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1 Adjusting to less food availability can impact kids negatively
2 N/A
3 Only one in five U.S. pancreatic cancer patients get this key blood test at diagnosis
4 Military sexual trauma: Prevalent and under-treated
5 Scientists evaluate food safety practices to help support nonprofit food pantries
6 Empathetic teachers enhance children's motivation for learning
7 Making green fuels, no fossils required
8 How the Ebola scare stigmatized African immigrants in the US
9 Northwest's next big earthquake: Source mapped
10 Find way to focus on dietary supplement safety, experts say
11 Gender revolution, minus the bigger paycheck
12 Green office environments linked with higher cognitive function scores
13 Flagging a stock price crash
14 Why corporations don't always 'learn' their way to success
15 Feeling emotionally attached to work leads to improved well-being
16 'Green' buildings bring in more green
17 Sweden is on track to becoming the first cashless nation
18 Workplace mentors benefit female employees more than men
19 Over half of workers with depression do not recognize need for treatment
20 If relationships are good, any humor by leaders improves job satisfaction
21 Preschoolers working memory forecasts teenage dropout risk
22 What the [beep]? Infants link new communicative signals to meaning
23 Early intervention in dyslexia can narrow achievement gap
24 Middle schoolers may benefit academically from extracurricular activities
25 Scholars challenge colleges to reform STEM learning
26 People with higher 'intellectual arrogance' get better grades
27 Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school
28 Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores
29 Sobering picture of urban education in the US
30 Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism
31 Mixed martial arts bloodier but less dangerous than boxing: Study
32 NASA mission reveals speed of solar wind stripping Martian atmosphere
33 Hubble uncovers the fading cinders of some of our galaxy's earliest homesteaders
34 A new slant on semiconductor characterization
35 Martian desiccation
36 Study finds 75 percent of first-time moms plan to follow vaccine schedule
37 MSU study finds surprises about drug use
38 UCI-led study offers model to predict how microbiomes may respond to change
39 Managed bees spread and intensify diseases in wild bees
40 Scientists discover genetic mechanism essential to ovary development
41 Temple researchers: Small molecule inhibitor shows promise in precision cancer targeting
42 Resilience-based interventions could curb depression in LGBT youths
43 Business as plan B
44 What sex is safe for heart patients: A new approach using the KiTOMI model
45 Adults' happiness on the decline
46 UMD discovery could enable portable particle accelerators
47 Noise-induced hearing loss--genetic cause and mechanism discovered
48 The astounding genome of the dinoflagellate
49 TCGA findings provide molecular background for second most common kidney cancer
50 New breast cancer stem cell clues may help develop therapeutics
51 Structure of 'concrete disease' solved
52 Brain imaging reveals possible depression signature in traumatic brain injury
53 Global climate change
54 Using hydrogen to enhance lithium ion batteries
55 Study: Ground-level ozone reduces maize and soybean yields
56 Penn, Notre Dame researchers mapping genetic history of the Caribbean
57 Study finds access to specialists in Affordable Care Act plans may be inadequate
58 Research finds cranberries are an effective approach to help reduce antibiotic use
59 Study: Strength of brain connectivity varies with fitness level in older adults
60 N/A
61 Climate change is moving mountains, research says
62 Supernova twins: Making standard candles more standard than ever
63 Guides within electronic medical records during visits help doctors provide better care
64 Snail trails lead to climate-driven cultural shift in ancient Morocco
65 Religious upbringing associated with less altruism, study finds
66 NbSe2, a true 2-D superconductor
67 Researchers show how positive stimuli provide benefits to the distracted brain
68 Duration of lactation associated with bone density
69 Mindfulness training helps patients with inflammatory bowel diseases
70 Three urgent steps for better protected areas
71 Why don't more uninsured people seek health coverage? U-M study suggests knowledge gap
72 Assessing ecosystem services: Increasing the impact on decision making
73 The great tit bird is less attractive due to exposure to heavy metals
74 Meniscus injury: Real surgery or sham surgery--which is better for patients?
75 Relying on faith, culture and family to reduce stress of caregivers
76 Scotland leads unconventional gas extraction health assessments
77 Better sleep and tai chi reduce inflammation and promote health
78 New research could help in the fight against infection, cancer and allergies
79 Elephants may use trunks like 'leaf blowers' to obtain inaccessible food
80 Edoxaban: Considerable added benefit for certain patients
81 Immunologists unearth key piece of MRSA vaccine puzzle
82 Number of female researchers in Germany has increased by 25 percent over the past 5 years
83 The cumulative research shows no explicit medical impediment to surrogate motherhood
84 Elsevier announces the launch of open-access journal: Physics in Medicine
85 Butterfly mimicry through the eyes of bird predators
86 Potential solution for side effect of Alzheimer's immunotherapy treatment
87 Dental implants frequently lead to complications
88 Vector network analysis using lasers
89 Expert system for early diagnosis of schizophrenia
90 Fly method is epilepsy's ray of light
91 Chinese researchers questioned the measurement of the Hubble constant by Nobel laureate Riess' team
92 Human intervention can help endangered Saimaa ringed seal adapt to climate change
93 Eye drops could clear up cataracts using newly identified chemical
94 Lack of sleep, body clock disruption leads to impaired insulin sensitivity says CU study
95 Lack of sleep may increase risk for diabetes, say CU Anschutz, CU-Boulder researchers
96 AKI not a good sign for patients with diabetes, says UC researcher
97 An easy test for sickle cell disease
98 Monkeys in Asia harbor virus from humans, other species
99 Freshwater fish, amphibians supercharge their ability to see infrared light?
100 Zebrafish reveal how axons regenerate on a proper path
101 Competition between 'good bacteria' important for healthy gut, say researchers
102 Medicines for breast cancer: The affordability controversy
103 First precision medicine trial in cancer prevention identifies chemoprevention strategy
104 March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card grades cities; focuses on racial disparities
105 Researchers identify new route for release of steroid hormones
106 Stem-cell scientists redefine how blood is made
107 Circadian clock controls insulin and blood sugar in pancreas
108 Stanford researchers urge lifting of NIH funding restrictions on chimeric research
109 This week in BMJ Case Reports
110 'Fire frogs' and eel-like amphibians: The Field Museum's Brazilian fossil discovery