File Title
1 Gut bacteria can dramatically amplify cancer immunotherapy
2 In preventing return of winter blues, talk outshines light, new study says
3 Sunday GP appointments unlikely to meet patient needs
4 Compound 'dissolves' protein clumps that cause cataracts
5 Researchers discover a new dimension to high-temperature superconductivity
6 Watching a memory form
7 DNA strands often 'wiggle' as part of genetic repair
8 Vitamin C stresses and kills mutant cancer cells
9 Gut microbiome drives success of immunotherapy
10 MAVEN results: Delving into the atmosphere of Mars
11 New whirligig beetle species discovered by University of New Mexico Ph.D. student
12 It's a beauty: JILA's quantum crystal is now more valuable
13 Estrogen receptor--helps endometrial tissue escape the immune system and cause disease
14 Investigational treatment may restore kidney function in renovascular disease patients
15 Early warning found for chronic kidney disease
16 Is junk food to blame?
17 Researchers reveal acoustic complexity of chickadee songs
18 Towards elimination of HIV reservoirs
19 Does religion make kids less generous?
20 NYU scientists find neural match for complexity of visual world
21 Vibrating bees tell the state of the hive
22 Korea's 'Hanoks' display acoustic excellence
23 Why's there chatter in my Himalayan singing bowl?
24 Take 2 aspirin and make sure you're not allergic
25 Study shows siblings of kids with food allergies aren't necessarily also allergic
26 Kids with asthma can avoid the ER by avoiding the ER
27 Allergists as medical mystery detectives--uncovering all the clues
28 Consider penicillin, even if you have had a prior reaction
29 Hay fever sufferers prefer prescription medication, but use over-the-counter relief
30 Breast is best, but might not protect from allergies
31 Biologics for asthma: Attacking the source of the disease, not the symptoms
32 Insufficient sleep may impact kidney health
33 Hormone replacement therapy may benefit the kidneys
34 Apparently, diamonds may not be as rare as we think
35 Buried beneath volcanic ash, 1400-year-old Mayan village frozen in daily life
36 Amazing! Archaeologists discover 22 ancient Greek shipwrecks
37 More than half of saiga antelopes mysteriously die off in two week span
38 Paleontologists uncover the most complete feathered dinosaur specimen found in Canada
39 Antimatter isn't so different from matter after all, researchers say
40 Archaeologists may have finally found Acra, the Biblical Greek fort
41 How climate change could wreak havoc on your sex life
42 California's illegal marijuana industry threatens super cute indigenous weasel population
43 Researchers just completed a new scan of King Tut's tomb, and what they found could be big
44 Astronomers simulate exotic exoplanet clouds for first time ever
45 Caltech astrophysicist may have discovered proof of parallel universes
46 Cloudy with a chance of molten iron: Distant planet weather patterns mapped for first time
47 This 'magic plant' could make growing food in space a lot easier
48 Calling all space nerds: NASA seeks new astronaut candidates for eventual trip to Mars
49 NASA announces big news about Mars' atmosphere
50 Stars go through growth spurts just like kids, astronomers say
51 Are aliens building a Dyson sphere around that super mysterious Kepler star?
52 German engineers are about to turn on a game-changing nuclear fusion reactor
53 Scotland to create world's largest floating wind farm
54 Amazon opens its first brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle
55 Snapchat makes you really happy, according to science
56 No more cracked smartphones Japanese scientists develop ultra-durable glass
57 Chinese quadruped robot broke Guinness World Record by walking 83 miles
58 Gmail's new 'Smart Reply' feature automatically drafts up your email responses
59 These pinhead-sized lenses with 170 degree vision are modeled after bug eyes
