File Title
1 Achieving Life's Simple 7 reduces more than heart disease
2 Cardiac rehab coverage expands for chronic heart failure patients with symptoms
3 Lowering China's pollution could prevent about 900,000 cardiovascular deaths by 2030
4 Tobacco use fueled by e-cigs, hookah remains high among US Hispanics/Latinos
5 Bystander CPR on kids has increased, survival odds improve for some
6 Obese kids young as age 8 show signs of heart disease
7 Short bursts of high-intensity exercise does more for type 2 diabetes
8 College football linemen face greater risk of heart problems
9 An effective integrated reproductive strategy for hearing loss by researches from China
10 Wheat disease-resistance gene identified, potential to save billions
11 Computer model developed for predicting the dispersion of vog
12 New method IDs up to twice as many proteins and peptides in mass spectrometry data
13 Researchers shed pharmacological light on formerly 'dark' cellular receptors
14 CPR by medics: Keep pumping or stop for rescue breathing?
15 Common medication for heart failure patients does not increase activity level
16 Mayo Clinic study: One energy drink may increase heart disease risk in young adults
17 Markets for science
18 Nerve cells warn brain of damage to the inner ear
19 New electron microscopy method sculpts 3-D structures at atomic level
20 Study: Drug may delay, prevent blindness for millions of older Americans
21 Oil dispersants can suppress natural oil-degrading microorganisms, new study shows
22 NIST study of Colorado wildfire shows actions can change outcomes
23 Using microfluidic devices to sort stem cells
24 The power of magical thinking: Why superstitions are hard to shake
25 The art of appropriate patient selection for heart procedures
26 Using FM to improve wireless networks
27 Sorafenib modestly increases progression-free survival
28 New technique could expand number of diseases detected by noninvasive prenatal testing
29 Saying I do
30 Strangled cells condense their DNA
31 Genetic risk information for coronary heart disease leads to lower bad cholesterol
32 Fossil wasp galls indicate little change in Southern California habitats since Ice Age
33 The boy who cried wolf: Drug alerts in the ER
34 A new way to look at MOFs
35 Dartmouth researchers create automated tool for dialect analysis
36 Dark matter and particle acceleration in near space
37 Search-and-rescue proteins find, fix DNA mutations linked to cancer
38 NYU research: Cellular mechanism for transporting Ca2+ in the formation of enamel cells
39 Children exposed to arsenic may face greater risk of infection, respiratory symptoms
40 Innovative health program reduces depression, unhealthy weights in teens
41 Thickness of grey matter predicts ability to recognize faces and objects
42 Drugs with multiple targets show promise against myotonic dystrophy type 1
43 New model for collecting high quality biospecimens for genomic analysis
44 Could solar eclipses disrupt electricity in Germany?
45 Unpacking embryonic pluripotency
46 Implantable wireless devices trigger--and may block--pain signals
47 Rice U. paper: End 'stem cell tourism'
48 New pest management resource for hop growers in the northeast
49 An arms race among venomous animals?
50 Earliest church in the tropics unearthed in former heart of Atlantic slave trade
51 UH Case Medical Center researchers publish new results from SPRINT trial
52 Samumed announces modulation of Wnt pathway for potential cartilage regeneration
53 Self-rated health predicts immune response to the common cold
54 New study: Leading cause of blindness could be prevented or delayed
55 PPPL physicists find clue to formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies
56 Use of rarely appropriate angioplasty procedures declined sharply
57 Diabetes drug reduces risk of heart failure and may prevent it, study shows
58 Enormous genetic variation may shield tumors from treatment
59 Brief cognitive-behavioral therapy helps those with problematic caffeine use
60 NTU scientists use dead bacteria to kill colorectal cancer
61 Time to reassess blood-pressure goals
62 Adults born with heart disease at increased risk of heart attack and death
63 New technology colors in the infrared rainbow
64 Researchers shed pharmacological light on formerly 'dark' cellular receptors
65 Tissue engineers recruit cells to make their own strong matrix
66 The past shows how abrupt climate shifts affect Earth
67 Temporary ambulance locations reduces response times and may save lives
68 New light shed on the challenge of climate negotiations
69 Environmental factors may contribute to the development of some childhood cancers
70 Malignant network makes brain cancer resistant
71 Microplate discovery dates birth of Himalayas
72 Vanilla yogurt makes us feel happy, suggests research
73 Researchers have used computers to tackle 1 of chemistry's greatest challenges
74 Conducting gels--from waste to wealth
75 The first long-haired ones: New wasp group proposed for 5 new species from India
76 Steps forward in the hunt for easily measurable biomarkers of autism
77 Increasing production of seed oils
78 Experiment records extreme quantum weirdness
79 System helps novices design 3-D-printable robotic creatures
80 Using mobile devices to augment reality can enhance creative play and exploration
81 N/A
82 Tactile animation makes it easier to design rich haptic sensations
83 Protein findings open new avenues to understanding and treatment of schizophrenia
84 Improve individual skills supported by BigData
85 Irx genes make cartilage cells act 'oh so immature'
86 Concussions in kids are detectable by blood test
87 A hairy situation: Hair increases surface area for animals by 100 times
88 White coat and masked hypertension associated with higher rates of heart and vascular disease
89 TSRI-led team finds long-sought protein sensor for the 'sixth sense'--proprioception
90 Group therapy is an effective way to promote cardiovascular health
91 IL-21 repairs immune function in primate model of HIV infection
92 Barriers to an integrated family-based health promotion program in Harlem
93 Increased meat consumption, especially when cooked at high temperatures, linked to elevated kidney cancer risk
94 Patients with severe mental illness rarely tested for diabetes, despite high risk, study shows
95 Combination therapy reduces occurrence, number of migraines following cardiac procedure
96 Coronary angioplasties classified as inappropriate reduced since guidelines published
97 Antibody targets key cancer marker; opens door to better diagnosis, therapy
98 Don't delay: Having to wait doesn't help young kids exercise self-control
99 New test for prostate cancer significantly improves prostate cancer screening
100 New genetic cause of a childhood kidney cancer discovered
101 Study: Negative body image, not depression, increases adolescent obesity risk
102 The 'Speck'-ter haunting New York tomato fields
103 Molecular clocks control mutation rate in human cells
104 Prescription painkillers source of addiction for most women
105 John Innes Centre scientists identify 3-D structure of enzyme critical to creation of anticancer compounds in plants
106 Counting stars: Illegal trade of Indian star tortoises is a far graver issue
107 Fitter legs linked to a 'fitter' brain
108 Watching cement dry could help dental fillings last longer
109 Nanobodies from camels enable the study of organ growth
110 A giant fullerene system inhibits the infection by an artificial Ebola virus