File Title
1 Europe's Asylum Seekers Face Psychological Trauma
2 Rare Earthquake Trio Shakes Phoenix: What Happened?
3 Can Prenatal Choline Cut Schizophrenia Risk in Kids?
4 Acra at Last? Site of Ancient Jewish Revolt Unearthed
5 Giant Wyoming Crack Explained: A Landslide Brought It Down
6 Anti-Vaccination Websites Use 'Distorted' Science, Researchers Find
7 Fires in Indonesia Send Orangutans Fleeing for Safety
8 66-Million-Year-Old Giant Raptor Fossils Found in South Dakota
9 Rare Multistate Outbreaks Cause the Most Foodborne Illness Deaths, CDC Says
10 Robin Williams' Suicide: What Is Lewy Body Dementia?
11 Supervolcanoes likely triggered externally
12 'Odometer neurons' encode distance traveled, elapsed time
13 Some 3-D printed objects are toxic
14 Newly discovered fossil sea urchin is the oldest of its kind
15 Insulin sensitivity: One night of poor sleep could equal six months on a high-fat diet, study in dogs suggests
16 Math anxiety doesn't equal poor math performance
17 New discoveries on a bug with bifocals
18 Scarlet fever making a comeback
19 New findings rock long-held assumptions about ancient mass extinction
20 Female birds can't shake their colorful fathers, and other lessons from studying 6,000 species
21 Possible solution for side effect of Alzheimer's immunotherapy treatment
22 Relapsing infections could challenge malaria eradication
23 Scientists uncover mechanism that propels liver development after birth
24 Brain's immune system could be harnessed to fight Alzheimer's
25 Adding ultrasound to breast screening results in higher rate of detection for women
26 Earliest embryonic lethality gene identified
27 Estrogen drug may not benefit women with Alzheimer's dementia
28 Big Apple menu calorie counts don't add up to leaner diets at fast-food restaurants
29 Small urban corner stores offer increased healthy food options
30 Research evaluates racial differences in GI cancer biology
31 Connections discovered between masculinity, energy drink use, and sleep problems
32 Can scientists agree on a definition of curiosity?
33 Formation of new blood vessels may explain intractable symptoms of Parkinson's disease
34 Racial anxiety may alter time perception for some white Americans, research finds
35 Chemotherapy-induced hearing loss affects neurocognition in pediatric brain tumor survivors
36 Depression, weight gain in pregnancy linked to sitting down
37 Eye drops deliver gene therapy for brain disorders
38 New link between Down syndrome, Alzheimer's revealed
39 Lack of exercise linked to alcohol misuse
40 Endurance expert: Drugs could help 'lazy' people exercise
41 Does healthier food help low-income people control their diabetes?
42 Nearly one in five oral penicillin doses given to children in NHS hospitals may be too high or too low
43 Improvements in US diet lower premature deaths
44 Fair division of chores leads to better sex life, study suggests
45 Kicking substance addiction in teens: Tobacco dependence should be treated with same urgency as other drugs, study says
46 Being moody may help us adapt to change
47 National survey of Americans' health app use shows technology's promise and weakness
48 Standing and exercise linked to lower odds of obesity
49 Living alone can dent healthy diets
50 In-house test kits help motivate parents to reduce allergens in their homes
51 Sound waves levitate cells to detect stiffness changes that could signal disease
52 Antimatter not so different after all
53 Novel 'crumpling' of hybrid nanostructures increases SERS sensitivity
54 Record-setting way to make transparent conductors: Spread them like butter on toast
55 Researcher develops material to create sustainable energy source
56 Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential
57 3-D printed 'building blocks' of life
58 Researchers develop 3-D printing method for creating patient-specific medical devices
59 Fighting citrus greening with vibrating orange groves
60 Diamonds may not be so rare as once thought
61 Radar images provide details on Halloween asteroid
62 'Magic' plant discovery could lead to growing food in space
63 Astrosat's Soft X-ray Telescope sees first light
64 Disk gaps don't always signal planets
65 Traveling through space? Don't forget your sleeping pills and skin cream
66 Signs of acid fog found on Mars
67 Northern Light secrets uncovered thanks to social networking tools
68 Jupiter bumped giant planet from our solar system
69 Halloween skies to include dead comet flyby
70 NASA spots the 'Great Pumpkin': Halloween asteroid a treat for radar astronomers
71 System automatically converts 2D video to 3D
72 Professors study legal, social complexities of an augmented reality future
73 New computational approach to predicting adverse drug reactions with higher confidence
74 Researchers create transplantation model for 3-D printed constructs
75 The solution to faster computing? Sing to your data
76 Saving Green: Computer Program Saves Nurseries Water, Plants and Money
77 Predicting cancer's growth from few clues
78 Paradigm shift to Mott device-based power interruption
79 Tissue cartography
80 Online cognitive behavioral therapy benefits people with depression, anxiety
81 Urban environments boost pathogen pressure on honey bees
82 Illegal marijuana farms continue to threaten fishers in California
83 Researchers want to turn acid-loving microbes into safe drug-carriers
84 West Nile virus killing millions more birds than previously thought
85 Mooving manure beyond drug-resistant bacteria
86 Entomologists report on benefits of neonicotinoid seed treatments on rice
87 Researchers discover size gene for salmon
88 The better to eat you with? How dinosaurs' jaws influenced diet
89 How plant cell compartments 'chat' with each other
90 Oil-based pesticides most effective at killing contents of brown widow spider egg sacs
91 Study of cloud cover in tropical Pacific reveals future climate changes
92 Cracking the problem of river growth
93 Local destabilization can cause complete loss of West Antarctica's ice masses
94 Teenage exposure to pesticides may lead to abnormal sperm, new study says
95 Warmer New England waters change landscape for cod and lobsters
96 Female biased green sea turtle sex ratio in San Diego Bay
97 Wildfires may double erosion across a quarter of western US watersheds by 2050
98 Rural-to-urban migration associated with negative environmental effects in Chinese cities
99 Energy-efficient reaction drives biofuel conversion technology
100 Some chemicals less damaging to ozone can degrade to long-lived greenhouse gas
101 Ancient Salvadoran village buried by ash freezes daily life in time
102 New research demands rethink on Darwin's theory of 'fecundity selection'
103 New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade
104 Ice-age lesson: Large mammals need room to roam
105 Earthquakes recorded through fossils
106 A study of weaning age in fossil elephants gives hints about the cause of their extinction
107 Preshistoric plumage patterns
108 Ancient pollen reveals droughts between Sierra Nevada glacier surges
109 Did Dust Bowl's ravages end in the 1940s? New study says no
110 Large igneous provinces linked to extinction events