File Title
1 Hole in the Sun Will Create Aurora, Could Disturb Earth's Magnetic Field
2 Man and Cheetah Nap Under a Tree Together
3 Brisk Walks Better for Weight Loss, Study Says
4 World's First 3-D Cancer-Spreading Protein Model Discovered, Could Help Scientists Create Better Cure
5 Tree Sex Change: Oldest Tree in Britain Is Changing Gender, Researchers Say
6 Biogas Generated from Human Poop Can Power 138 Million Homes, U.N. Says
7 Climate Change Threatens Food Security, U.N. Expert Says
8 Perfect 'Wake Up' Song: Science Determines Top 20 Songs to Help You Get Up in the Morning (VIDEO)
9 Signs of Life and Technology: APEX Instrument, SEPIA, Will Detect Water in the Universe (PHOTOS)
10 Yellowstone Grizzlies: Population Almost Fully Recovered, Scientists Say
11 'Zombie' Disease: Cotard's Syndrome Causes People to Believe They Are Already Dead
12 Soda, Heart Failure Study: Drinking Soda Increases Heart Failure Risk
13 Acid Fog Eroded Rocks on Mars? Study Suggest Red Planet Once Experienced Hawaii-Like Conditions
14 Arctic Ocean Was Once Frozen Almost Year-Round but Could See 60 Days Without Sea Ice by 2050
15 Coywolf: New Wolf Species that Can Live in the City
16 Pineapple's Genome Sequenced: Findings Could Help Commercial Crops Adapt to Climate Change
17 NASA UFO: Bright Unidentified Light Spotted by International Space Station Cameras (VIDEO)
18 Sterile Men Father Babies Thanks to New Fertility Technique
19 Yak Calf Born at Germany's Hellabrunn Zoo
20 Bronx Zoo Introduces Otter Pup (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)
21 Obesity: One Gene Variation Stops Feeling of Being Full, Study Finds
22 Cyclone Hits Yemen: Chapala Is Most Powerful Storm Country Has Seen in Decades
23 Happy Jellyfish Day! Marvel at the Ancient Sea Faring Creatures (VIDEO)
24 Sarcasm Linked to Higher Levels of Creativity, Study Finds
25 Dog Lowers Asthma Risk in Children by 13 Percent
26 Omura's Whale Filmed by a Team of Marine Biologists (VIDEO)
27 Wyoming Crack Now Almost as Big as Seven Football Fields
28 Toddlers Smartphones: Small Children Adept with Technology by Age 4
29 Star Trek Tricorder: Medical Device Can Scan DNA, Diagnose Illness
30 ISS: 15 Years of Uninterrupted Human Existence in Space Celebrated (GIFS)
31 World's Tiniest Snail Discovered in Borneo Along with 47 Other New Species
32 Phototransistor Inspired by Human Eye Breaks Speed and Response Records
33 Perovskite Materials More Efficient with New Ability to Utilize Long-Wavelength Sunlight
34 Cancer Drug Uses Scorpion Venom to Illuminate Tumors
35 Gassy Sheep Cause Singapore Airplane Emergency Landing (VIDEO)
36 Cancer: 25 Percent of Patients Diagnosed with Cancer in London ERs Die Within Two Months, According to Study
37 Bill Gates on Climate Change: Inept Private Sector Cannot Tackle It, Help Must Come from Rich Countries and Carbon Taxes
38 Flesh-Eating Superbug Leaves Australian Man Fighting for His Life, Others at Risk
39 Food Allergies Could Be Prevented at Infancy by Introducing Potentially Allergenic Foods, Researchers Say
40 Grevy's Zebra Born at the Denver Zoo
41 Antarctic Ice Sheet Gaining More Ice, Not Losing
42 Fossils Prove Ancient Animals Could Regenerate Limbs, Scientists Say
43 Mosquito Repellents with DEET Most Effective, but Victoria's Secret Perfume Works Too
44 Artificial Intelligence Gives Us Glimpse into Hearts of 'Messy Galaxies'
45 Jupiter May Have Kicked Mysterious Planet Out of the Solar System Billions of Years Ago
46 Vampire Bats' 'Scary' Reputation Could Be Mistaken: Animals Demonstrate Incredible Compassion for Each Other
47 Women Who Have Children Live Longer, Study Says
48 Dogs Think like Human Children, Get Jealous, Studies Say
49 Offshore Wind Farms: Dong Energy Plans to Build World's Largest Wind Farm in Irish Sea
50 Job-Related Stress Could Reduce Your Life by Years, Study Finds
51 Vladimir Putin: Global Warming Is 'A Fraud'
52 Atacama Desert: Driest Place on Earth Blooms with Rare Flowers