60 Experimental military rocket blows up over Hawaii after launch
61 Experience what it's like to have synesthesia with this DIY mask
62 Changefirst Leads the Way in Change Management with New E-learning Course
63 Issues of Virtual Machine Software Licensing Solved with the Release of CrypKey Version 8
64 WANRack Completes Fiber Optic Wide Area Network for the Converse County School District
65 AVAC Announces its Kickoff to Summer and Launch for 100k Step Club
66 iSS, LLC is now proudly offering VisionArt products to their Clients
67 Create Fantastic 3D Animations with the Animator's Modeler (TAM)
68 Couples who split up the chores have better sex lives, study says
69 By age 5, children already have fully-established self-esteem
70 Professional soccer players apparently don't take care of their teeth, study says
71 Is Alzheimer's a collection of diseases that should be treated separately?
72 Testosterone levels affect how much makeup women use, study finds
73 VIDEO: Does putting your cell phone in your bra cause breast cancer?
74 Next time you're in pain, just play some video games, study says
75 Does a religious upbringing make a child more selfish?
76 Study: MMA is bloodier, but boxing is 'more dangerous'
77 Gene Editing Reverses Aggressive Leukemia in Infant in Medical First
78 Junk Food: Obesity Not Caused by Junk Food, Researchers Say
79 Cloud Iridescence: Rare Cloud Formation Mystifies and Excites in Jamaica (PHOTO)
80 NASA Examines Space Travel's Effect on the Human Brain
81 Panda Whisperers: Scientists Learn Secret Language of Pandas
82 Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline: 'Would Not Serve National Interests' (BREAKING)
83 Telepathic Genius: Autistic Boy Can Speak Multiple Languages, Read Minds (VIDEO)
84 Spontaneous Human Combustion: Woman Engulfed in Flames, Witnesses Say
85 Galaxy Cluster WISE: Advanced Technology Helps NASA Discover Gigantic Galaxy Cluster
86 Climate Change, Super Coral: Scientists Look to Ward Off Bleaching with 'Super Coral'
87 Religious Children Are Less Generous, Study Finds
88 Hawaii Rocket Launch Fails Mid-Flight, Cause of Failure Still Being Investigated (VIDEOS)
89 Kangaroos Are Gassier than We Thought, Study Finds
90 Mars' Missing Water a Result of Solar Winds? NASA May Have Discovered What Turned Red Planet into a Wasteland (VIDEO)
91 RHIC: World's First Measurement Of Force of Interaction Between Pairs of Antiprotons Deepens Antimatter Mystery
92 Artificial Nose Can Detect Food Spoilage
93 Aquatic Carnivores Including Fanged Eel and 'Fire Frog' Discovered in Brazil Could Solve Ancient Migration Mysteries
94 'Dakotaraptor' Was One of the Largest Raptors in History, and Could Help Solve Evolutionary Mysteries
95 MIT Drone Can Dodge Obstacles at 30 Miles Per Hour (VIDEO)
96 Dolphin Reproduction Hindered by BP Oil Spill, Study Finds
97 Jellyfish's Secret for Super Efficient Swimming Finally Discovered
98 Scientist Grows Human Brain Parts to Study Disease
99 T. Rex Could Open Its Jaws at a Horrifying 90-Degree Angle
100 Jerusalem: Greek Fort of Acra Found Under a Parking Lot
101 Researchers Develop Super Glass that Could Lead to Shatter-Proof Smartphones
102 China: Coal Use 17% More than Previously Reported
103 Tapeworm Cancer Cells Transmitted to Human Host Who Developed Tumors and Died
104 NASA Hiring: Astronauts Aspiring to Be Part of Space Agency Can Apply in December (VIDEO)
105 Mars: NASA to Announce New Findings on Fate of Red Planet's Atmosphere (LIVE STREAM)
106 In-Law Relationship: Best and Worst Ways to Impress Future in-Laws, According to Science
107 Most Addictive Food: Science Determines Top 35 Foods that Are Most Addictive
108 MRSA Treatment: New Drug Therapy Developed
109 Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads to the Side
110 Gay Rape in Military: Reports Under-Reported by Pentagon, Claims Bombshell APA Report