a hazardous behavior among young women
30 Being thin but carrying fat around the middle more deadly than being obese
31 Researchers find way to make metals stronger without sacrificing ductility
32 SwRI scientists explain why moon rocks contain fewer volatiles than Earth's
33 Dust devils detected by seismometer could guide Mars mission
34 Scientists mark 'stunning success' of vaccine in virtually ridding Africa of meningitis A
35 Wealthiest--not sickest--patients may have edge in organ transplants
36 N/A
37 Hispanics largely undertreated for high cholesterol
38 A few minutes of activity may cut blood pressure for people with type 2 diabetes
39 Partners of heart defibrillator patients concerned about resuming sex
40 Cardiovascular disease on the rise as fewer people achieve ideal cardiovascular health
41 Plague in Dental DNA from Much Earlier than Thought, Says Study
42 Ancient Wildfires: Researchers Examine Evolution of Forest Fires
43 Black Holes Eating Stars: New Study Shows Intense Gravity Force at Work
44 Vampire Bats Spend More Time on Social Grooming [BAT WEEK]
45 Flu and Bananas: Alterations in Popular Fruit May Fight Flu
46 Echolocation Not What We Thought? [BAT WEEK]
47 Cattle Domestication: Farmers Continued to Breed Cows with Ancient Wild Ox, New Study Shows
48 Lake Erie Shipwreck: 1937 Boat of Crude Oil and Tar Might Be Leaking into Lake Erie
49 Whales and Poop: Whales Are like Both Cows and Predators Where It Counts
50 American Eel: Mystery Spawning Route Discovered
51 Baby Giant Squid Caught for the First Time, Researchers Say
52 Giant Prehistoric Shark Teeth Wash Ashore in North Carolina
53 Evolution and Chickens: Genetic Differences Observed on Shorter Time Scale, Researchers Say
54 Climate Change: Persian Gulf May Be Too Hot for Human Habitation by End of Century [VIDEO]
55 Predators and Eels: Electric Eels Can Zing with Twice the Electricity
56 Prehistoric Feathers Link Dinosaurs to Ostriches, New Study Shows
57 Dinosaurs Regulated Their Body Temperature with Elaborate Nasal Passage, Researchers Say
58 Singing and Human Bonding: Group Singing Bonds Faster than Other Gatherings
59 Spruce Beetles Don't Increase Severity of Colorado Forest Fires, Researchers Say
60 Shorebirds: Zeroing in on How Long and Why They Bulk Up
61 Prehistoric 'Supersharks' Swam Oceans Earlier than Previously Thought, Researchers Say
62 Mono Lake: Lake and Craters Above Magma, 3D Close-Up
63 Social Insects and Matricide: Why Some Bees, Wasps, Ants Kill Their Nearest Relative
64 Bedrock and Geology: Building Better by Knowing Geology Beneath
65 Vultures and Immunity: Scavenging Better than the Others
66 Acorns and Mast Years: Masses of Acorns and Why
67 Great Ape Evolution Redefined by New Fossil Species, Researchers Say
68 Humboldt Namesakes Galore: Natural Historian Who Influenced Darwin, Thoreau
69 Prehistoric Cannibalism: Tyrannosaurs May Have Killed and Then Eaten Their Species
70 Narwhals: Their Tusks Act like Sensors, Not Hunting Spears
71 Pineapples and Photosynthesis: How the Juicy Fruits Grow in Water-Starved Environments
72 Green Technology: New Alloy May Enhance Cooling Systems, Researchers Say
73 White-Nose Syndrome: Devastating Disease Found in Chinese Bats
74 Greenland Ice Sheet High Elevation: Not Melting Due to Soot or Carbon
75 Jupiter Pushed out Another Planet Long Ago, Says Study
76 Jellyfish Swimming and How Toyota Priuses May Learn from Them [VIDEO]
77 Bee Colony-Collapse: Are Unsprayed Wildflowers a Factor in Pesticide Contamination?
78 Human Waste Has Vast Energy Potential: Canadian Organizations Funding Pioneering Projects
79 T. rex Could Open Jaw a Full 90 Degrees to Take Bite Out of Prey, Researchers Say
80 Diamond Formation May Be More Common than We Thought, Researchers Say
81 Maya Village Under 17 Feet of Ash: Residents Lived Free and Clear of Overlords
82 New York Whale: Humpback Startles Two Cousins Off Staten Island
83 Wooly Mammoth: Habitat Fragmentation Learnings from Alaska's Ice Age
84 Fossils of a New Giant Feathered Raptor Unearthed in South Dakota
85 NASA: Astronauts Being Hired for New Crews for Mars Research
86 Beetles Have Complex Rapidly Developing Vision System, Say Researchers
87 Mars MAVEN Data: Speed of Solar Wind, How It Changed Mars Climate
88 Chagas: U.S. and Mexico Should Fight Serious Disease, Says Report
89 Butterflies Mimic Wing Coloration of Toxic Counterparts to Ward Off Birds
90 19th century Tomb Found Below NYC's Washington Square Park
91 Biodiversity: Monitoring Bees and Farmland Ecosystems in Europe Proposed
92 North American Native Bees: Neonicotinoid Pesticide Exposure
93 French Bird Atlas: Biodiversity Check and List of Birds in Nation
94 Spider Sex: Drastic Steps Follow in Some Cases
95 New Wasps in Asia
96 New Species: Five Long-Haired Parasitic Wasps Found in India
97 Tomato Plants: Nanoparticles Boost Growth and Antioxidant Levels, Researchers Say
98 Bird Wings Change Shape in Flight
99 Coral Reef Health: Beauty's Place in Health Assessments
100 Wildfires Increase Rate of Permafrost Thaw in Arctic Tundra, Researchers Say
101 Heart Urchin's Sturdy Shell Models Shock-Absorbency Tips
102 Mars Moon Phobos Is Falling Apart
103 Oldest Known Stars Found Near Milky Way Center
104 Archaeologists Uncover First Church Built in the Tropics and History of Atlantic Slave Trade [VIDEO]
105 Nearest Earth-Size Planet Newly Discovered
106 Ancient Bees: Plant Generalists and Specialists; What that Means for Modern-Day Bees
107 Black holes: We explode six myths to prevent you from getting sucked in
108 Mystery of the Moon's missing volatile elements finally solved
109 Mars' moon Phobos slowly being pulled apart by tidal forces, study finds
110 Borneo burning: Satellite image reveals extent of thick smoke
111 Why didn't we just use the Hubble telescope to take photos of Pluto?