53 Rosetta Probe Discovers Oxygen on Comet
54 Parallel Universe Bright Spot: Cosmic Light Could Prove the Existence of a Parallel Universe
55 Three-Parent Babies: Britain to Become the First Country that Sanctions Creation of Children with DNA from Two Mothers and One Father
56 Carbon sequestration in soil: The potential underfoot
57 Carbon canopy
58 Most earth-like worlds have yet to be born, according to theoretical study
59 How wind might impact birds' migration routes
60 Uncovered: The European roller's route between Africa and Europe
61 Later age recommended for first screening mammogram
62 Annual vs. biennial mammography and breast tumor prognostic characteristics
63 Menopausal status a better indicator than age for mammography frequency
64 Investigators create complex kidney structures from human stem cells derived from adults
65 Lathering up with sunscreen may protect against cancer--killing coral reefs worldwide
66 Sunscreen is proven toxic to coral reefs
67 Are cars nanotube factories on wheels?
68 Scientists find link between comet and asteroid showers and mass extinctions
69 Bees to scientists: 'We're more complicated than you think'
70 Final kiss of 2 stars heading for catastrophe
71 Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals
72 Diamonds--a tooth's best friend?
73 Gone with the wind
74 Study: Alaskan boreal forest fires release more carbon than the trees can absorb
75 New review: What to do to prevent food allergies in infants
76 Synthetic batteries for the energy revolution
77 Cosmic 'Death Star' is destroying a planet
78 California 2100: More frequent and more severe droughts and floods likely
79 Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels
80 76-million-year-old extinct species of pig-snouted turtle unearthed in Utah
81 Childhood infections associated with increased risk of early heart attack
82 Early childhood stress affects brain's response to rewards
83 Penn: Stressed dads affect offspring brain development through sperm microRNA
84 Astronomers catch a black hole shredding a star to pieces
85 The vulture's scavenging secrets--an ironclad stomach and a strong immune system
86 In an urban environment, not all vultures are created equal
87 Dead men punching
88 Genomic study sheds light on protective effects of malaria vaccine candidate
89 New technique permits cell-specific examination of proteins in Alzheimer's brain tissue
90 Wildflowers on farms--not just crops--can expose bees to neonicotinoids
91 NIH-funded study reveals why malaria vaccine only partially protected children, infants
92 Calls vs. balls: Monkeys with more impressive roars produce less sperm
93 For howler monkeys, deeper roars mean less sperm
94 Deeper calls, smaller balls
95 Plague in humans 'twice as old' but didn't begin as flea-borne, ancient DNA reveals
96 Plague infected humans much earlier than previously thought
97 New insights into REM sleep crack an enduring mystery
98 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas, researchers find
99 Magnetic hide and seek
100 Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets
101 Mini-kidney organoids re-create disease in lab dishes
102 Capacitor breakthrough
103 Researchers catch Comet Lovejoy giving away alcohol
104 Upgrading the quantum computer
105 Siberian jays can recognize unfamiliar, distant relatives
106 If a major economy takes the lead, warming could be limited to 2íC
107 Snake venom helps hydrogels stop the bleeding
108 Lost giant poop disrupts whole planet
109 Declines in whales, fish, seabirds and large animals disrupt Earth's nutrient cycle
110 Study: Persian Gulf could experience deadly heat
111 Elephants boost tree losses in South Africa's largest savanna reserve
112 Ancient babies boost Bering land bridge layover
113 Ancient permafrost quickly transforms to carbon dioxide upon thaw
114 Study: Alaskan soil thaw sends carbon directly back into atmosphere